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  1. I really don't understand the hand grabbing... WTF? Otherwise it's a nice mini, even if the LE one is still the best IMO. Plus: no gun, so it can be used as V1 or V2.
  2. No regret concerning these old versions. N3 is really far better. Monomines maybe, the area was fun. You could clear it with an Engineer by the way.
  3. I don't think things were that easy for PanO. We had two locations to defend on Phase 1. The CA hit hard; would have been another attack from another faction, we sure had lost one. On Phase 2, both locations remained open and we had a secret objective on the Don Peyote. Happily, nobody decided to attack us and we were able to secure Sygtir (there was less pushing from CA) and to play on the Dong. Like others, we suffered from the activity drop, maybe less than Yu-Jing because we kept high morale. In Phase 3, we had only one location for the first time but we decided to strike the CA, just because. Saviors of Humanity, Deus Vult, and so on. We didn't care about Ariadna's little games. As we easily conquered the ship, we went back to Exo. No mafia, we were supporting each others, had common objectives, that's all.
  4. What!? When I see "Frozen" I think "Svaralheima"... Is that some kind of clue?
  5. The best miniature's baptism of fire ! As a ASA player, I'll closely follow your very interesting tests!
  6. I had myself a very good time with the campaign. The PanO briefing room was a gentlemen place and I did like the campaign updates. If I had to tell about issues, yes, there were obviously intentional downratings and semi-false reports (some words, pics from one side only, 'part 1-2-3',...). But that's a players' issue (and I'm sure a very few of them). Apart from fun and necessary roleplaying (IC), it seems some players don't understand that it's only a game. Cheating, circumventing the rules or trying to find the flaw in the system is just... dumb. We had the opportunity to play in a wider context than our usual battles, to talk with people from all over the world, to use a well-designed website, to participate in the Infinity fluff (even if it is one line in a future book, I don't care). Hell yeah, that's just pretty cool ! And I don't understand why people are still complaining about this free chance. So just: thank you @Beasts of War - Warren!
  7. Great video as usual! Thank you for all your work during the campaign !
  8. I do love the Montesa, but never managed to make him worth its price. The LGL is OK, but keeping the Montesa hidden is a waste. I would have liked to run him like a real warrior, but he sucks in CC (I had one killed by a Naga...). I'll try to give another chance to the spitfire though, with a Peacemaker and a Naga KHD. I wish the Montesa had a specialist profile to make him very interesting.
  9. Hi there, Minos, PanOceanian commander from the Wotan Blockade! I'm French, and I'm an Infinity fan from the very beginning, although I've played many other games. I've often lurked here, but you know, english... With the end of the campaign, I feel somehow like an orphan, so I have to be here now!