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  1. double check if the missing list is its conform. had the same problem and exceeded the swc
  2. would support that without a doubt. Why taking vanilla without the awsome toys? Croc men are usualy a "must include". With XVisor and mines often the best choice. As already mentioned before your list is very vulnerable to hacking and a good positioned linkteam with missile launcher. Perhaps try your list more "dirty" and use the inspiring leadership (which is an realy nice skill). In my expericience the combination of Joan Lt and normally irregular units like Miranda Ashcroft or bit and kiss is awsome. Mono cc weapon and with Joan a regular order for 19 Points. Put her i suppressive fire and she'll do her work.
  3. Oh, sorry. You are right: beginning is the september 1st.
  4. Thanks man. you're totally right. Already heard that point before. Is there any good aro pieace in Correg or a must include? I'll just keep on trying and just make a lot more games. any other hints and tricks? Unfortunately we have no mines so the mine/corner-trick is not possible.
  5. As we already know the new season will start on september 9tn. We have some tournaments on the very first weekend of september. will the warcores be informed on missions a bit in advance so we can modifiy missions if needed or is it possible to get the new missions in advance anyhow? many thanks
  6. Very good point. I am also new to corregidor and am not sure how and which tactic to use. Which unit to pick seems relatviley easy (Intruder, Bandit, Jaguars and Senor Massacre) but how to use them? Does anybody has more typical turns like that? Last matches (i usualy had the 2nd turn) most of my army has been destroyed by first strike (Ariadna and Morat). The matches were a test for a escalation league (150 Points). Losing the Intruder usualy knocks hard and i dont know what to do.
  7. We still have some place for some more players ;-)
  8. long time no see. awsome paint job as always. don't you have a new project to show us?
  9. awsome paintjob dude keep going
  10. Just want to announce our next tournament in Hannover, Germany. September 2nd, 2017 300 Points, 6 SWC, no spec-op. Several events and tournaments will follow. We have some nice tables (see below) and are about to enlarge our terrain stock. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information. Hope to you see soon in Hannover