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  1. We ran into this really niche weird situation that arose a few questions last night and wanted to know two things. Here's the actual examples in play: Question 1 Maghariba approaches an Oniwaban during the active turn. The Oniwaban fails to engage as ARO, revealing himself, and Maghariba succeeds in its dodge, moving back into the smoke grenade. Maghariba activates again and moves completely out of the smoke grenade onto the other side. Maghariba will be visible when she leaves the smoke grenade. When can the Oniwaban take his ARO? Does this mean she has been "out of the smoke grenade" the entire movement, or is LoF only drawn when she leaves the smoke? Because her model didn't walk through the smoke-- just orbited the core of it and moved alongside the outside while still being fully visible to the closest piece-- we had a hard time with this. What we decided we would do since "everything happens simultaneously" is that the Oniwaban could declare engage since Maghariba had left smoke and therefore was "never in it." I'm pretty sure this is incorrect but we couldn't figure out the answer to this question. Question 2 At this point Maghariba knew she had moved 8 inches away from the Oniwaban (2" dodge + 6" move) so she chose to fire. However, the Oniwaban was slightly forward and Maghariba did not move her perfect 6 inch movement due to player error. The distance between them was 7.9 inches at the start. The Oniwaban attempted to shoot back, cancelling her shots, hitting her and doing no damage. The Maghariba rolled Guts to stay out and succeeded in order to continue to harass the Oniwaban. Now instead of measuring from the front of the base, the Maghariba decided to shoot from the side of their base while moving. Due to Maghariba's large base size, this gave him the 8"+ distance and he went from his -3 range band to the 0, giving him the advantage. Can you do this? When you fire, when do you decide what side of the base you're firing from? Can you measure, then decide which side of the base you fire from? Do you have to declare what vector of your base you are firing from? Can you fire from the back arc of your base in order give +1" distance on shots you might think are too close? (360 LoF during movement confuses me...) We were trying to figure out how this works. If you read this, thanks! If you've got answers, please share! Inquiring minds want to know!
  2. My last 4 battle reports and the conclusion to my Jeanne d'Arc storyline are here, on the last day of Wotan! Operation Retribution: The Last Stand of Jeanne d'Arc Epilogue to Wotan: The Coffin Bearers and Epilogue to Wotan: The Answer Best Girl Competition Wotan '67 Thanks for reading, everybody!
  3. I've got two battle reports for the general consensus here. Take a look and see if you like them! I'm trying to learn photoshop and make them as good looking as possible and for some of them I think I'm succeeding, some of them I think I'm failing a little. Check them out for yourself. Prologue to Retribution: What Lies Beneath For added fun, look at my first battle report and compare it to this one. Operation Retribution: Our Evil Do Thou Dispel I hope you guys enjoy. Thanks for reading!
  4. When the relief effort for La Forja in conjunction with the Don Peyote comes under attack by the Onyx Contact Force, Jeanne d'Arc and the soldiers of PanOceania are the only thing standing in the way of the advancing alien threat. But can they win the day and hold the line? And what is Jeanne d'Arc's answer when the day seems lost and all hope is forsaken? --Operation Meredith: Sing the Praises of His Name--
  5. I just found that this was a place and wanted to link some of my more favorite battle reports for some other people to maybe read! I have a tendency to go heavy on my narrative so if that's what you like, read on: Vita Nova Seven vs Higure Yume; Acid Rain and Old Memories This game saw an Akali Commando drop in in the wrong place and make the best of it. When dispersion goes just right! This was one of my earliest so I didn't do the art style as much as I should have. I hope it's still good! Vita Nova Seven vs Chainsaw; Here Lies The Abyss: Jeanne d'Arc on Sygtir-1 This game has Maghariba being hunted by a TO: Camo token that just might hide something that could take down a monster... The perils of assuming that there is nothing more dangerous than a 1 Wound model in TO: Camo. Vita Nova Seven vs Shellstar; Operation Meredith: Purge the Wicked A battle lost in deployment, but I'm linking this one because in my opinion it has the best art, even though the game wasn't the best. My newest contribution! Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy!