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  1. The hand is part of Cetus' head, her arm stops at the wrist...
  2. I am quite interested in trying her out, and think that she certainly has some mileage. A list concept I have been mulling over for use in Designated Target missions is: Proxy Marut ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 10 MARUT Lieutenant (Strategos L3) MULTI HMG, Heavy Flamethrower, Nanopulser / AP CCW. (3 | 120) KARKATA Flash Pulse / Knife. (0 | 0) PROXY Mk.2 Hacker (Assault Hacking Device) Boarding Shotgun, Nanopulser / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 21) PROXY Mk.3 Spitfire, Nanopulser / Pistol, Knife. (2 | 21) PROXY Mk.5 (Forward Observer) 2 Submachine Guns, Nanopulser, E/M Grenades / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 10) DANAVAS Hacker (Hacking Device Plus. UPGRADE: Maestro) Combi Rifle + Pitcher / Breaker Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 25) SOPHOTECT Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 31) DAKINI Tacbot Combi Rifle / Electric Pulse. (0 | 13) DAKINI Tacbot Combi Rifle / Electric Pulse. (0 | 13) ANDROMEDA Submachine Gun, Nanopulser, Flash Pulse / Breaker Pistol, DA CC Weapon, Knife. (0 | 28) NETROD . (0 | 4) NETROD . (0 | 4) PROBOT (Minesweeper, Repeater) Electric Pulse. (0 | 8) 6 SWC | 298 Points Open in Infinity Army The general idea would be to hold the Proxies and Andromeda as my two hold backs (Thanks Strategos!), whilst the Marut and Dakini's cover the approach to my Designated Target (Dakini's in Sup Fire). Proxy 3 can go on a rampage (6" cautious move gets her to some unexpected angles of attack).
  3. Which is more or less exactly like the Shasvastii that turn into a token when you kill them, before you can "claim" the kill.
  4. Sure, the more the merrier! If you are happy to pay on the day (instead of Paypal in advance) then that also helps us as we aren't funding the Paypal empire at the same time...
  5. Speaking for our club, I am probably the closest member to yourself - I live in Tiverton. Barnstaple Slayers is certainly the closer club for you, but I don't know how big their Infinity following is at the moment. If you come along to to our open day, I am certain we can take you through a series of introductory games (based on the Icestorm or Red Veil guides) to get you up to speed on the basics and then go from there
  6. Firstly, welcome to the forums and the game! You are more than welcome to play any size game / mission Where about in Devon are you? We meet weekly at this same venue every Tuesday from 18:00 till 22:00 and have Infinity as one of our club's main games. Feel free to stop by any Tuesday and introduce yourself, and we will do all we can to help you feel welcome.
  7. Join us for an open day of gaming from approx 9:30 till late on the 17th of June! Tickets are £10 each, and there is now a paypal button on the club page. Depending on signups we can manage 18 concurrent gamers (9 tables), but are not setting a hard cap given that we want to encourage flexibility throughout the day for people to drop in/out as their schedules allow. We will have a variety of tables set up to cover the StrikeZone Wotan missions, ready for you to come and play people and get your games in for the global campaign. Rumour has it, @IJW Wartrader's Infini-Hulk will be making a return for thematic ship boarding actions! Playerlist (Confirmed attendees): 1 - Dom* 2 - Ian* 3 - Rich* ...
  8. *speechless*
  9. Sweet, I can't wait! thanks
  10. Jed I put a comment on the most recent FB KS update (#64?) and was wondering if you could respond? So you don't have to go hunting, I wrote:
  11. [EDIT] Doh... missed page 2 of replies before I posted. Nothing to see here!
  12. Hehehe, given that at the time of the Undertown KS I was still sat on the FB KS with only some shipping crates assembled I very deliberately did not look very closely at it because of time/priorities and space
  13. Thanks for the feedback! I am still slowly crunching through the assembly, but the deadline is mid-May, so hopefully there will be a report after that, if not sooner if we can get a chance to test
  14. So, I got in on the forward Base KS in a big way. Now that my schedule has opened up a little (I am forcibly prioritising the assembly of this over anything else hobby related), I have been considering fun ways to use it more than just table decoration. The result is the vaguely narrative Mission: Assault Forward Base. It is currently untested, but will be used by my club at a local gaming convention as an exhibition table in May. It is not meant to be balanced, just fun and a little different. My main goal was to give each building a purpose or effect within the mission, and encourage players to enter and interact with the buildings. Now I have finished writing it up (just over 1k words... really?!?!), I figured that others might be interested, so here it is! Feedback or comments are appreciated Mission: Assault Forward Base Attack Briefing: A reconnaissance flight over Paradiso sector X34G has uncovered a previously unknown forward base. Unfortunately the flyer was noticed and shot down before they could get away. We believe that the pilot has been captured alive and is being detained in the base's medical unit, given the wounds sustained from the crash landing. The base is overseen by a HVT who keeps their residence on site. Our intel would suggest that this base is involved in some sort of illegal bioweapon/super soldier testing regime. The mission is to recover the pilot whilst taking advantage of every opportunity to cause havoc against the entrenched force. Defence Briefing: An unauthorised flyer entered our airspace today, ignoring our warnings to turn away. Upon inspection of the crash site we found the pilot still alive but grievously wounded. They have been brought back to base and are detained in our medical centre until we can question them to find their intentions in violating our perimeter. Due to increased drone activity, it is strongly suspected that the OpFor will attempt to recover their pilot before we can debrief them. We need to be alert for their attack and ready repel any action directed against us. Size: 4-500pts (8-10SWC) Table: 6x4. Forward Base elements should not be placed in the attacker deployment zone. Instead, jungle styled terrain should be used here. Deployments: Defender deploys within 12" of the centreline (playing longways). Attacker deploys within 12" of the edge of short sides to the table. Infiltration: Infiltrating troops can deploy within the dead zone (2 x 12" zones between deployment zones) and requires a PH roll. Attacking troops failing the PH roll are placed in base to base with a table edge in their deployment zone. Defending troops failing the PH roll are placed inside a Habitat 1, 4 (Big L), 8 (Recreation) that is completely within the Defenders deployment zone. HVT: There is one HVT centrally placed within Habitat 3. Habitat 3 should be placed atop Habitat 1, or 4. Game end: Game ends the turn that a player starts their turn in retreat. Scoring: Attacking player scores for achieving the below (Each objective can only score once), Defending player scores for denying the below (checked at game end). Theft of encryption codes (Command Centre or Tower) - 1 OP Hijack of TAG (Workshop) - 1 OP Recovery of wounded pilot (Medical Centre) - 1 OP Recover Weaponry (Armoury) - 1 OP Disable Power Generator - 1 OP Experimental Drugs (Science Centre) - 1 OP 4 Classified Objectives, each worth 1 OP. Special Rules: Target Acquired Forward Observer attacks against the HVT ignore the rule against drawing line of sight through see-through perspex terrain. Star Trek Doors Due to the potential inability to remove doors from the Forward Base Habitats, doors automatically open to allow troops through without the use of a short skill. The doors are considered open and can have LoF drawn through them when a model is in base to base with the door or doorframe (to allow cover to be claimed) - the troop is close enough to trigger the automatic opening sensors. Landing Pad Troops deploying by Airborne Deployment can land on Habitat 7 (Tower) with +3PH. Encryption Codes - Can only be achieved once. An attacking trooper in the correct Habitat (Command Centre / Tower) and base to base with a console can extract the Opposing Force's Comms encryption key. This allows the Attacking player to immediately spend 1 Command Token for Strategic use of Command Tokens for the Defending player's next active turn. Non-Specialist troops: WIP -6 Specialist troops: WIP Chain of Command or Hacker: WIP +3 Hijack TAG - Can only be achieved once. At the start of the game, the Defending player places a faction appropriate inactive TAG (S7 or S8) in the Workshop, with a Disabled token. An attacking trooper in base to base with the TAG can take control of the TAG. This TAG only has 1 STR and *cannot* be repaired. When activated, remove the Disabled token. While active, this TAG *must* use the "Possessed" profile, and is considered permanently Isolated. This TAG generates 2 orders immediately, and 2 orders during the Order count step. This TAG does not count towards Retreat. Non-Specialist troops: WIP -6 Specialist troops: WIP Hacker or Engineer: WIP +3 Wounded Pilot - Can only be achieved once. The attacking force places an unconscious TAG pilot (of the attacking player's choice) in the Medical Centre. This trooper counts as friendly to both sides whilst Unconscious. An attacking trooper can attempt to revive the TAG Pilot. Once revived, this model permanently joins the Attacking force in a suitable combat group (not exceeding normal limits) and is no longer "friendly" to the Defending force. Non-Specialist troops: WIP -6 Specialist troops: WIP Doctor or Paramedic: WIP +3 Weaponry Place a Panoply in the Armoury. This Panoply is usable by both forces. *NOTE* if the Motorcycle result is rolled, please reroll. Non-Specialist troops: WIP Specialist troops: WIP and Roll twice on Booty table, choosing the result to keep. Chain of Command: WIP +3 and Roll twice on Booty table, choosing the result to keep. Power Generator - Can only be achieved once. An attacking trooper can attempt to disable the power generator to turn off the Compound lighting briefly whilst backup power is brought online. This is represented by the whole table being affected by Low-Vis modifiers for 1 round. In addition to the below, this can be done by setting a D-Charge on the Power Generator console and detonating it. Non-Specialist troops: WIP -6 Specialist troops: WIP Engineer: WIP +3 Experimental Drugs A trooper (either side) with Wounds in the Science Centre, base to base with a console, can attempt to utilise the experimental drug. Each trooper can only achieve this once. Non-specialist troops: Damage 13, Shock vs BTS, failure results in a wound being dealt. After resolving the damage roll, roll on either of the MetaChemistry charts. Specialist troops: Damage 13, Shock vs BTS, failure results in a wound being dealt. After resolving the damage roll, roll twice on either of the MetaChemistry charts and choose the result to keep. Doctor or Paramedic: Damage 7, Shock vs BTS, failure results in a wound being dealt. After resolving the damage roll, roll twice on either of the MetaChemistry charts and choose the result to keep.
  15. I'll give it a go. Thanks.