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  1. How do I lock up a spot in the Friday event? Please? Can I bribe someone?
  2. This year is all infinity for me. Aside from goof around events with friends. If additional people are needed for demo times someone drop me a line, i'm more than happy to help. Looks like the Thursday and Friday tournaments are the main events? Any info on the special scenario? (required models, rules, etc)
  3. As far as Musashi having a TV show. Can you think of any better way to control and influence the masses than a popular reality TV show? Really? I'd say, fluff wise, PanO is least likely to get another recreation because the people are already the most in harmony with the will of the ALEPH as far as peoples of the human sphere.
  4. This idea has merit I think. I believe it's ridiculous that such a feat should be necessary. A pox on the design of the Dragoe hips!
  5. How many hands do you think I have?
  6. I may try either or both of these products. I'm a pinning junkie, and a veteran model builder. NOTHING has ever frustrated me like the Dragoes.
  7. Clear acrylic base.
  8. Toni... please come and give us salvation from this tyranny.
  9. I appreciate the response. And this is good advice. But I've been assembling models over 20 years now. This stuff I know. It's the shape of the parts not the bond strength. In fact due to the scoring the glue bonds almost instantly giving me no time to adjust the stance so it always ends up wonky. I ended up just making an ammo belt out of some brass rod for strength and green stuff to shape. It works fine. As for green stuffing the legs on... I might just add a big gob of green stuff and put a knight-like tabard on the fucker.
  10. I have now attempted 13 times to assemble this god forsaken hunk of metal. I'm at the end of my rope. The heart of the problem is the hip joint. The unsure fashion in which the legs attach makes it very difficult to get this model straight. usually with rectangular pegs/holes there's a firm 'lock' into position. But NEITHER leg does that because both have sloped pegs. Aligning the back of the thighs with the torso makes the thing point toward the sky. Aligning it with the front makes it navel gaze. Pinning doesn't work because of how crooked the contact points are. Using CA glue doesn't give me enough time to set a position and there's not enough space to utilize greenstuff. Does ANYONE have meaningful advice on assembling this unstable abomination??? Christ... I thought the ammo belt coming in 4 pieces was the worst part of this monstrosity...
  11. I went with black plates (myrmidon coming from the greek word for Ants afterall) and used hot pink accents and acrylic hot pink bases from warsen.al
  12. We named him Benny Kenobi... he was born on May the 4th. And you can follow him on facebook.... because of course you can. Thanks to my wife he speaks better Spanish than I do!
  13. As a rebuttal. Here are pictures of my puppy wearing a bowtie and snuggled in bed because it's cold!
  14. I HATE CATS!!!!!
  15. Also Achilles there has a base topper, the Legate does not. So the Legate may be a hair taller by default.