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  1. So basically I was wondering how should you deal with dodge smoking multiple aro's, from different angles. "Unlike other Special Ammunition, Smoke can be used to avoid enemy Attacks, but only if those Attacks require LoF and a Roll, and their LoF is blocked by the Smoke Circular Template being placed. " Now, I assume, that if you lose LoF to one of your opponent due to natural cover it is enough to block LoF of remaining enemies by smoke. On the other hand, opponent may raise a valid concern that aforementioned smoke does not block LoF of first enemy, ergo it does not fulfill "and their LoF is blocked by the Smoke Circular Template being placed" condition. But I feel like this interpretation would lead to certain models (like bikes with MOV 8-x) not being able to dodge smoke in certain conditions due to smoke template not being big enough to cover all of the points of their movement. I also prepared professional visualisation to show off my exceptional compter skills. A and B being enemies (with thin lines being their LoF's) X being dodge smoking model
  2. How is the trick done with supressive fire?
  3. You're missing ML and autocannon tankhunters
  4. What does learning spanish has to do with... Well anything I sincerely don't know. Theme button wasn't there yesterday either.
  5. I think the forum lacks general disscusion sub-section. And honestly - I find having spanish-speaking sub-sections above english one's a bit weird. Surely english speaking community is much, much bigger than spanish one?
  6. You can change language of the forum at the bottom of the site.
  7. I think he meant that as agood thing, not a complaint.
  8. I mean, GW miniatures are neither cheap nor bad looking, i don't get that "40k mentallity" angle.
  9. Crazy good. Care to give us a guide (even shortone) on how did you accomplish that?
  10. zouave hmg for 1 less, but with mechanized deployment (-1 bs, -1arm) is probably better. You're saving a lot of orders to get him where you want, dig out a foxhole and go supressive Moblot hmg model is pure fire tho
  11. But isn't a rules along the lines - if camo markers reveal itself in the any part of the order it is considerated revealed for entirety of it? So if marker wasn't prone he should be blokcing ghulam LoF, no?
  12. Veteran does posses third level of Valor so I'd assume that this automatically includes level 1 and 2, no?
  13. God awful movie, but you might be onto something
  14. I found my answers - please remove this Thread
  15. This isn't DakkaDakka(which I just so happen to know that is somekind of Warhammer 40k forum which I never was a part off - and I would defnitely be opposite to generalizing any group of poeple just on the basis of forum the visit), yet you proceed to call me an illiterate person, self-called expert(while I only stated that, in mine opinion MRRF is not fun in LI - and with my rather not perfect english comprehension decided to use phresal verb "have fun with" which in my mind means "you're going to have trouble with". Which also seemed like general consensus in entire community) and obviously a jerk - presumably because I dared to point out illogicalness of your overall statement in this thread. Elitism, arrogance and lack of self-awareness pours out of every cell in your body.