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  1. He's not bad, but in Vanilla I would choose either Intruder HMG, Mobile Brigada HMG (cheaper, no bloat) or Kriza Borac HMG (full auto!)... or Moira occasionally. I think this profile is mainly meant for Bakunin. In Vanilla I really like the Red Fury Lt or non Lt SWAST. Though I am still waiting for my Red Fury Taskmaster.
  2. Yeah, go Szalamandra... hope to get it before my birthday in February
  3. Thanks, really appreciate your work! I like the links to Infinity Wiki. Just noted: Your list has Maestro program as an upgrade available for KHD. I'm not sure if that's intentional. I think there should be a note that this apllies to Combined Army only (EI special category) or leave it as upgrade only (like the Lightning program, for example).
  4. So, now I really want to try Patroclus. One question though. Since he has Holoprojector lvl 3, which lacks the NFB... do his Holoechoes aplly the -6 ODD penalty to enemy BS attack as well?
  5. @LoricusAs I understand it, you play Corregidor, right? I play Vanilla Nomads, so I like to combine AD, HD (Spektr) and generally tend to spend more on Infiltrators. Often I have Spitfire Hellcat, Tomcat Doctor or Engineer and FO Spektr. But I agree, these are the troops to clear the midfield of enemy warbands in your active. I still consider myself a newbie, and one who has less hobbytime than he would like - so I always have trooper combinations I want to try some next time. I may try several Hellcats in one list soon.
  6. I prefer Spitfire Hellcat or even a Tomcat for my kind of terrain density... must try the HMG Hellcat out as I really like the E/Mauler as a bonus. As I often have just one AD trooper, this is a tough choice.
  7. As one of my most frequent opponents plays Haqq, I share your hatred for Muttawiahs. Their out of LoF Jammer ARO is very nasty indeed. They are like hackers who treat any of your troops as hackable, but without the weakness to KHD. Usually I want to deploy second (though it depend on the mission). I often try to lure enemy warbands toward my Morans (in total cover / prone on the rooftops) in midfield to shoot them with Reaction Zond, Sin Eater or a Sniper... try using Authorised Bounty Hunter Sniper as it is quite cheap so useable for an ARO trooper. Koalas are also good for slowing the Warband down, as they are often in the second group so they have limited orders, even that Dodge is felt and when they take go down, it's a bonus. In my active I try to counter with midfield combis (Zeroes, Morans, Tomcats) or Warbands. I have to try Transductors for their flash pulse ARO yet. @Penemue who do you use for the LGL platform?
  8. @Teslarod Thanks for the clarification about failing attribute roll. What about the other part of my question? Assuming opponent really fails his WIP roll against the first trooper as a main target, can he declare another intuititve attack against another one to hit also the first, who is nearby (zero visibility, all are in the smoke). I think I'm a bit unsure about timing (if he failed his WIP roll, is the template placed, so does the secondary trooper get to become a target a declare the ARO at all?) and terminology here (target/main target?). Edit: I read it again - So no restriction on the second declaration, understood! Sorry, it's late.
  9. Thanks for the answer!
  10. So would I, but some other local players implied otherwise, so I want to be sure.
  11. Recently in our game, we had a issue concerning fire templates and getting Burnt. Could you help me, please? Burnt, Activation: "Troopers with Special Skills or pieces of Equipment with the Fire-Sensitive Trait enter this state by receiving a hit from a weapon using Fire Special Ammunition, regardless of the result of their ARM Roll." Does the "hit" from Template Weapon mean it is sufficient that the trooper is placed under the fire template, regardless of possible dodge roll, or does it mean that the dodge roll failed as well? Thanks for help!
  12. Hello, I'm a bit uclear, how to handle successive intuitive attacks against multiple targets. Could you help? Imagine this situation: Player A has two troopers (Jaguar nad Alquacil) under smoke template, player B wants to attack them with his flamer using intuitive attack. 1. Player B declares an intuitive attack with the first trooper (Jaguar) as his main target, his template covering also the second trooper (Alquacil). He fails his WIP roll, so he cannot target the first trooper (Jaguar) this turn again. My question is, can he declare another intuitive attack, that targets the second trooper (Alquacil) as its main targer and also hits the first (Jaguar)? 2. Also, what does the sentence "If the user fails his WIP Roll, he cannot attempt to make another Intuitive Attack against the same target until his next Active Turn" mean? Does it mean he fails the roll against his plain WIP, regardles of possible face-to-face roll, or does it mean he fails the roll including the face-to-face mechanic (for example he rolls under his plain WIP, but is beaten by his opponent BS -6 firing back)? Thanks for help!
  13. Hello guys! I'm new here in the forum, though I play Infinity since the start of N3 and have liked the game and read the forum even before. I appreciate smaller scale of the game as well as the complex rules and great models. I play Vanila Nomads first (for models and playstyle, started with Operation: Icestorm) and started Steel Phalanx recently (for models mostly and to try a different playstyle). Our group is rather small, so we are starting slowly... nowdays I've got about 30 games under my belt, mostly against Haqq, Combined, PanO and Aleph.