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  1. Good luck on Interplanetario!

    Show them that winner of our Satelite is best Player in the world:D

    1. Alri


      Well not having a luck doesnt regály helps. 22/116 still not bad tho. Could had Bern much better if i didnt had to face the bad sice luck. Enjoyed the event, company, opponents... So much.

  2. The orc in starter is actualy Multi Rifle one so thats few extra points too
  3. The starter Ragik was just the HMG body with Rifle/LSG hands from the HMG/Rifle blister. So not fully 4 independent models
  4. I will arive to vigo 27.7. around 16:00 and i would be happy for some social/bar event.
  5. could you link us to it? kinda cant find it. Thx a lot.
  6. Hello will there be a possibility to have a tour/excursion to CB headquarters on Monday after Interplanetary? I am planing the trip so would be good to know. Thank you for the info.
  7. Hello, Im just wondering what happens if you triger transmutation on dog warrior when he is in area where you cant fit the bigger (transmuted) siluete (like 25mm wide corridor or so)
  8. you can use symbiomate against anything except crits. You can use symbiomate to avoid targeted state: SymbioMate Game Example-1: During the Deployment Phase, the Tohaa Player assigns two of its Kaeltar Specialist's SymbioMates to a Gorgos and a Sakiel, two troopers deployed with Active Symbiont Armor. During the game, the Gorgos receives in the same Order, a successful hit with Normal Ammunition, two successful hits with Fire Special Ammunition, one successful hit with Adhesive Special Ammunition, an Attack with Forward Observer and an Attack with a Hacking Program. The Tohaa player declares the use of the SymbioMate, so he doesn't make the ARM Rolls for any of the three hits, nor the PH Roll for the Adhesive Special Ammunition, nor the BTS Roll for the Hacking Attack. At the end of the Order, the player will not place the Targeted Marker besides the model but he must remove the SymbioMate from the game table. Later, the Kaeltar Specialist, the owner of the SymbioMates, passes to Dead state. However, even though the Kaeltar model is removed from the game table, the player will not remove the Sakiel's SymbioMate. On the next Round, during a heroic action, the Sakiel, receives several successful hits, fails the corresponding ARM Roll and goes to the Dead state. When removing the figure from the table, the SymbioMate Marker is removed as well.
  9. So i will arive to London around Friday (30.6.) noon so im Quite open for anything during friday evening and saturday. At the sunday I have to move to canterbury in afternoon. so if anything just poke me here as im about to book hostel for the friday and saturday during this week.
  10. we have quite large physical objective markers they are just to complex for sake of Line of Sight.
  11. as it was allready said the mission objectives should be on 40mm base. then having some vertical dimensions for game reasons. We also usualy for sake of simplicity define (houserule) mission objectives as providing cover but not blocking line of sight (since some anthenas we have are kinda complicated in shape and it would brink tons of problems if we difined them using true LoF).
  12. In the end I will be in london since Friday noon so I could probably play even during the friday evening
  13. There is realy noone in london?
  14. I will just add links to the articles pointed above The photography article: The Tohaa ceremonial article: