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  1. Hi, there! I'm back from my vacation time. As soon as possible I'll read this thread to write down all your comments. Thank you!
  2. We fixed this bug yesterday. We're sorry about incovenience.
  3. Don't you get the ITS folder when you're logged in?
  4. Rodok Lt. costs 1 SWC. It's been just fixed. Fixed. Thank you!
  5. Send me -via private message-, your ITS PIN and the e-mail you used to register, and I'll investigate. Thank you.
  6. Cost must be 1, as it's been just fixed. Thanks!
  7. It was removed. Please, tell me if you get any more error. Thanks!
  8. An issue about ITS login was recently fixed. Login must work well now. Try again, please. Thank you.
  9. Reviewed. Try again, please. Fixed both. Try again, please.
  10. I'm trying out what you're commenting and it works well for me: The list I'm removing it's finally removed from Loading Panel. Please, give me 8-character ITS Code from the list you're trying to remove and I'll check what can be happening at database level. Thank you.
  11. Thanks to you, mates. We only do our best to make you enjoy!
  12. I'm afraid You'd better download again and re-install it. Sorry about the incovenience.
  13. Updating right now desktop version. Mobile will be updated later. Thanks to you! P.D.: wrong icon was an ";)"
  14. You should be able to see both profiles. Can't you scroll down? Let me a screenshot so I can see what can be happening to you. Thank you. Try again, 'cos I've changed the way it works. Thanks!
  15. Fixed. I'm sorry. My bad.