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  1. Given what we have seen so far the chances are that Grenzer links (as overpriced as they might be) will be the core link for TJC. That said, if Securitate are buffed/made useable again then we might see them being another choice. And there are still unseen units so far.
  2. I know I know, but it would be fun (and give those TO/ODD players a right kick up the trousers ) Anyway, I still really want the Kriza to be BS 13 and/or gain a DTW, even with full auto it feels underequipped when compared too the Gecko and SWAST.
  3. To tell the truth I wouldnt mind the Kriza getting an MSV2 or something else to boost it a little, given how much it costs in comparison to a SWAST.
  4. Aye, but even still you cant really just dedicate all of your orders to moving one single MI. MI are actually slightly weak in my opinion. Their strength is in their armour and you pay for that but once you lose one wound its all over, and you lose a quarter of your potential maximum speed. I remember deploying a Moiras link against an opponent a few months back and watching him sweat at the thought of dealing with it, only for his look to change to confusion as he watched how long it took them to get up the board. A TO flamer later and the link suffered 40% losses and never recovered. Riot Grrls would have been better in that situation, being both faster and tougher, but anyway. Half orders - I was referring to the need of only one move short skill being needed on the last order.
  5. Okay, so with no terrain and noone shooting you can do it in 13 orders, your right. However I tend to find that terrain placement and enemy units hinder the moving somewhat and mean that it takes the slow MI longer to move up the board. On a side note it only takes a 4-4 moving Infantry unit 9.5 move-move orders to cross the same distance. Medium Infantry are in a odd spot at the moment which is sad really as there are so many interesting units out there that are MI.
  6. To move 48" with a max move of 6" and not accounting for terrain?
  7. Thanks, though actually it was surprisingly easy. Start off with a dark brown layer and drybrush up to a lighter brown (thin bestial brown) then wash with black ink. The green dots where a pain, mainly because there are so many of them, but they are just Goblin Green which was then highlighted with increasing ratios of White, leaving the layer before showing at the edges. The hard part was doing the teeth though - that took some doing! I have a few more units for pano - they are my second army so I have more Nomads stuff really! I havnt yet, no, but I can post this over there when I do. @all: Thanks!
  8. Hi all Just here to show off my Uhlans, the first of (eventually) a link duo hunting squadron, enjoy.
  9. The only problem being that she is so slow you would spend all your game just getting her over there.
  10. Its a MK12, trust me - I have the model. If you want a HMG then the SWAST has one, and the MK12 minus its magazine makes a great BSG.
  11. Sounds like a plan
  12. Thanks, oing over seems to have been the problem.
  13. Okay, a quick question: I was writing up a list for Soldiers of Fortune and I decided to stick an Anaconda into my list, it being a great model that I own and really want to use, and the little 'ITS legal' sign changed from a green tick (okay to use) to a purple question mark. Apparently the Anaconda, despite being in the merc's list, is not legal for use in regular ITS games, even under the Soldiers of Fortune list. I feel that this is an oversight, but I may be wrong and if so is there a reason as I would like to use my Anaconda at some point and it seems to be a model without a list at the moment.
  14. Yeah, one thing I have noticed is that we seem to have a lot of SWC costing Lieuts in our faction, the Moiras being one of the biggest offenders.
  15. Gah, I must have been mistaken then. Its a pity, Bakunin could do with a few more non-swc lieut options.