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  1. Added myself to the document. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1djpqDAzujl76bfLmYh2BAtEeRp9cYH8rHZWJhulETYI/edit#
  2. Hi does anyone know about living community? Liverpool, Manchester, Stockport? I am not a total new player, but moved to UK recently and now wanted to continue playing the game, but can't find information about where. Thanks a lot in advance.
  3. I visits everyday, but 4-18 July i am in UK helping mine brother with some house renovation stuff. So unless you want to wait 3 weeks I am out of question. But after that i will be willing to play.
  4. First turn Yojimbo made a smoke and MSV2 remote took out total reaction zond, then Aragoto with spitfire rampage killed Lt and weakened order pool, i still had like 7-8 orders on other battle group when Err called it game. All in all, no crazy koalas or mines makes Japanese swarm list a very effective tool of quick destruction. Thats why corregidor usually kicks mine ass...
  5. you said something about ITS? but i am fine either way, anything that suits you
  6. 666 points! For the glory of Satan of course but seriously 300 points is mine personal best
  7. well then it seems our game will be rescheduled until Gods allow. Maybe Evok will be able on this Thursday so at least you wont loose this week game
  8. Well sadly i need to play Lotr League game with Blaszko and we can play only on Thursday at 16, therefore i need to reschedule our game Err and as mine Father came back mine schedule will be very tight, so seems like only valid option is either Saturday after warmachine tournament (around 16:30) or next Thursday. Your call? btw for Pan -o i think quite nice http://allegro.pl/infinity-cutter-tag-okazja-i4294004381.html
  9. good job, for me better visual effect ant easier to pack without bases.
  10. So next Thursday time for INFINITY! how many points Err? ITS? YAMS? this time i can adapt to anything. Only one thing matters, at last Qapu Khalqi :>
  11. 13:00 i will command angry Elves army against dragon-spawn abominations in WM, i think after max 2h last of mine elves will be a smoking corpses so i am up for a Infinity then :> 200 points 12exp spec ops, YAMS or maybe 250?
  12. i have WH 40k game on Tuesday on 13:00 so after 16:00 i will be available for a game, anyone interested?
  13. i got a Warmachine game but that is quite quick so about 14:30 i will be available for infinity
  14. Anyone up for a game on Tuesday 13:00? 200 points 12xp spec op?
  15. Quick ball, anyone up for a game at 11:00 Tomorrow?