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  1. Hi all! My name is Luke and I am from Holland. I have a problem... I play Infinity now with my best friend, but I want to play to more people so I can improve my skills and learn more about the game. But the nearest store who sells Infinity is 2 hours driving. Do you guys maybe have any tips to make a bigger community around where I live. Miniature games are not so famous in my city but do you guys know some kind of ways to let people (even strangers) play Infinity so I can make a cool and nice community and play some ITS missions? Please let me know some tips...!
  2. Thanks guys! Appreciate that. And another question: What if I declare my first short skill: Move. And the enemy don't ARO me. Then I move again, can the enemy ARO shoot at me after I did 2 move short skills? And can I use another order to shoot back for a Face to Face?
  3. I have a question... If it's my active turn and I do a short movement skill: 'Move', and I get one ARO from an enemy model. What if I ignore it, and after the shot I move again. Can the same enemy model shoot again to the same model I just used after the second movement skill? If yes: can I use another order to shoot back at him with a Face to face roll? I am struggling with this. Can anyone please explain me? I would really appreciate that. Thanks
  4. Ik ben Luke, ik ben 17 jaar en ik ben een Infinity the game speler. Ik ben op zoek naar mensen in Alkmaar, Nederland om Infinity mee te spelen. Woon jij in Alkmaar of in de buurt? Laat het dan weten, want ik wil een leuke community opbouwen met allemaal mensen die deze hobby ook tof vinden. Tot nu toe zit ik een mijn beste vriend in de community en hopen op uitbreiding! Laat hieronder een reactie achter of stuur een mail, en hopelijk kunnen we iets opbouwen...