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  1. extra tip: print the strips on a sheet of sticker plastic / paper to cover up the foamboard cuts easy and without glue issues. If you want, perhaps I can help with weathering and finetuning the textures in Photoshop (I'm a graphic designer and have some Photoshop experience).
  2. This is very nice! I was planning a modular building set as well, but this is already far more complete. Some suggestions: - already stated: some strips (or printed deco tape) to cover up the foamboard (optional, perhaps a separate file) - modular wall set - use the roofs as small platforms/parkinglots/parks (with some attachable walls in the same height) - 1 step stair when using the roofs as platform - perhaps only have square buildings and the option to combine them under a bigger roof (like 2 5x5 buildings with a 5x10 roof, or 3 5x5 buildings under a 10x10 roof to have an overhang space under the roof) - attachable balconies - pillars to support a roof as a floating platform, or to support stairs and walkbridges to make some higherground routes - keep the cut out windows and doors to make "plugs" so open buildings can be closed again on some sides keep up the good work!