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  1. Das nenn ich gut investierte 20 Stunden. Der Kriza ist doch noch gar nicht draußen?!
  2. Die Details sind ja mal der Hammer, besser gehts nicht! Wie lang hast du am Taskmaster gepinselt?
  3. Thanks Icarium, although I have to admit these are "only" decals from images which I found on the internet and printed on some decal paper. Did work out better than i expected though
  4. Some of my terrain, a lot more is in the queue And then I'm trying to build an outpost table on an alien planet with the "Xenos Hive 4x4" from Kraken mats and a lot of space terrain from Kickstarter (which I hope will arrive soon). Already got the mat, its absolutely gorgeous! Go check it out!
  5. thanks maru for all the links, next time I aim for better results ofc some new stuff for my YJ army: and finally the goo squad is ready to tack some TAG: And my crane rank, really like this mini a lot. I got some of the new plast craft decals and tried it on himm I think it turned out quite well: more angles of the CR: At the family reunion Oh yeah, and I finished this dude:
  6. While I still admire Angel and all, hes a very quick painter, I actually think your minis look better than his. Sry Angel fanboys...
  7. Good stuff there!
  8. there is a ninja cat in hidden deployment
  9. Sorry, I wasnt perfectly clear there. I was not explaining the rules, I was explaining my thoughts on a hypothetical translation of reality into this alternative rule, where you are forced into partial cover even if it would set off the mine, which as we know, contradicts the rules. Enough of devils advocat
  10. I see your point solkan, this is some kind of edge case. Nevertheless it may happen and therefore has influence on my decisions on the table. The most intuitive and straightforward answer I can give you is, that it would be totally fine, if I dodge into the mine and it sets off, exposing me to the blast that I need to make an arm roll against. In the end I can still decide whether or not I want to dodge into it. Its a form of area denial after all, wouldnt you agree. About that second part, I would go with Recruit-3D: you are not allowed to move into partial or full cover if it sets off the mine, so you would need to go prone. Even if you are forced to move in that direction that sets off the mine. Knowing that you could use this to your tactical advantage. Now that I think about it, I would actually prefer it. I mean, think about it, you are a coward and flee into cover, in that moment you would be simply surprised by the mine and cannot dodge. The mine does not care if you moved by accident or subconsciously or even if you wanted to. It just sets off. Any way, I didnt want to start a discussion. I think I have my answer now, thanks!
  11. Thanks for clarification. In my mind this still does not make sense. It basically tells me, if I have the opportunity to dodge into a mine, I should do it, since its a free roll vs. the mine. If I fail the roll vs. the mine, nothing happens. I understand B ) now, thanks. Doesn't make much sense to me either...
  12. For my zhanshi pants I went from a darkened vallejo olive green as base, mixing in falcon torquise for an intermediate stage, up to a mix of "lime green" (its almost neon green)+"light sea blue". Final stage includes more white, edges pure but heavily thinned down white. You say you want a more blueish green but state in the beginning you want a "ceramic Matt olive green/ khaki gree" . That is quite the opposite. Do you have a reference?
  13. Hi everyone, I have basically two questions: A) Imagine you are the reactive trooper and declare dodge vs. a BS Attack. Let's say you win the FtF roll and dodge out of LoF. While doing so you would trigger a mine, as you are in range for the small drop template. As I understand it, your dodge roll result matters, as you need to dodge on a PH-3 vs. the mine. Let's say your PH is 10, you rolled an 8 and the enemy attacker fails with a 17. What happens now? Are you allowed to dodge into the mine? If you fail, you arent even allowed to move, meaning you didn't trigger the mine in the first place. I am stuck in a loop here... B ) Let's say you failed the dodge vs. the BS attack, but you passed the armor save. You now fail the guts roll and are forced to move into total cover. This move would be enough to also put you into the trigger area of the mine. Are you allowed to move there, since the rule is designed to put you into safety, not into danger. If you are allowed, does the mine even trigger? If the mine triggers, are you allowed to dodge (again)? Thanks in advance!
  14. Actually you dont clean the air cap at all, since it wont get in contact with paint on the inside. Put it in in a bottle cap with water or cleaner for a couple of minutes and wipe dry.
  15. One more advice for you: don't ever clean your H+S air cap with one of those wire brushes. I damaged one of mine accidentally by widening the bore a bit during cleaning (I think). It simply stopped pulling liquid out of the pot if the pressure was lower than 2.5bar... Took me a while to find the root cause.