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  1. Nice try!
  2. You're very close, but I'm afraid there's no haqq in that expansion. I'm sure it'll astonish you 'cause of his look ─but, this is Aristeia!─
  3. An awesome, pritty, precious and lovely... Thank you very much for this piece of art and your awesomeness! *bow
  4. It was the new version of Chrome, you're absolutely right. Refresh again and try, please. We'll update desktop version next week. Thank you!
  5. Thank you very much. I'm sending your note right now!
  6. Give an example, please. I'm trying on online version and getting Camouflage.
  7. Ok. Fixed. Thanks!
  8. Maybe I don't understand you well. Orders from your list are open information. Is that the info you want to be hidden?
  9. You're right, @Bakga
  10. We'll do, for sure. We're currently working on new catalogue, which will be built using Army as engine so you can match references with Infinity profiles (and viceversa from Army to catalogue). But, this is not easy job, and not the only one we're on right now.
  11. You'll always find last desktop version here (as stated on Army Options panel): https://assets.infinitythegame.net/downloads/army/win/6.0.0/infinity_army32.exe https://assets.infinitythegame.net/downloads/army/win/6.0.0/infinity_army.exe https://assets.infinitythegame.net/downloads/army/lnx/6.0.0/portable-lin32.rar https://assets.infinitythegame.net/downloads/army/lnx/6.0.0/portable-lin64.rar
  12. Army login and password are your login/pass from your Corvus Belli profile. More on this: https://its.infinitythegame.com/login
  13. You're absolutely right. Just added. Sorry for delay, guys.
  14. I recommend for Online version to do Ctrl+F5 to clean your web browser cache. For desktop version it should be updated automatically. But, if not, download it again.
  15. Fixed. Sorry for the delay, guys.