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  1. If the blackjack is a single model box, perhaps the HMG will be included as an alternate bit? 🤔
  2. So with a new Tarik imminent, the rifle blister will be going OOP? Because of SKU bloat? 🙄
  3. Great to see an updated Dao Fei, but I'm keeping fingers crossed that the art/silhouette isn't representative of the mini. Please no CCW!
  4. The biggest problem with the topic of alternate parts for minis, is that there is never a compelling counter-argument as to why it's prohibitive to do. Not from forum users, not from forum using friends of Corvus Belli, and not from Corvus Belli themselves. With a design model now producing miniatures for basic 12pt line infantry in four parts(plus plastic base), I find it irrational to think that a couple of extra sets of arms in a four model box is prohibitively expensive to produce. Also, with a game system that offers so many weapon options for most troop profiles, and the inability of CB to provide unique miniatures for all those options (including multiples of the same weapon type), I think it reasonable to suggest that alternate arms for certain miniatures could be a worthwhile compromise.
  5. I would gladly pay the additional cost to get alternate arms included in a multi troop box.
  6. I don't think it practical at all to cover all variant weapon profiles, but I can't imagine a middle ground not being amenable to all parties. For example, could a starter box not include two sets of arms sculpted with boarding shotguns/shotguns to replace the line infantry combi rifles/rifles on two of those bodies? And to sculpt a couple sets of rifle arms that are compatible with new bodies to be included in a SWC box for those same light infantry when one becomes available? Costed appropriately, how is an approach like that not win win?
  7. No, but if the poll was expanded to cover additional arm options in troop boxes, my answer would be a resounding yes!
  8. Love the Tiger! Fantastic work!
  9. Haven't got to the Tuareg yet but the aiming Ghulam is a pain in the arse. I think a little bit of distortion in the moulding process. The right arm seems slightly long for the space it needs to fill when the rifle is tucked into the correct position. End result then pushes everything away from the body. One of the Zanshi had a similar issue but not nearly as severe.
  10. Perhaps it's not a snafu? Taking spoilers to the next level!
  11. It does beg the question though. Why not package the CJC box hacker in a blister for Merovingian players? By what rationale was it deemed important to have a second Algie hacker (when some other troop hacker profiles can go without a single mini for years) yet making another Chassuer (a much more valuable addition to MRRF) available isn't a priority, despite the obvious desire. The decision making at CB surprises me sometimes.
  12. Unless the Corregidor box is selling well?
  13. We have kangaroos to keep motorists in line. Not necessarily as big as deer but when you hit one.......