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  1. Looking forward t seeing better pics of the Hassassins. Szally looks cool, as do the Nexus and Ur HVT. As a unit, i'm not a fan of Andromeda, but that design is great.
  2. That's preferable to me. I'd rather read through notes and look at photos than trawl through a video. Particularly since the last video from a CB seminar had absolutely abysmal audio.
  3. ignore me
  4. Kamau pervert.
  5. You mean El Contador.
  6. Loving the new Fiday; a worthy successor to one of CBs best models. DaoFei looks great. Never liked the old models, but this is spot on. Kriza Brak looks good, although i don't understand why CB keep giving Nomads S5 HI that aren''t really S5. I really don't see why they replaced the relatively recent Tarik with a new one though. The only issue with the old model was that it was a S5 human without power armour, which (imo) made him look like he belonged in a totally different scale. this has the exact same problem. Would have much preferred a Khawa with Spitfire. Oh well, i'm sure i can sell him to someone, most likely a 40k player for conversion.
  7. memes

    It did make me giggle:
  8. Excellent. Even better than the renders made it look. That'll do, CB. That'll do.
  9. ... and maybe start adding in some extra weapon options too.
  10. As a fellow traveller in those dark lands, i don't believe the vast majority of those stories. I'm sure some are true, but i believe that it's mostly just a meme that tg has become particularly fond of.
  11. Apparently this was taken in Singapore.