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  1. I am assuming u mean "exile" and not "expel" as expel only targets tags. Also as exile is only carried by the combined e-drone (fairly sure), this makes it a very rare thing for a rodok link team to come up against. As for the spotlight program, it can be troublesome if they have attack pieces that can benefit greatly from units being in the targeted state (like smart middle launchers) but again is fairly uncommon and is order intensive for your opponent to utilize. No other hacking programs can directly break up or attack the rodok link team unless a rodok assault hacker is taken, which then opens up that unit to a wide variety of hacking programs, most of which if successful and go thru your bts save will remove that member from the link team (as well as the bonuses he provides) or if he is your leader will break the link. This matters as a 5man rodok link team can be very scary to firefight with but bringing an assault hacker can give a your opponent a very low risk avenue of attack to reduce them to a 4man, which can make follow up firefight attacks a whole lot easier against them. A simplistic comparison of what the two link teams are best suited for is rodoks are a mobile offensive link team whereas unidrons are a more defensive, order battery link team. They both can fill vice versa roles but this is generally how they are used.
  2. I'd swap the rodok assault hacker for another paramedic, ignoring enemy hacking with your link team is one of the pros of taking rodok over unidrons. Also if u can squeeze it in there id look at swapping the rodok hmg for the missle one, burst 2 missile launchers are super scary, specially when in a 5-man link. The samaritan will generally fill the role of the rodok hmg to a slightly lesser degree. Your gonna wanna be advancing that rodok link ahead quite quickly most of the time so the extra range of the +3 band for the hmg isnt always needed. The missle launcher I find can fill the same role in that range band/ active turn and is also better in aro as well. I wouldn't recommend linking the nexus or legate in your rosok link at first as they will idle instead of moving when your rodoks super jump.
  3. Doing some great work here Vyo. Any chance for the new bit and kiss emblem for CA to be added?
  4. Also used Bit & Kiss this weekend, they got some major work done, Kiss as a repeater netted me 2 classifieds while Bit sat back in relative safety. Exile program from an E drone through a launched pitcher neutered a link team with ease and maestro, oh how I love maestro. Can't wait for the models, might just have to convert some up.
  5. That sounds like a list I can get behind.
  6. I am based in langley bc. Sent you a pm. Thank you.
  7. Just wondering if anyone out there has one of the Hatail heads from the spec ops blister they are willing to part with or dont need. The hooded or non hooded version would do, no real preference. Looking to do some conversion work with it. Thanks everyone.
  8. Put me down for the daturazi ccw and daturazi 2 hand ccw please. Also add an umbra legate to that if it's the one from the starter box as well. Thank u