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  1. Agree with consolidating the combat groups. I'd also try to fit Treitak Anyat in the Vanguard link if possible. She has a very handy toolbox or skills and equipment.
  2. Can't he still move 6-4 as a Thorakitai? Naturally this would give him away but is he restricted from doing so while in that appearance?
  3. Didn't think of that. I guess it would come down to deciding whether to have him as your data tracker after you see what kind of defences he'll need to get through. May well be worth sacrificing those bonus objective points to keep the efficiency if there's a minefield to navigate. I definitely wouldn't want to lose his ability of holo up for the duration of the game.
  4. I'd suggest using Patroclus. I recently played this scenario at a tournament and managed to knock down the opponents AC2 in the first round. If you're disguising Pat but not using any holo-echoes you can have him as your data tracker, as he's not in a marker state. I put him down as a slow and inoffensive Thorakitai first turn in the hopes of avoiding too many ARO pieces lined up against him. The benefits of using Pat is his 6-4 movement, his own smoke cover, ODD, and his EXP CCW with a decent chance of critting in CC. The ability to generate holo-echoes to clear out any mines/koalas etc, and his immunity to hacking means he can avoid or ignore a lot of the precautions your opposition might be taking to defend their AC2. He might not survive long after (although he might with smoke dodging on 16s) but hopefully he'll have served his purpose and you can concentrate on defending your own point.
  5. I think he's highly underrated and I kind of like him that way. As well as being unhackable and bringing his own smoke cover, his holoechos are great for clearing mines and koalas. I think this essentially makes him faster than Achilles when alpha striking. The extra surprise shot modifier is great for shooting TR bots at -12 when within 16 inches too. Also, putting him in suppression just out of sight around a corner at the end of your turn means that, when his holoechoes return for free at the start of your opponents turn, you can put one at the edge in LOS already suppressing.
  6. Thanks for the videos, very nice stuff. Just curious, can you confirm Kornak, Raktorak and Suryat is a legal haris link?
  7. Was a great couple of games. Loved having my screaming daturazi tearing through the woods at you. Looking forward to playing a lot more games outside of the usual city environments.
  8. Machaon also has the benefit of eclipse grenades in case your myrmidon link is pinned by MSV2 troops.
  9. I'm afraid the EVO wouldn't help with the netrods deployment rolls. The netrods need to deploy before the EVO is placed.
  10. A couple more additions to my Onyx force. And Achilles 2.0 as well
  11. I've been expanding on my existing Morats to start painting an Onyx sectorial. The Samaritan needs rebasing but I did too good a job glueing him to the plain one and I can't get him off! Stuck a LoF indicator to the front to keep him from constantly tipping over. I suspect he might be a bit fiddly to actually use in a game.
  12. I reckon both brothers and our mate Paul will be coming but I'll let them confirm on here.