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  1. panoceania

    And now for the the only dudes that matter in MO: The Knights! Magisters: Santiagos Second Father-Knight and New Montessa, both with spitfires. And last but not least, the Holy Sepulcher:
  2. panoceania

    Some BroBots: And the Support Crews with mini BroBots (The left yellow one is the Father-Engineer, the right red one is the Father-Doctor. I didn't get a head for the second palbot in the box so I had to improvise.)
  3. panoceania

    Ayy lmao I don't know what to say, I play PanO and have been painting them like mad over the past few weeks/months. I primarily play Military Orders but I got stuff for other sectorials that I will be painting eventually. I hadn't painted in a long time before I started my Infinity stuff so some of my early stuff is pretty rough, but I suppose I will start with what I started with which was the starter kits. Military Orders Starter: (I havent's uploaded pictures on this site before so hopefully I'm doing this right. ----- PanOceania Icestorm Starter: Nisse is used as Black Friar, Sikh is used as Crusader ----- Specialist Sergeants (plus Konstantinos): ---- Spec Sergeant Hacker, Fusilier HMG, Black Friar, and Crusader: