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  1. Love the Tiger! Fantastic work!
  2. Haven't got to the Tuareg yet but the aiming Ghulam is a pain in the arse. I think a little bit of distortion in the moulding process. The right arm seems slightly long for the space it needs to fill when the rifle is tucked into the correct position. End result then pushes everything away from the body. One of the Zanshi had a similar issue but not nearly as severe.
  3. Perhaps the hair is a dye job? The problem with the black friar is the multi-rifle. The Pan-O MR and MSR are awkward, clumsy looking designs that could have benefitted from a more thorough redesign. Swap it for just about any other Pan-O weapon and it would look great. Quite like all the sculpts with the Bandit and HMG Djanbazan standing out. I think the consistent quality of sculpts CB is releasing now is stunning. August stands to be just an 'average' month sculpt-wise (imo) and the voiced dissatisfaction amounts to problems with the colour and presence of a hair braid on one mini, inappropriate sunglasses on another, a miniature standing erect with a helmet open, and the wrong weapon loadout. Stunning work.
  4. Perhaps it's not a snafu? Taking spoilers to the next level!
  5. The gun points definitely could be refined on the Yaoxie models. The Yaokong remotes? They need an update. Not to dramatically alter the design (like the Haqq remotes need), but to bring the detail up to current standards. All of the original remotes lack a crispness to the sculpts. Now having said that, there are far more important minis needing sculpts before perfectly serviceable remotes get redone.
  6. The Lu Duan and Rui Shi were painful to assemble, but they look great! The generic bots are the ones that desperately need resculpts.
  7. It does beg the question though. Why not package the CJC box hacker in a blister for Merovingian players? By what rationale was it deemed important to have a second Algie hacker (when some other troop hacker profiles can go without a single mini for years) yet making another Chassuer (a much more valuable addition to MRRF) available isn't a priority, despite the obvious desire. The decision making at CB surprises me sometimes.
  8. Unless the Corregidor box is selling well?
  9. We have kangaroos to keep motorists in line. Not necessarily as big as deer but when you hit one.......
  10. That's the other defining characteristic of Australians. We are super fucking affluent and horribly entitled. How dare sharks be allowed to attack humans in their domain without retribution!
  11. Gold.
  12. And if it was an at rest pose there would be angst that it's another boring at rest pose like the other Intruders. Statler and Waldorf would approve.
  13. The croc man will be ok if the blister has a sprue with combi and multi sniper barrels.
  14. I want all May releases to be sculpts of new units toting combi/rifles. You know, so we have a good proxy straight up for the Zhanying/Govad/Whatever. And the remaining Pan O TAGs. All of them. I don't even play the blue faction and I desperately want to see them all released. Firstly because they will look the shiz. Secondly because it is a bit of a farce.