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  1. I have recently bought a Raicho and I've been having a lot of fun with it. The hungries link gives you a lot of orders for very little points, and so it's possible to deploy a Raicho and still have plenty of orders to spare. This is the list I'm using: Morat Aggression Force ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 16 4 5 SURYAT Lieutenant HMG + TinBot A (Deflector L1) / Pistol, CCW. (2 | 45) Bit Hacker (UPGRADE: Expel) Submachine Gun + Pitcher, Deployable Repeater + KISS! / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 19) KISS! Adhesive Launcher / Electric Pulse. (- | 4) MED-TECH OBSIDON MEDCHANOID Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 23) SLAVE DRONE Electric Pulse. (0 | 3) RAICHO MULTI HMG, Heavy Flamethrower / . (2 | 91) RAICHO PILOT 2 Heavy Pistols, D-Charges, Knife. () Q-DRONE HMG / Electric Pulse. (1 | 26) OZNAT Vulkan Shotgun, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 20) PRETA Chain Rifle / AP CCW. (0 | 7) GAKI AP CCW. (0 | 4) GAKI AP CCW. (0 | 4) GAKI AP CCW. (0 | 4) GROUP 24 1 MORAT Hacker (EI Hacking Device) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 22) IKADRON (Baggage, Repeater) 2 Light Flamethrowers, Flash Pulse / Pistol, Electric Pulse. (0 | 9) IKADRON (Baggage, Repeater) 2 Light Flamethrowers, Flash Pulse / Pistol, Electric Pulse. (0 | 9) KRAKOT RENEGADE 2 Chain Rifles, Grenades / Pistol, DA CC Weapon. (0 | 14) 6 SWC | 300 Points Open in Infinity Army Plenty of orders to fuel that monster, and plenty of support to keep it from getting captured or worse by the enemy too. The weakpoint is that less than half the models are actually morat so you actually can suffer from LoL (not that much, but it did stall my advance in a game I played) In the topic of TAGs, I honestly think the Overdron is the overall easier to use one, but no TAG from combined army is bad as long as you know what you're doing with it. Just remember that if you play MAF the only TAG you can have is the Raicho.
  2. Honestly, I don't think unliked rodoks are a good idea. They're not very sturdy on their own and they move kinda slow. A case could be made for the Missile launcher rodok as an ARO piece, but at that point why not a noctifer?
  3. If you have the starter set and want to stay on maf, I'd recommend: Hungries; Doctor Worm; Drones; That with the starter set will give you a nice force to play a few games. I would stay away from the Sogarat+Kornak haris as while it IS very strong it also has that 'all your eggs in one basket' problem in that if your haris dies early from a lucky crit or alpha strike you will end up feeling like your army is now toothless. I prefer a single sogarat HMG as the lieutenant to lock down one area of the map and then alternate between using a buffed up Q-Drone or the hungries with oznat ( I usually run the vulkan shotgun) to do active turn killing
  4. You definetely should try and consolidade the list into a 10/2 split in the groups. Also, switch the Zerat to an FO and get a vanguard hacker, preferably out of the link. Q-Drone with assisted fire will kill most of the things your list would otherwise struggle with, and in ARO your opponent will dedicate retarded amounts of fire to deal with it. Morat Aggression Force ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 110 KORNAK Lieutenant Mk12, Light Flamethrower / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 41) SURYAT Heavy Rocket Launcher, Light Shotgun / Pistol, CCW. (2 | 39) RAKTORAK Combi Rifle + Heavy Flamethrower / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 23) MORAT Missile Launcher / Pistol, Knife. (1.5 | 19) ANYAT K1 Combi Rifle, Chain-colt, Smoke Grenades, E/M Grenades / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 25) MORAT (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 15) MORAT (Forward Observer) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 15) MORAT Paramedic (MediKit) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 16) MED-TECH OBSIDON MEDCHANOID Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 23) SLAVE DRONE Electric Pulse. (0 | 3) SLAVE DRONE Electric Pulse. (0 | 3) Q-DRONE HMG / Electric Pulse. (1 | 26) GROUP 23 ZERAT (Forward Observer) Boarding Shotgun, Grenades, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 22) MORAT Hacker (EI Hacking Device) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 22) R-DRONE Flash Pulse, Sniffer / Electric Pulse. (0 | 8) 5 SWC | 300 Points Open in Infinity Army this list is similar, but also quite different than yours, but I think it can put out the hurt in different ways. Switching the Suryat HRL for an HMG is also possible here, but I don't know if it's necessary
  5. Hello guys! This story came after I played around with my Raicho a little, and it is based on one of my favorite games recently. It is not 100% accurate to what happened in the game (My Suryat did beat a Domaru in cc, though ), but my aim was less to make it very faithful to the game and more to tell an engaging story. Hope you guys enjoy it! STORM DANCER Bullets trailed along the armored bulk of the warehouse, a Domaru Butai lowering his head behind cover and clutching where the heavy caliber projectile had detonated inside his suit, the reactive armor turning what would have been a lethal blow into merely inconvenient. It still hurt like mad, and he knew he couldn’t put his head up again or the alien war machine currently spraying his and his fireteam’s position with heavy machinegun fire would turn him into bloody pulp. A Raizot TAG was not a war machine. It was a tool for hunters, for the more savage and violent of the red skinned alien morats to be able to fight and kill the beasts of their home planet in hand to hand combat. The Storm Dancer, the name etched on the machine’s scarred right shoulder plate as if to announce its name to all humans it was about to kill, was a blood red beast, roughly fourteen feet tall and so extremely heavy its armored dewclaws cracked into the pavement when it moved. Its head was customized to look like a fanged monster, and the skull of some giant reptilian alien hung from its back as a grisly trophy. It made a constant, thrumming roar as its heavy gun shot over and over again, riddling the armored warehouse with bullets. “Oyat, that’s enough!” A gruff voice roared on the pilot’s headset. Inside her armored suit, Oyat Karakot, the young yet highly accomplished pilot grinned from ear to ear, ignoring her commander’s orders and continuing to riddle the human’s last position with high powered bullets, each one the size of her balled fist. She often joked that using a machinegun was like punching the enemy at a distance and some other pilots would even agree with her at that. “Oyat, our time is running out” another voice, this one much calmer and feminine, sounded on her communication device “I can see some more of the human warriors advancing on the left flank. I will create a distraction and you move on, complete your objective” The pilot huffed and rolled her eyes as the clip of her heavy gun emptied. She never let the weapon click as the sound cue was often enough to signal any predators around that she was open for a strike, so as soon as the ammo counter on her visor hit zero, she let the trigger go and slid the magazine off the long, heavy gun of her Tactical Armored Gear. “Okay, sis.” she answered while reloading “I’ve got the humans hunkered down, what was I supposed to do again?” a smirk on her lips as she asked. Oyat wasn’t dumb or airheaded, but she knew pretending to be so was one of the few things that could make her usually stoic sister lose her temper “Ammo dump. Twenty paces to your right. Blow it up” Ren’ehk’s voice was short, crisp and violent. “I see the humans coming. Here’s your distraction.” The packmistress was too far away for even the enhanced optic sensors of the heavy TAG to pick her up, but a loud detonation several hundred paces to her left followed by billowing clouds of oily smoke told Oyat her sister had indeed engaged the human fighters on the other side of the field. There was a hiss and a clack of metal opening as the pilot slid off the armored cockpit, flexing her lean, muscular arms and stretching her legs as if she were on a holiday stroll. Looking around, it seemed the humans had diverted all their attention to the left flank, and even through the smoke she could see flashes of gunfire and flamethrowers as the battle raged on. “Tch. Lucky girl” Oyat smirked to herself, imagining how much fun her sister was having right now. Ren’ehk wasn’t having any fun. She watched as the Ikadron batroid her commander had sent in to flush out the human armored soldiers was completely bisected, head to groin, by a single sword slash coming from an armored human that looked like some hellish beast. He had been using some sort of optical disruptor trick to appear nearly invisible, but the flames had burned it off, even if they failed to actually damage the armored suit. Ikadrons were expendable, but valuable tools. The heavy, lumbering gait of the combat drones was deceptively nimble, and they carried extra ammo and supplies as well as a pair of light flamethrowers that were excellent to deny cover and destroy high tech gear such as the Optical Disruptors the humans were so fond of. There were two of those humans, two heavily armored, sword swinging warriors as nimble and skilled on their feet as the hunting beasts the packmistress had by her side, and she could tell her pets were snarling and eager to be let loose onto the human warriors “Ren’ehk, you are go” the commander spoke with some reverence towards the seasoned Oznat as she readied a pair of smoke grenades, breaking cover to hurl them over the heads of the human warriors. “I told you the Ikadron was not necessary” she snapped as the humans got lost in the oily black smoke. “I don’t need to see to kill these humans” Ren’ehk was, for the first time in a long while, livid with anger. As an Oznat, she was used to hunting in a pack, often with the help of the larger males as she would flush the larger beasts she couldn’t kill on her own or with the help of her pets towards a group of stronger, better armed males to finish the job. The same tactic worked in combat, just swapping large, extremely predatory megafauna for cowardly, armored humans. That meant her team, made up of herself and four of the so called ‘Hungries’, was perfect to deal with dug in forces like the two humans she was about to charge. The Hungries were insect like alien beasts used as terror troops by the Morat Aggression Forces, and as an Oznat Ren’ehk was used to wrangling and controlling these creatures. Her team consisted of a single male, called a Preta by humans, and three females, called Gakis. They looked very similar to each other for the untrained eye, but the huntress could tell the difference merely by listening to how they moved, as the heavier male made a more distinctive sound. If she were the one drawing the battle plan, she would have kept the Ikadron on the back lines, closer to the commander, to serve as a last line of defense should the humans break through her assault. Her team was much better suited for the close combat these humans were so fond of, while the Ikadron, as effective a war machine as it was, had slow reflexes and could only really defend itself up close by blanketing the area with flames or electric shocks. But there was no sense in complaining now. Actions spoke louder than words. Breaking through the smoke cover, the Packmistress pulled up her vulkan shotgun and aimed. She had never been a good shot, maybe that was why she had never tried to hunt inside a Raizot. Or maybe she just felt more comfortable around beasts than others of her own kind. It didn’t really matter, all that mattered was that the first human warrior was quickly turned into molten metal and flesh under her not so accurate, superheated shots. Vulkan shotguns fired shells filled with highly flammable material that erupted into a long gout of fire once they hit their mark, making aiming nearly unnecessary. One of her beasts let out a subsonic growl and the Oznat turned in time to meet the second human’s blade with her own, screeching to call the other three hungries to her side and surround the armored man with her snarling, clawing and biting alien monsters. Ren’ehk was a master fighter, or at least she thought so until meeting these… It took her a moment to think about the different types of humans and which ones these were… The word was Samurai, or so she thought. These Samurai fought like the megafauna from her own world. A single man was almost as deadly as her whole hunting pack, and she found herself clashing blade to blade way more often than she would have liked it. He was just so fast, and his armor made him as strong as her unarmored form, allowing him to shrug off her blows whenever they connected, while she had to weave out of the way when his blades came swinging back down, turning their battle into a deadly dance. An underhanded swing from the human warrior had the packmistress reeling, raising her feet and screaming in pain as the blade tore into her thigh armor and grazed her skin, the cut lacking any real danger but still burning and making her leg kick out in reflex. Another sword came swinging from the opposite direction and Ren’ehk raised her own blade up to block it, only to watch in shock as bone blade met highly resistant, subsonic vibrating metal in a clash that had the Oznat’s blade sheared cleanly through. Letting out a shrill call, the huntress kicked at her enemy’s armored chest, pushing herself and the human in opposite directions. She needed to put some distance between herself and the samurai, so with a series of quick clicks of her tongue she called for her Gaki beasts to swarm the armored warrior, allowing herself to get a small distance between them. The large, rabid creatures were no match for the human warrior, though, and he quickly cut one of them in half just like he had done to the drone not a few minutes ago. The Oznat allowed herself to smirk as the acidic blood of the Gaki reacted with the atmosphere and caused a catastrophic, caustic detonation that even engulfed a few other of her beasts, leaving only herself and the single Preta alive… As well as the human warrior. His armor was half melted and pockmarked with damage, singed from fire, and blood leaked from a few cracks, the human warrior staggering for a moment as the packmistress raised her shotgun again, putting two shots into his chest, ending his life. Meanwhile, far away from her sister’s frantic and nearly unsuccessful scramble for life, Oyat was busy setting an explosive charge on an ammo drum. “And one... two… three” she said to herself before signaling for the commander “This is Oyat, charges are set. Tell the Worm to blow them up, I’m going back to my Raizot” She didn’t even wait for the warrior officer’s confirmation, running as fast as she could towards her TAG even while the whole ammo dump went up in flames, the blazing fire so high it could be seen from miles away. There was a long, siren like call that chilled the bones of the dug in human warriors as the Storm Dancer fired a few shots in the air in ecstasy “Come on, you apes! Let’s finish this!” the pilot called out with her suit’s loudspeakers in a horrible, mangled english accent that was barely understood by the humans inside the warehouse she was about to storm. It was common knowledge between the morats who had been fighting against humans that they were called ‘apes’ or ‘monkeys’ by the soft skinned humans, so, having noticed the similarities between their species, many morats had begun to return the favor. “Oyat, fall back! Keep your suppressive fire position” The commander, a young Suryat who had been away from the fight so far, his only contribution the occasional short, controlled burst of suppressive fire, tried in vain to rein in the even younger pilot. She could even hear his sighing over the communication link as her machine thundered in, gun already firing even before she actually saw the enemy. Kasaro cursed under his breath, tightening his grip around the reassuring bulk of his hemat heavy machinegun as he thought up a backup plan for when the reckless Raizot got herself incapacitated or killed “Ren’ehk, advance on the left, see if you can cover her as she comes up their right. I’ll hold here if they break through.” “Yes, commander.” the Oznat grit her teeth and clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth, calling for the lonely male who had survived the skirmish with the two human samurai “Should I go save my sister?” she asked the beast as if it could answer back, running her fingers along its crested head while catching her breath. Her left thigh throbbed and she had a limp, her five beast pack had been reduced to two, and her blade was gone. Ren’ehk looked at her own claws, wondering how they’d measure up against human armor before picking up one of the human weapons from the ground and testing its weight. She took a few tentative swings with it, noting how it was much heavier than her bone sword, and how the gleam of the metal made it easier to spot without the optical disruptor to camouflage it “This will do” she said out loud to fix the idea in her mind, then snapped her tongue again, making the last of the Hungries lead the way as she brought up the rear, shotgun at the ready. Far away from her limping sister, Oyat was euphoric. She rounded a corner and completely evaporated an armored human under a barrage of shots, then swung her heavy machine around a half destroyed container to trade fire with the rest of his squad. Once a Raizot got moving, it was hard to stop, the heavy machine building momentum and rolling like a charging bull, its gun held with both hands to keep it stable as it kicked and roared, the muzzle flash visible even as it dashed into the blazing fire of the now destroyed ammo dump. “Come on! Shoot faster!” the pilot’s voice was amplified by her suit, booming out into the cacophony of the shooting to taunt the humans and whip herself into a frenzy. It felt satisfying, the neural feedback of the TAG making it feel as if she was holding the bucking heavy machinegun on her own hands, arms sweeping left and right as she sprayed indiscriminate fire over the defenders. “The storm has come!” she kept on, roaring and dashing from cover to cover, trying to get closer to use her flamethrower and roast the humans alive. Now, credit where it is due, the four remaining humans did not falter under her unrelenting fire. Two of them closer to the Raizot opened up with a light machinegun and a pistol respectively, drawing her attention while the two further back pulled up a pair of exquisite, long, tube like weapons. Those were called Blitzens, expendable weapons that fired a single, high powered projectile that detonated a short burst of electromagnetic discharge once they hit the mark, perfect for rendering highly complex machinery useless for a short, but decisive time. Oyat didn’t see the two humans line up their shots even as their compatriots were wounded by her reckless fire, but she did feel it in her bones when the burst of energy hit her machine and fried several of its circuits. The TAG seemed to choke, its gun arm bucking and firing a few more shots aimlessly before it went silent and still, turned into little more than an armored coffin with the pilot inside. Even her comms were fried, making it impossible for the young morat to contact her officer and admit her failure. Their base was burning, but the humans had a chance to win the day now. The morats had brought a transponder with them, a beacon to call for extraction that would be very useful if the humans could capture it and reverse engineer the technology. If they could have it. The remaining samurai knew what to do as the four man team broke out of the burning warehouse and started running towards the established command post were Kasaro and a small group of remaining troops stood guard. The gleaming white, skull like mask of the Suryat armor seemed to glower as it reflected the flames, Kasaro’s heavy machinegun barking as he unleashed a short burst, trying to suppress the advance of the humans. They didn’t care, their leader using a lighter, but no less effective weapon to riddle the warrior officer’s position with fire and allow his team to close in from the side, moving to entrap the suryat and end him there. Kasaro cursed and spat on the ground as he ducked, a lucky shot denting his helmet and forcing him to rip it off and toss the horned, skull faced headgear to the ground. He was young, his face red and his white hair and beard cut short and square, making him look very much like an angry, horned ape as he spat again, chewing on his own bile in anger. He heard a call, a challenge, and rose in time to use his gun to block a downwards slash from one of the human warriors, as a single soldier came at him. The Suryat recognized the human’s markings as a commander, and growled as he drew his sword. He hadn’t used it in such a long time, he barely remembered the basics of hand to hand combat. while the human commander clearly had been doing it his whole life, his swings short, precise and deadly. It wasn’t a gracious dance like it had been between Ren’ehk and the two invisible ones, it was short, brutal and ugly. The human swung low, the blade cutting through the Suryat’s armor and shearing off a piece of his stomach and groin plates. Then he swung again, a swift backhand that should have torn the young warrior officer’s head off, but a quick riposte, more luck than skill, saved his life. Kasaro had one chance, and he made it, driving his own blade into the human’s midsection, putting as much strength as his muscles and the enhanced servos of his suit would let him, and felt something give under his weight. There was an ear piercing shriek of metal on metal as his blade tore out of the samurai’s back, covered in blood and coolant fluid. As he shook the human free from his blade, kicking him off it for dramatic purposes, Kasaro saw himself surrounded by the three others, snarling and beating his chest with the bloody blade to dare them to come at him. He knew his luck wouldn’t hold up against three more of the close combat specialists, specially not if they attacked together, but if he could hold them just a little longer, one of the two sisters would complete their objective, and the mission would be done, his life be damned. Inside her silent, cold TAG, Oyat fumed. She looked around the dark machine and then remembered a little trick she would do when trapped under rubble or even the dead bulk of a Demarok collapsing on top of her machine. She just had to hook one of her dewclaws on the lower base of the pilot seat, then wrap her legs around it, this way she could flex and push, growling in a very undignified position that was enough to force the tag to open, allowing her to slip off it. She had to wriggle and squirm, the neural connecting cables on her scalp snagging on the tiny opening and ripping off along with some of her hair, but she managed to free herself from the now useless machine. “I’ll come back for you, big girl” she tapped the thigh of her armored steed to reassure it, then pulled up her pistols. A glance behind her and the sounds of shooting and roaring told her that her commander was getting his ass handed to him, but she didn’t care. There was a mission to be completed after all. The fire in the ammo dump was a distraction, meant to force the humans out of the warehouse, to make them come engage the morats. However, the real prize was much smaller, much more dangerous. When the Raxxora Carrier fell many months ago, it was cannibalized and torn apart, its parts sold, stolen or just plain repurposed, and many of the rescue beacons used by strike teams just like her own had been stolen. Recovering these beacons was a top priority. One of these was being studied in this very same facility the fighting had now reduced to mostly rubble, and Oyat knew it was inside another building, a small office behind the blazing warehouse. The pilot broke into a run, schewing cover or stealth as she knew the humans were either fighting her sister or her commander, and time was running low. Even with her communications link burnt off, she knew they had precious few minutes left before human reinforcements arrived and the fight became unwinnable. She didn’t even use a door. There was a loud crash of shattering glass and splintered metal as a six foot tall, red skinned alien woman burst through the rightmost window of the office, her exposed stomach bleeding from many tiny cuts, and a shard of glass embedded on her left dewclaw as she raised both pistols and cut down the lonely guard of the place. He tried to turn and shoot at her, but she was both faster and a better shot, and soon his lifeless body was slumped, bleeding against a wall. It was fast, the beacon was stowed in a box marked with a Combined Army symbol, and while she couldn’t open it, carrying it on her back was easy enough. Oyat was about to get out when the door was flung open and at the lightly armored form of Ren’ehk stood in the threshold “Where’s your TAG?” the packmistress asked with a snarl “Incapacitated. I had to eject to complete the mission” Oyat answered while showing the box with the beacon “We should hurry, I think-” “You don’t think” the Oznat snarled again, angry, but not raising her voice as she talked “If you had thought, you’d have stayed outside and kept the Domaru at bay while I circled around and got this” Ren’ehk scolded even as she, her sister and the sole preta stalked back, still looking for more humans. “Commander.” she opened her commlink “We got the beacon.” “Good!” Kasaro managed a laugh as he ordered the last Ikadron to put itself in front of the three human warriors, stalling them just enough for the wounded warrior officer to retreat. There was very little of their strike team left, and the Suryat didn’t want to be on the casualty list too. “I’ll pull back with the rest of the team and we meet at the rendezvous point” he was calm, even at the possibility of a bloody and violent death. Suryats lived for war, and this was living. “Can you send the Mechanoid to repair the Storm Dancer?” Ren’ehk asked “If it’s brought back online we can use it to cover your retreat” Behind her, Oyat beamed. She was ready to forsake her machine, but now it seemed like it would not be lost yet. “Not the Mechanoid, but I can send a drone.” he answered while vaulting over a container, then pushing it over to stall the progress of the human soldiers. Behind him, the wriggling, worm like form of the Med-tech Mechanoid bobbed its bulbous head and clicked its tiny pincers in understanding, its mind travelling to command the small, agile drone waiting for orders at the other side of the compound to rush towards the last position of the Raizot. Even when operating through a drone, the technical prowess of a Med-Tech was hard to rival. It managed to get the TAG up and running just in time as the two sisters reached it, and the younger one quickly climbed onto her heavy machine, already feeling herself electrified with the sudden return of her enhanced senses and strength. Oyat moved her arm, and the Storm Dancer moved its own, raising the heavy machinegun and… There was a weight on her arm as something tugged on the long, heavy gun, pulling it down after some effort “no” Ren’ehk said “If we keep fighting, we’ll lose the chance to evacuate. You run now.” she said to the machine, looking up to glare at its glowing yellow eyes, unfazed by its size, strength or fearsome, animalistic looks. The Raizot actually stomped in protest, but a quick look at the packmistress made the machine turn and starting running, its heavy steps smashing the ground whenever the metal claws dug in for balance. Ren’ehk let out a sigh as her sister listened to her for what felt like the first time, then pulled out the last of her smoke grenades for a risky, dangerous shot. She was tired, her leg still throbbed, and her head had this steady ringing on it that meant a headache was coming like a charging war beast. Yet the Oznat had a strong hand, her arm swinging as she sent the grenade flying high in an arc, bouncing off at an angle against a building’s walls to land between the evacuating officer and the pursuing humans, giving him a minute of respite to put some distance between them. The Oznat allowed herself to smile. Then, with a click of her tongue, she called her last pet to her side and began running, pushing herself and ignoring the pain on her leg. She could match the TAG in speed, even if she had to drop to all fours to do so, her claws digging in too as she had to use her hands to compensate for her limping leg. She could already hear the call of their dropship as it came in fast to pick up what was left of the fireteam. “Oyat?” “Ren?” “You’re an idiot, reckless and immature. But good job.” Ren’ehk could swear she heard a little chuckle over her commlink “You’re still getting punished for ignoring orders, though. I’ll make sure of that. How about latrine duty? For the Hungries.” There was another chuckle on the comms as Ren’ehk was the last to board their dropship. Of the entire strike team, only the officer, the med-tech, a hacker, the Raizot and the Oznat with her single Preta had survived, out of fourteen sent in. It had been a horrible, horrible mess, but the mission was accomplished, and that was enough. As she removed her helmet, the gear fashioned from the skull of a Hungry alpha, Ren’ehk looked around the ship, sighing and nursing her thigh. one hand peeling her armor open to finally look at the cut, how it had swollen and looked infected. “hey, Ren?” The smaller form of her sister sat by her side, looking at the cut as if it was some novelty toy Ren’ehk didn’t answer, she was too tired for it and as adrenaline was leaving her system a gigantic headache mounted on, her muscles feeling sore and painful from all the fighting and running. Instead she just closed her eyes and rested her head against the bulk of the ship, feeling the steady vibrations as it climbed out of the atmosphere, back to where their new assault carrier waited. “Thanks. You know, for helping me save the TAG.” Oyat knew they didn’t have to repair the machine, her sister could have covered their escape with her smoke grenades just fine. “Violence without purpose is just savagery.” The Oznat finally said, eyes still closed as she pinched the bridge of her nose “Just because you are the size of a beast doesn’t mean you have to act like one. Next time I might not be here to help.” the packmistress eased her shoulders, not bothering to look at her sister as she talked. “Yes.” The younger huntress nodded, recollecting the lessons from their history books “I will be less reckless in the future.” “You won’t.” Oyat chuckled, a twinkle in her white eyes “I probably won’t, you’re right. But…” it took her a long moment to remember something suitably poetic to say back to her sister. Ren’ehk had a passion for philosophy, and the pilot knew she would never quite earn her sister’s respect if she could not match the ancient words of philosophers like Eugarat to her own actions “Through conflict, we are shaped.” the younger one settled on an easy one for now “Give me time, will you?” Ren’ehk nodded, smiling to herself “Yes. I will give you time. But you’re still facing punishment. Don’t worry, I’m friends with the superior warrior officer…” Finally opening her eyes, the packmistress looked at her sister and their eyes met, both of them had matching white eyes, but Oyat’s looked like two bright stars, while her sister’s had the cold fire of tempered steel “I’ll make sure your punishment is sufficiently humiliating for our enjoyment.” Once more the Oznat allowed herself a smile, her headache making it small, but it was enough. With a smirk, the pilot stood up, hissing as she remembered she had a glass shard embedded between her toes, and decided to go find a doctor. Well, if she was going to face some kind of grueling, cruel and unusual punishment, she was going to make sure she at least had her feet healed first. She didn’t say ‘Thank you’ again, as it felt unnecessary, but she did feel oddly thankful. It was said that the regiment was the only family of a morat, and the pilot was finally understanding why her sister acted the way she did. Oyat sat down in front of the Med-tech Mechanoid and pointed at her bloody feet, the half machine half living creature nodding its odd, multi-eyed head and lowering itself to work on it. Meanwhile, the pilot pulled up her comlog and opened up one of the Treaties from Eugarat on Battle and War. Maybe there was something more to being a warrior, and maybe it was time the huntress started learning about that. END
  6. Oh, no there's nothing about the rules, it's just how people tend to think. it's basically like this: Reviving models is order intensive. And sometimes you might spend more orders than you actually need to revive someone. The first group is usually seen as the group that's going to be doing most of the heavy lifting, so the active turn killers are usually on the first group. If you put your doctor on the first group, that means any orders spent reviving models are now unavaliable for your killers to do their thing. Furthermore, if a model goes down past the half of the table, going there with your doctor will be a very hard endeavor, thus increasing even more your order consumption All of these things combined lead to many people using doctors on the second, smaller group, as they reason that if they need more than 2-3 orders to revive a model it's just not worth it.
  7. Some people prefer to leave their doctors on the secondary group. This is often due to the belief (not wrong) that if a model passes the half of the table you won't be able to heal it if/when it dies. The raktorak is good in a haris with a pair of Suryats or Kornak and a Suryat. That burst two heavy flamethrower is pretty solid, and a WIP 13 specialist operative isn't that bad for 23 points. I am a fan of the sogarat pain train, but it is very expensive and ends up in a situation where you put all your eggs in a single basket. Might work, but when it doesn't you'll feel the impact harder.
  8. You can do fine with a simple 3 specialist combo in the Raktorak, Worm and a Vanguard hacker, but you need orders, and that's were the hungries come in. With a 5 beasts Oznat, gaki and preta team (I suggest one preta and three gakis) you should have enough points left for a rasyat (Proxy with your Shotgun Daturazi) Morat Aggression Force ────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 16 4 5 KORNAK Lieutenant Mk12, Light Flamethrower / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 41) SOGARAT Feuerbach / Assault Pistol, AP CCW. (1.5 | 57) SOGARAT AP HMG / Pistol, AP CCW. (2 | 56) MED-TECH OBSIDON MEDCHANOID Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 23) SLAVE DRONE Electric Pulse. (0 | 3) RAKTORAK Combi Rifle + Heavy Flamethrower / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 23) OZNAT Vulkan Shotgun, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 20) PRETA Chain Rifle / AP CCW. (0 | 7) GAKI AP CCW. (0 | 4) GAKI AP CCW. (0 | 4) GAKI AP CCW. (0 | 4) GROUP 23 MORAT Hacker (EI Hacking Device) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 22) RASYAT Boarding Shotgun, D-Charges, Eclipse Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 28) R-DRONE Flash Pulse, Sniffer / Electric Pulse. (0 | 8) 4 SWC | 300 Points Open in Infinity Army this is a cool list with the link you want and the Rasyat. You do need a box drones to make it, but honestly those are excelent aditions to MAF anyways and you won't be losing anything in getting those.
  9. I find Rasyats to work better as a turn two punch, since most people don't expect a morat AD trooper to come down, and after turn one it's a bit easier to drop them in some blind spot. That being said, I would advise against deploying two of them, if only because they're kinda expensive for an 1 wound troop that starts off the board.
  10. I think this art is super cute. I like it
  11. Nitpick: It's PH 13, which actually makes it the highest PH avaliable for a combat jump trooper. I second everything else on the above post, with the exception I usually prefer the Boarding Shotgun version (Because I tend to prefer killing stuff over just immobilizing them) and I always bring a hacker or even an EVO Drone to buff the Rasyat up to PH 16. He is one of the few troopers I pretty much always jump in, because that 16 is very reliable, and so far he's been useful in every 3 out of 4 games I field him. One important point about stealth is that you can safely jump behind someone's back and then move in to shank them with the CC 21+3 from natural born warrior DA close combat weapon, which is usually more effective than shooting at people with the Rasyat. Natural Born warrior even allows you to face some other CC oriented models and make them a little worried. My Rasyat has taken out a couple makaul and some Ariadna CC blokes already because they didn't expect to be in an even fight.
  12. This is something that probably won't ever happen because it will make a model have Burst 6. I don't think anyone is supposed to have that. Unless they pull the same bullshit they did with the Kurgats and make the HMG profile unable to haris
  13. I've been using my Borac the same way recently. It does work better when kept as a turn 2 punch
  14. I like this list. I might try it out soon. Thanks!
  15. Here's the thing when we talk Intruder vs Kriza: Why not both? I've found out that the Kriza is the premier partner for White Noise, as it makes all those pesky MSV models in the game suddenly start sweating from THEM getting a nice little -9 mod. And meanwhile, the Intruder can mop up stuff the Kriza can't. Sure, they're both expensive, but I can build lists with 14 orders around these two guys pretty easily.
  16. I'm suprised no one is talking about it, but according to the new FAQ, Shock ammo when used against a model with 2 or more wounds and NWI will render that model unconscious. This means that for the Charontid and the Anathematic, if they go unconscious they're dead. Mnemonica kicks in and the model goes dead. Is that right? I really feel like this is a rather HUGE nerf for those two units to begin with. Sure, shock ammo isn't super common, but it isn't hard to come by either.
  17. I will say again, this is not what I meant, and I have pointed it out on my reply post to your comment. If you don't agree with it, fine, we don't have to think the same about the game. But please do not distort my arguments like this. This topic is about defining characteristics of factions, and Proxies are a big, if not the biggest draw of ALEPH. They work fine, and add flavor as well as an extra punch to a faction that, at least the way I see it, needs that extra punch a lot.
  18. Oddly I think the HMG is the worst in both of them, but if I had to take one I'd rather take a Kriza HMG than a SWAST HMG. The Kriza at least gets more mileage out of its big gun, as if you compare it to an Intruder or Moira you're still stacking modifiers while using a platform that can take more shots than the other two. Meanwhile, taking an HMG on a SWAST means no Koalas, so moving up the board becomes a bit more dangerous. On the other hand, comparing the Red Fury profile with the Mk12 profile I think is a more fair one. Both are burst 4 weapons with the same range band, and both want to move up close. I like to use the Kriza to free up SWC for stuff like remotes and hackers and especially zero minelayers, but I can see the SWAST filling the same role, I just don't get to use a sin eater. I don't think either of these guys should get a specialist profile, as it would make them either too expensive or too ubiquitous and I don't think that's good for the game. Not sure about which ratings I'd give them, but I do agree that the SWAST edges out just a little bit on the Kriza. Both models look boss, though. I'm still thinking about a list using the two of them.
  19. I mentioned cammo four times. Maybe it's because I wrote 'cammo' and not 'camo'. I think your PanO Assessment and mine are similar, but I do agree the YJ and Haqq ones are better. Mind you I wasn't gunning for objectiveness, although I'll probably use some of the stuff you've said in the future. As for the people complaining about proxies: They are very powerful cheap and versatile, yeah. But my point was less 'If you can't deal with proxies you're a noob, git gud' and more 'Aleph needs this stuff to compensate how expensive everything is and how top heavy the army ends up being'. You can only take 3 of them, ever, and while they do come into a lot of benefits I just don't see them as the game breakers as a lot of people see them. And really, playing ALEPH or Combined is a lot harder than other factions. You either pay more for slightly the same or in some cases more for less (Unliked Unidrons, Vanguards or Seed soldiers aren't quite that good to justify their points cost). So far I've played Nomads, Combined and Ariadna, and while all three of them feel balanced and strong on their own right, Combined always feels like they're with their backs to the wall, fighting a little bit harder than the others. Maybe it's less orders, maybe its relying too much on 3-4 key models, maybe it's me. But I do feel Combined is a harder army to play, so I said it feels that way. Hard is not bad, though. Some people like a challenge.
  20. here's a quick breakdown of the factions I did to some friends a while back. This was originally done in Portuguese so a lot of the funny words will be less funny in English. Pan Oceania: The rich boys faction. Usually pays a bit more for their models than the average, but to compensate gets to shoot better than most and has an awesome selection of toys to play with. PanO is the 'I shoot you' faction, favoring direct conflict over uisng their skills, and even most of their toys work more to shut down other people's shennanigans than making their own. They're rock solid, but do have lower than average Willpower, which leads to their specialists being mediocre at best, if not actually bad. Yu Jing: The not so rich boys faction. They get less raw power than PanO, but compensate with a bigger bag of tricks and acess to pretty much all kinds of good stuff. Yu Jing is often called the Heavy Infantry faction, and while they do have the largest selection of them, it doesn't mean they have all the best stuff. That being said, YJ is very good at building any kind of list, from low count, high power lists to high number of models with competent specialists. The only thing keeping them back is the Asian aesthetic, which isn't for everyone. Haqqislam: The sexiest faction in the game, while also not being as vulgar as the sexy boys and girls from other factions. Haqq is generally seen as a low cost, highly efficient army and it is exactly that. However, their cheap and efficient doctors and engineers mean you can actually play Haqq like you'd play YJ or PanO and beat them at their own game. Versatile, sleek, good lucking and with a truckload of dirty tricks up their sleeves, this is probably a harder to start with faction than the two above, but they are very rewarding and give you the chance to adapt and try more playstyles with the same army. Nomads: The Internet as a faction. Nomads never, ever play fair. If you're shooting at someone and you haven't stacked at least a -6 in their ass, you're probably doing it wrong. This is a faction of dirty tricks, dirty fighters and dirty people. This is for those who want to feel either like a creepy terrorist or a badass freedom fighter. Aside from the two last ones, nomads has the biggest bag of tricks in the game, and like Haqq can play any style they want because of that. Flexible, badass and cool looking is the reason why nomads is one of the most played factions (The most played in Brazil!) Ariadna: The faction of Manly, Hairy, Macho Men. Yes, everyone in Ariadna is super macho, even the ladies. While everyone else gets super special tech and skills and stuff, Ariadna gets guns and cammo. lots of guns and lots of cammo. It can play in a 'we have more bodies than you have guns' style of play, but also works as an elite, glass canon style kind of play. You get werewolves that can punch out TAGs, you get MEN that can punch out TAGs, and a lot of attack vectors for your big, scary guns. Tohaa: Tohaa is an odd one out. It's more of a sectorial than a full army, and it shows. They have some limitations and if you look at their profiles they're all kinda meh, even with the simbiont armor avaliable to them making most of them 2 wounds. What they do have in spades is sinnergy. Sure, a sukeul is kinda cool, but paired up with a Makaul for close support and a kosuil to cap objectives, it feels stronger than a 'real' heavy infantry. Tohaa is the perfect army for those who like to minmax and extract the best of their models, as the sum really is greater than its parts and now we put the game on hard mode for the last two factions: ALEPH; Yes, welcome to infinity on hard mode. People will tell you that ALEPH is broken and overpowered and stuff, but that's because they don't know how to deal with ODD and proxies. But truth be told, ALEPH is hard as fuck to play. You will always be outnumbered unless it's limited insertion, but you won't be outgunned. Proxies allow you to be at up to 3 places at the same time, and you shoot, fight and push buttons better than most. However, you need to protect your little dudes and dudettes, as they still die to bullets like everyonelse, even your highly armored, heavily armored supermodels. Combined Army: Because you want to be the bad guy. Combined is the faction that gets several unique tricks, just like ALEPH, but our tricks are made to be scary as shit and putting the hurt on people. Mnemonica on the aspects means we never get into Loss of Lieutenant, and plasma guns mean even our lowly troopers will make heavy infantry models sweat. It's an army that, like ALEPH, will always be outnumber, but if you play well, you'll feel like you have a solution for any problem, and also have access to all the tricks of all the factions.
  21. Seeing all these new changes I actually do hope that all the aspects become STR instead of W. I do like the idea of them being vat grown monsters and that change would fit such idea. As for the visual, this is the first one I actually don't like. My only issue with the Avatar was the gun on its hand and that's at least for me a very simple thing to deal with.
  22. what makes it odd is that this is way bigger for the Aspects because of the mnemonica skill Combine doesn't have Chain of Command, and mnemonica will kick in anyways. Seems like quite the harsh penalty, really.
  23. This is getting off topic, but once I'm finished I might post the sisters on the Nomad side of the board. Thanks for the appreciation nevertheless
  24. Again, not 100% true. There is a rough 50/50 division between BS12 and BS11 for CH:TO models with sniper rifles, with your own examples using more than a base 11. And using your own example fails to consider that when it's your turn, you choose the engagements. It's very hard for a fireteam to have all around heavy weapons (although I've seen it happen, and it was super hard to dislodge the team, but not impossible). So why not whittle down the team by targeting a combi-rifle first rather than the Missile launcher? Again, if you have smoke and MSV, you can do that. Same if you have TO and move about. Yes, it takes more orders than just point and shoot, but it's still doable, and doesn't make the MSR an useless weapon. A team of Knights with a missile launcher won't outdo a single Dasyu/Spetkr/Malignos shooting from cover in terms of raw stats. The knights will be at BS14+6 (+3 distance, +3 fireteam) - 9 (-3 cover, -6 TO) against the Dasyu at BS12+3(distance)-3(Cover). That all equates to two dice at 12 for the Dasyu vs two dice at 11 for the knights (9 if it's a magister). Those aren't horrible odds considering you're pitching a 40 something points model against a 100+ points behemoth. The fireteams I see as being way more dangerous are the ones that can stack other modifiers on top of the fireteam ones. Bagh Maris and Rodoks with mimetism, Riot Grrls with MSV to deny some bonuses, they're all very dangerous, and against those maybe using a CH:TO sniper wouldn't be the best move, but I do think you have to consider more uses for those skills and weapons than simply 'I shoot you with a big gun'.
  25. This is not 100% true. I have recently dismantled a core fireteam by using smoke+MSV to make sure they could only ARO one model at a time. A MSR still deals 2 potential wounds per hit, and this against a core of LI or MI is pretty dangerous. Of course, it is more dangerous because it's 2 dice vs 2 dice, but I don't think the Sniper is 'barely unusable' In fact, this type of thinking often leads people to overly evaluate their fireteams. The only thing I find difficult to deal with against fireteams is facing multiples of them (Tohaa and Steel Phalanx, basically), but I think this is more of a personal limitation than an actual strength of those armies.