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  1. Well, scenario dependent of course, i usually tend to smoke my way out of his good ARO pieces and play the Objectives.
  2. Here is another unboxing video of Aristeia!
  3. I thinks it's just the angle they are placed on the pose that doesn't do them justice. If you repose them in another angle they would look much better.
  4. Yeah, as the guy above me said, the mug is an official merchandise for Infinity by Corvus Belli. I just used it to reference the artwork i was looking for. It is awesome (both art and mug) isn't it?
  5. Close Quarters Battle
  6. Andromeda has a lackluster profile (in my opinion) and now a very bland (in my opinion) miniature. Such wasted potential...
  7. Since we are talking about the Ekdromoi, why the Hacker doesn't have a proper weapon
  8. Awesome mate! That's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot!
  9. In the previous site, on the Background of the page about Aleph there was an awesome high quality art of Penthesilea on her bike and some Aragoto. I had downloaded it and used is as my computers background for quite until was forced to format my PC and forgot to save it. If anyone has the art i am talking about saved i would appreciate if he could share the awesomeness! To be more specific this is the art i am talking about: Thanks!
  10. I agree, the model isn't "bad" but personally i find it "meh"... or uninspiring to be honest.
  11. Ok, repeat after me: "Machaon is one of the BEST Specialists (and Lieutenants) in the game!" "Machaon is one of the BEST Specialists (and Lieutenants) in the game!" "Machaon is one of the BEST Specialists (and Lieutenants) in the game!"
  12. When i use Ajax, i usually give him a Myrmidon retinue also in order to help him reach midfield better (with cover / smoke) where he excels imo...
  13. If I were to "spice her up" (a little bit). I would have her be Multi rifle, Nanopulser, Assault Pistol, E/M CCW Spitfire, Nanopulser, Heavy Pistol, E/M CCW With the according Hacker and/or Lieutenant profiles.
  14. I really like Ajax. I field him usually in a 3man link along with a Chain Rifle Myrmidon (to keep points low) and a Myrmidon Specialist (usually a Myrmidon Officer CoC, or Myrmidon Hacker) This helps keep him non-impetious in the first turn(s) to advance more carefully in the midfield to deliver the specialist near an objectic and wreck some havoc (with his B5 Combi, 5+3 Armor and 3 wounds) while doing so...
  15. I saw the movie yesterday. While the plot is kinda simple (probably to appeal to a broader audience), the cinematography and aesthetic are really good and fitting of a "GitS" movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will easily suggest it to both GitS and Sci-Fi fans. Just don't expect to see anything close to the original masterpiece and you will leave the theater entertained.