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  1. My first tourmanent this season will be soon. So I need to get in contact with corregidor and read lots of other battlereports. Lucky we just also started an escalation league what is really ideal to test a new army and new tactics. My first test with a full 300 Point Corregidor List was against our LeFrank and his YuJing was pretty succesful. Just shortly: as usual for Nomads i managed to dominate the table with great Morans. McMurrough was my prime hitter in round 1, a gecko MK12 (fatality - damage 16 is just awsome) and Intruder with HMG made her way through the enemy in round 2. Round 3 than was Tomcat-Time to get the rest of the work and objecives done. A relativley save 10:0. We had a real fun game and have used the command board you can see on the pictures. I can realy recommend that board for organizing orders and markers plus: it really looks cool. Usualy our tables have lot of terrain - europeen style. I will only post pics of my painted models, so far just the intruder ready to show you. But i promis: more pics will come. Hope you like them. Please give me feedback on that topic. What do you like to have more of: more pics? more details on lists? more details on match?
  2. Hi guys, new season, new army. In ITS Season 9 i am going to start Corregidor. As I want to report some battereports, pics of tables and armies and take several aspects into account which are not only relevant for corregidor i hope this category is ok for you. But lets start and see where this leeds to...
  3. OTM

    I don`t want to blame anybody. But how on earth is a participants-register-system constructed with no possibility to conact the players? I even can add players without letting them know because they don't get any emails. It is not possible to organize a tournament at the moment. Sorry, but the old tool was way better. @HellLoisplease get the work done. and please: change the date from 2nd to 1st october as written in pm. thx
  4. OTM

    ok, great news. did you had a constant internet access? cb seems to work on it last days but still a lot work to do. but: is there any chance to get in contact with my registered participants? The only option i have for confirmed players is to retire them. As you know i had to change the date of the tournament from 02nd to 1st october. Because players already registered i cant change the date.
  5. OTM

    As the "quick" support as mentioned in some other topics does not work, hopefully you guys of the community can help out: has anybody used the OTM to run a tournament? what was your experience? At the moment lot of functions of the system don't work and i am afraid of planning a tournament with the OTM (will burn time and money). So, what are your experiences?
  6. Announcing our next tournament. hope to see you guys: link for registration: ... enkopf-3th as always: 300 Points, no SpecOp Round 1: Looting and Sabotaging Round 2: Biotechvore Round 3: Annihilation Start at 10 o'clock we also already planned our next tournaments. watch out for: december 3rd 2017 January 7th 2018
  7. OTM

    Hi folks. I like to open that topic for any quick help and changes in order to help organizers to run tournaments easy and efficient. Please just cancel the topic, if you think we don't need it or it already exists. and for the start: I created a tournament on friday and tried to invite some players. They did not receive any email nor can confirm the registration. The tournament can be seen in the tournament overview but the registration for players does not work. A nother for past events: players can see stats, pairings, resume etc. the tournament organizer can not?
  8. We are waiting for season 9 honey ;-)
  9. Does anyone has updates? I need to prepare the tournament tommorow. So far the new season has no missions :-(
  10. we proudly announce our next tournaments. December 3rd, 2017, January, 7th, 2018, The ITS link will be addes soon. We always play 300 Points, no spec-op, 6 SWC hope to see lot of you guys in Hannover
  11. double check if the missing list is its conform. had the same problem and exceeded the swc
  12. would support that without a doubt. Why taking vanilla without the awsome toys? Croc men are usualy a "must include". With XVisor and mines often the best choice. As already mentioned before your list is very vulnerable to hacking and a good positioned linkteam with missile launcher. Perhaps try your list more "dirty" and use the inspiring leadership (which is an realy nice skill). In my expericience the combination of Joan Lt and normally irregular units like Miranda Ashcroft or bit and kiss is awsome. Mono cc weapon and with Joan a regular order for 19 Points. Put her i suppressive fire and she'll do her work.
  13. Oh, sorry. You are right: beginning is the september 1st.
  14. Thanks man. you're totally right. Already heard that point before. Is there any good aro pieace in Correg or a must include? I'll just keep on trying and just make a lot more games. any other hints and tricks? Unfortunately we have no mines so the mine/corner-trick is not possible.
  15. As we already know the new season will start on september 9tn. We have some tournaments on the very first weekend of september. will the warcores be informed on missions a bit in advance so we can modifiy missions if needed or is it possible to get the new missions in advance anyhow? many thanks