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  1. Welcome to the TAG faction! Please do not take TAGs. Something I'd like to see more in the game is Mercenaries who belong to only one army like Senor Massacre get sent to other sectorials. We saw a little bit of this with Saito Togan and it was interesting to see him in Blizzard-6, but I'm certain he's just a placeholder.
  2. I was going to show a friend a few of the batreps I did during Wotan to give them an idea of what to expect in the next event when I was greeted with 'This website is not secure' and a warning that it had been configured to steal my data or something like that. I can't access it at all, which is a big bummer since I foolishly didn't make backups assuming it would be like Flamestrike and would just be up forever. A little sad. Just wondering if anyone else noticed this too?
  3. I'm pretty sure that's Hoth from Star Wars The Old Republic. There's a lot of little units here and there in Infinity that haven't been touched on for a while. Things like Bipandra costing 0.5 SWC for some reason, or the Warcor's Aerocam only being defined if you search for it online. IMO Tohaa is one of the best armies to play (not like, a tier ranking, I think Infinity is relatively balanced across all factions) right now just because they are wholly new and don't have all these little "glitches" they have to mess with. It'd be cool if we could get every weird thing smoothed out across all the factions, especially before new armies start being released.
  4. When the Highlander moves into B2B, he is in the Jotum's LoF. Everything happens simultaneously in Infinity, so he's assumed to have been in the Jotum's LoF for the entire order, so now the Jotum can declare a BS Attack since he takes that ARO when the Highlander is not in B2B, before he is in the Engaged state. Then the Highlander can declare their second short skill (probably CC with Berserk). From what I understand, Stealth cuts out that first part. The Jotum isn't allowed to make an ARO until they're already in the Engaged state, and by then, they can't BS Attack because it's explicitly not allowed. It's the same reason why this kind of scenario can happen: Unit A is in smoke with MSV2 and activates, moving out of cover and across an alley back into cover. If they were not moving through a smoke grenade they would provoke an ARO from Unit B. Unit A then shoots Unit B, provoking an ARO from them. Unit B shoots them when they were out of cover in the center of the alleyway, because both short skills in Infinity happens simultaneously. At least, this is my understanding of the rules. Mea culpa if I'm misunderstanding them.
  5. Like Col says, a Jotum can attack bare-handed with its CC of 18 and PH of 18 as an ARO to you going base-to-base. It's good in melee against miniatures that aren't good in melee. However, there won't be a lot of uses for this CC since he's going to respond with most miniatures entering B2B with his flamethrower.... unless they have Stealth*. Highlanders can be extremely good against TAGs like the Jotum. Declare Berserk, crit on 13+ and V: Dogged means even if the Jotum hits and you fail ARM you're gonna stay up for a second swing. That second swing has proven really, really useful a few times. The problem is getting there: A smart opponent would just hit whatever is entering into melee with him with a flamethrower when he enters B2B through the smoke grenade since he can declare BS Attacks at that point... unless, again, they had Stealth*. *Addendum: If Uxia (for example) goes into B2B with the Jotum in a smoke grenade using Stealth skill she has thanks to her Martial Arts, it won't provoke an ARO from entering B2B. It will provoke one when she swings, though. This means that the Jotum can't react with a BS weapon-- like a Flamethrower-- since the ARO is generated when he's already in the Engaged State which is really, really useful. If Uxia gets into melee, she can end her order without provoking an ARO, placing the Jotum in checkmate. Then someone else without Stealth who is good in melee (highlanders cough) can run up and get Burst 2 and Berserk and just go to town.
  6. I once had Joan of Arc get crit 2 times in a row by enemies she was shooting on 18s at and they were shooting back at like 8s. Went prone and had to hide. Cost me the game-- if I had killed one instead of being crit I would have not lost by exactly 2 victory points. I had McMurrough have a Berserk fight against Kornak and win because McMurrough crit Kornak but he only hit McMurrough and McMurrough passed an armor save. Next hit from Kornak was a crit, but it didn't matter-- McMurrough survived thanks to Total Immunity and Kornak died. With Kornak down McMurrough just rampaged through and killed 3 other Morats before dying-- big deal as that was 40% of my opponent's army in one rambo. Most recently I had a Swiss Guard pop out of TO and open up on a mook with a rocket launcher. -3 for cover, -3 for surprise shot, -6 TO put them on 2s. No way they can even land the BS at this range to hit the other models, right? They got a 2 and killed my Machinist, an Auxilia and a CSU. (I wouldn't have lined up that shot or positioned that way if I had deployed second, if you're wondering why I got so many models wiped out.) Swiss Guard passed the other two ARM saves and killed him but that was the second order of the entire game, no recovering from losing 3 models on your own turn. I had a Cutter get crit by a Blitzen. I hit my ARO above their crit but they crit so auto-dead TAG. Had zero damage on it, just 115 points down the drain. I've had a Jotum take two AROs and take 3 wounds, but that was only one crit. Real disappointing that one. I had an Oniwaban crit a Squalo with monofilament and I've had a Samaritan crit a Squalo with monofilament... I don't run TAGs any more, lol
  7. I don't know the answer, but I also wanted to tag on: can mines benefit from partial cover?
  8. Got my package; same stuff as everyone else, but I'm super excited to have the Wotan patches. Now I just need to figure out how to put them on my gaming bag... Thanks CB!
  9. More or less I'm just surprised when we quickly debated this that neither of us found that FAQ. Ugh, I have such a bad track record with this! I was pretty much told that reading the book makes things clearer, so when I look up things in the book, I of course run into something just in the online FAQ...
  10. Can a model in the Hidden Deployment state declare the Hold ARO against a model in the Camouflage Marker state? Example in play: An SAS in CH: Camouflage approaches a console. A Ninja in Hidden Deployment due to their CH: TO Camouflage is 3" behind the console. The SAS's movement path directly provokes an ARO from the Hidden Deployment ninja. Can the Ninja in their Hidden Deployment state declare Hold (without revealing!), wait until the SAS reveals by declaring Activate Console, revealing himself-- and then reveal their Hidden Deployment's location, place their marker and subsequently reveal the marker as a Ninja when declaring shoot? We weren't sure what to do here. If I knew he had TO Camo, I would have not used his second short skill to reveal, taking a guaranteed shot, for example. I might have spent another order to go prone and go directly behind the cover from the Camo token to activate instead. But if this is legal, wow, ouch. Good counter to my SAS and Uxia for sure.
  11. Hope my stuff gets here soon Was really hoping for the patches more than anything else! So a big thank you to Corvus Belli for that I'm really happy to have participated in Wotan, thank you so much for holding it. I know it wasn't perfect but it got me into the game so much I can't get out now
  12. I like that you left bitching, forgetting and making mistakes open game there. I'm certainly guilty of all 3 of those things, multiple times.
  13. I like crits auto-winning FTF but dislike some of the mechanics. I know auto-wound is a part of the game and I don't dislike it and want it removed or edited, just something extra added. Like Fatality, but in reverse, if that makes sense? When it comes to auto-wound and mechanics that increase crit chance, I don't really enjoy it too much because no models have "Immortality" aka resistance to criticals. If there were models who could be crit and auto-survive once, or were flat immune to criticals, or could make an ARM roll against the damage anyways, there would be crit mechanics. Right now with the addition of Fatality L2 it's just critflation. I'm not excited to see who gets Fatality when (or if) it gets spread around outside of Haqq, but I'm curious what effect it will have on the game when multiple factions have critting on 1s. A skill that effected critical resistance might be something like... Immortality L1 - If the trooper with this skill is hit by a critical, they may decline to take the automatic point of Wound/STR damage and make a normal ARM/BTS roll against the incoming damage instead. Failure on this roll still causes the trooper to suffer a point of Wound/STR damage. Any additional effects of the critical weapon's ammunition are still rolled against as normal (BTS for E/M, a second ARM for DA, a second BTS for Viral, etc.). This would be on models who can regenerate like Dog Warriors, Morats or Morlocks, or models who can continue to act even after taking severe damage like ALEPH posthumans. Immortality L2 - The trooper may survive being critically hit once without taking damage. They do not make an ARM/BTS roll, but still fail any FTF and if uncancelled may suffer damage from other successful rolls. Place the "Mortal" token next to a unit once this effect has been expended. A trooper with this special skill does not gain the effects of Immortality L1. This would be what was used for extremely heavy-armored units like the Jotum or the Avatar. Maybe spritzed around on "Berserker" units like Scarface, or Domaru Butai? Immortality L3 - The trooper gains the benefits of Immortality L2 until they are critically hit, whereupon they lose Immortality L2 and gain the special skill Immortality L1. Maybe like two or three models in the game have this skill, I'm not sure which? Senor Massacre, instead of regeneration? Immortality LX - The trooper with this skill cannot be wounded by the damaging properties of a Critical Hit, treating the critical weapon's ammunition as if it was N. Like most X skills, one model in the game has this. Not going to claim I know which should, but you get my drift. Maybe that's goofy, but I just want to see more mechanics around crits than "You're crit, feel bad for five seconds" and "Wait... sorry. I also crit on 1s so you're crit two more times too."
  14. I was talking to my friend and we both realized there's no "monsters" faction for this game like there is for every other wargame. CA come close, but they're still relatively non-monster. We're expecting something out of Starship Troopers-- S2 grunts are like acid-spitting spiderlings, the S3 REMs are worm monsters, AD troops are burrowing up from the earth instead of dropping from beneath it, some enemies like Kuang Shi who explode when they die because of acid blood, bat-creatures with Super Jump, that kind of thing. But we're mostly expecting it because there are no kaiju in Infinity yet, so the TAG of course has to be a big ol' Godzilla. That'd probably get the reaction Bostria was talking about.
  15. Why does the Loch Ness Monster play Hassassin Bahram only? Because whatever list he makes is gonna need about three Fiday.