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  1. So i will arive to London around Friday (30.6.) noon so im Quite open for anything during friday evening and saturday. At the sunday I have to move to canterbury in afternoon. so if anything just poke me here as im about to book hostel for the friday and saturday during this week.
  2. we have quite large physical objective markers they are just to complex for sake of Line of Sight.
  3. as it was allready said the mission objectives should be on 40mm base. then having some vertical dimensions for game reasons. We also usualy for sake of simplicity define (houserule) mission objectives as providing cover but not blocking line of sight (since some anthenas we have are kinda complicated in shape and it would brink tons of problems if we difined them using true LoF).
  4. In the end I will be in london since Friday noon so I could probably play even during the friday evening
  5. There is realy noone in london?
  6. I will just add links to the articles pointed above The photography article: The Tohaa ceremonial article:
  7. you would need 2 command tokens one for making harris link form the "reduced core link" second for creating the new core link team. basicaly there are only 2 ways to crate fireteams: Creation of a Fireteam N3 Wiki > Main Sections > Basic Rules > Infinity Fireteams > Creation of a Fireteam Human Sphere N3 Content. During the Deployment Phase, placing a Team Leader Marker (F: TEAM LEADER), or equivalent, next to one of the troopers that meet the Requirements of this rule. In that moment, the player can perform a Deployment Phase Coherency Check relative to the appointed Team Leader. During the game, spending a Command Token and placing a Team Leader Marker (F: TEAM LEADER) next to one of the troopers that meet the Requirements of this rule. When a Fireteam is created, the player must declare which troopers are members of it. and all fireteams are separate "different" skills, there is no order in them which would allow you jump from one to other automaticaly or for free.
  8. Well you cant throw smoke as reaction to troper moving in your ZoC without having LoF. the reasons are: first of all only skills which are allowed to do when troper move in your ZoC are Change facing or Reset (unless you have equipment which specialy list that can be used as ZoC aro): Zone of Control and ARO Enemies entering or acting inside the Zone of Control of a trooper while remaining outside that figure's LoF can be reacted to, but only by using the Common Skill Change Facing or Reset, unless the trooper has a Special Skill or piece of Equipment that can be used without LoF. Second the Smoke granades does not have this special trait: Smoke Grenades A non-Lethal variant of hand grenades that uses Smoke Special Ammunition. Name Range (inches) DAM B Ammo Traits Short Medium Long Maximum Smoke Grenades 0-8" +3 8-16" -3 -- -- -- 1 Smoke Impact Template (Circular), Non Lethal, Special Dodge, Speculative Fire, Targetless, Throwing Weapon and if you want to tell that targetless allows it then no only think is that you do not have to target enemy but you can target the ground. Targetless. This weapon utilizes a Special Ammunition capable of firing without designating an enemy as a target. there is nothing here which says that you are allowed to use this as ZoC Aro.
  9. Karkata profile is allready ingame (it is the Marut´s Remote pilot) for Danavas we will have to wait (maybe we will have a teaser). The profile should be available around the same time as the model hits stores
  10. every faction got quite cheap way to force oponent to spend orders on thinks which doesnt matter much, If it is symbiomates for Tohaa, Overclocked Fugazi (and other basic remotes), cheap warbands... Have to agree that most of the problems people have with Tohaa is based on lack of knowledge of the "whole picture"
  11. Well i dont think symbiont armor is out of balance or anything it is just faction favor. I will add some deaper info about symbiont armor take it into consideration when Symbiont Armor extra wound is not a "extra wound", when you lose your symbiont armor you lose a statline and in many cases you lose skills. What ever you do you will never have them back again. NWI units can be healed back to 1W+ NWI (basicaly 2W if you dont take shock into acount, and yes there is alot of shock these days) and they still have the full profile. 1W specil skill guy (Kanren...) which i heal up from unconcious is still a guy which can use his skills into full use and can be healed again and again. If for example Tohaa Kotail loses 1W and his symbiont armor he is done and basicaly cant do anything what you wanted from the unit and you can do nothing about it. Kanren can be healed up and continue in the mision. Take this into acount when you consider the prize of Symbiont armor. Fire still mostly kills Symbiont armor. the avarage ARM (Tohaa costly units have in average low armor value when compared to similar units) of symbiont troopers is 2. if you hit them with DMG 14 Flame ammo then they will survive on 40% lose symbiont armor on 24% and and die on 36% yes its better than before but it is still deadly. This is similar effect that on the NWI, but the 2W units have much higher chance to survive due to better armor (HI usualy having armor 3-4) + they need to fail extra save as the go unconscious after losing 2W and not directly dies as NWI or Symbiont vs Flame. (The fire has much more dramatic effect on the Ectros or Gorgos) Due to extensive use of symbioarmor Tohaa tend to have costly units (yes they are tough, but if you are nor unlucky you dont need the extra toughness in active turn, yes it gives you potential to sink in some bad rolls or bad decisions but you have pay for it) in reactive turn unless we speak about very effective ARO pieces then the extra wound mostly doesnt matter since you get hitted hard (2W down at once) or oponent "just" spends extra order. Last but not least if you want to take unit which does "something" you have to pay for the symbiont armor as there are no 1W (no symbiontarmor) options for most of the stuff you need to fullfill this largely boost the average unit cost of Tohaa units and lowers the average Order Count. If you add symbiomates to the mix it will add some extra theory. I will add some deaper info about symbiomates later as I dont have enought time rightnow. anyway arguing that symbiontarmor is cheap by the prize of Sakiel is not OK, because Sakiel cheap prize mostly depends on him not having any extra skills and being frenzy.
  12. I think they are know it. Problem is that you are not allowed to premeasure ZoC so if you are moving in spot where it is clearly not sure if it is in 8 inch radius or not you dont know if you should or should not tell your oponent what hacking programs are OK. if you take it to the extreme I will think that my holo is out of ZoC and I will not declare that he is actually a Hacker, but my oponent will think im In ZoC and wants to hack me like im a HI which I am holoed as. So opponents declares his ARO to hack HI we will measure and then 2 thinks can happen. One I am really out of ZoC and his Aro is illegal as I am to far, or i was actually in ZoC and his Aro is illegal because I unintentionaly lied about the hacking status of my unit. You can clearly go out of this problem, if you tell your oponent that you did a mistake and its actually a different model and let him change the ARO. Problem is that this is not solved in the rules and its just fair approach. As well, if people dont want to cooperate then the enemy can tell me that i cheated as i did not tell him my hacking status and he wants me to step out of tournament (i know it is unlikely, but could happen). Which basicaly forces you to tell your oponent your hacking status when you are unsure about the distance and potentially telling more information than you needed as you actually was not close enough to justify the information leak.
  13. Hello, I'm Infinity player from Czech Republic Between 3-7. July I'm going to visit conference in Canterbury and since i will be in GB i would like to extend the trip with some Infinity gaming the weekend before the conference. I would prefer a tournament, but a friendly gaming day would also be cool. Im looking forward to meet new people and see what GB meta looks like. For location i would prefer London (since I will be flying from there) or the Canterbury, but if there is something close I'm open for discussion Thx for Replyes