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  1. I really like Ajax. I field him usually in a 3man link along with a Chain Rifle Myrmidon (to keep points low) and a Myrmidon Specialist (usually a Myrmidon Officer CoC, or Myrmidon Hacker) This helps keep him non-impetious in the first turn(s) to advance more carefully in the midfield to deliver the specialist near an objectic and wreck some havoc (with his B5 Combi, 5+3 Armor and 3 wounds) while doing so...
  2. I saw the movie yesterday. While the plot is kinda simple (probably to appeal to a broader audience), the cinematography and aesthetic are really good and fitting of a "GitS" movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will easily suggest it to both GitS and Sci-Fi fans. Just don't expect to see anything close to the original masterpiece and you will leave the theater entertained.
  3. I just want the remote that comes out of the boobs of the Marut... but probably won't have it.
  4. @Raeone are we talking about these: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1r4n-YFfa-SM1RNNU9KMGhVZWc ? If not could you send me also plz?
  5. Why hasn't anyone told CB that if they release a book with all the Infinity Models Dossiers it will sell like crazy...? Am i right?
  6. Awesomeness confirmed!
  7. I wish you the best with your Kickstarter, but personally i am on the fence atm cause i am only interested (and able/willing to spend money on) Ajax. Anyway it we be a nice infographic to see how many of the backers hadn't had previous knowledge of the Infinity game.
  8. I would gladly pay the cost different from a Combi to a Multi Rifle in the Asura hacker profiles... Who wouldn't?
  9. Nope.
  10. Maybe Toni's GHOST somehow "survived" IN THE Tikbalang SHELL?
  11. Droping (or preferably walking in the table) outside their LoF and using Stealth (the actual skill! ) to approach them is what i usually do.
  12. I really like the "jet pack" design, now my Ekdromoi feel jealous... Also non-integrated weapons makes kinda sense from a logistics standpoint.
  13. Every time i play my SF i always bring at least one Myrmidon (more than one to be honest), does that mean that they are overpowered and should be nerfed? Yeah posthumans are very VERY good units none gonna argue that, nerf worthy? dunno...
  14. Not all armies / sectorials can field TAGs...
  15. Am I the only one that would love an Infinity Card Game? The art and flavor text on the cards alone would make it worth it. It doesn't have to be super competitive or complex either (like MtG etc.). A casual fun "board game" based on cards, or something like that, could make a great after hours side game I think.