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  1. Implying that Dr. Silica wouldn't want his revenge.
  2. Infinity: You could spend $1,000 on terrain alone and it'd STILL be cheaper than other wargames. Infinity: Yo dog, I heard you liked tokens.
  3. That's a good question. In my experience, and as others have mentioned, new players tend to gravitate towards good/easy beginning purchases (Icestorm, Red Veil, USAriadna, Onyx, Tohaa). I haven't seen anyone pick up a faction just because it's popular. More often, they like the minis and want to try something new. However, as the game grows, I expect we'll reach a point where "oh, well now I've got to sell X and buy Y" may occur.* *Edit: Not due to a change in game (in my opinion), but due to more people playing, and some of them being the type to always go after the new hotness.
  4. It's just the profiles out of the book - they're there for reference.
  5. All the Moderators in the support box will come with lollipops, including one holding a box like those kids that try to sell you candy to support their class trip. I mean, you gotta fund Bakunin hedonism somehow.
  6. Pages 4 and 15 are very clear: "PLAYER A can add a Tikbalang, Armored Chasseur of Acontecimento, to his Army List without Point Cost or SWC. This Tikbalang will represent Toni Macayana. PLAYER B can add an Umbra Samaritan Hacker and three Unidron Batroids armed with K1 Combi Rifle to his Army Lists without Point Cost or SWC. All of them must belong to the same Combat Group. These troops will represent Nourkias the Samaritan and his escort." "PLAYER A can add a Tikbalang, Armored Chasseur of Acontecimento, to his Army List without Point Cost or SWC. This Tikbalang will represent Eduardo. PLAYER B can add an Overdron Batroid armed with two Plasma Sniper Rifles to his Army Lists without Point Cost or SWC." To your questions: No, they don't increase your retreat threshold or count towards points killed when calculating retreat. They're not included in the calculation of surviving victory points and they count as 0 points killed.
  7. Would you mind hosting it to imgur or something? I can't speak for anyone else, but I don't like to click strange dropbox links. That said, have you seen the various movement tools made by warsen.al and other companies? https://warsen.al/products/6x4x2-precision-measurement-multi-tool
  8. Where are you located? There's a lot of companies making good bases around the world. I like Warsenal's - they have acrylic toppers and resin bases, including a couple lines themed for Ariadna. However, Antenociti, MAS, and more also make good bases.
  9. To explicitly answer your first question - Change Facing is PH-3 unless another rule/skill further modifies it.
  10. A lot of the things you're suggesting that CB change are, to me, what makes Infinity "Infinity". Metal, highly detailed models. A game with depth and complexity, etc. It's also a ten year old game at this point. If someone isn't playing Infinity then either it's not their thing/they don't want to, or no one around them plays it. To the first point, you can't force people to like something. And personally, I would rather CB continue to make the game they want to play. To the second point, if you want more people to play Infinity locally, play it at your LGS where people can see you playing it. The greatest barrier to entry in a miniatures game isn't the minis or hobby side of things or any of that - it's whether or not there will be someone to play against. It just takes you and another friend to get your local group off the ground.
  11. You may have luck finding people to play with here, at this community dedicated to Disney Infinity: https://www.reddit.com/r/Disney_Infinity/
  12. I think the Avatar is doing just fine as is....
  13. Depending on the manufacturer, a few of the objectives may be on 25mm bases. Regardless, as long as you use the same thing for each objective type on a given table, it doesn't really matter if table 1 uses something on a 40mm base that's 4" tall and table 2 uses something on a 25mm bases that's 2" tall.
  14. The bit about "the turn following its deployment" covers AD seed-embryo troopers. Seed Soldiers and Caliban automatically hatch at the start of your second turn, whether you go first or second. Cadmus hatch the same way if you don't use AD. If you do deploy them with Combat Jump, then they hatch at the start of your following turn. EDIT: As for your bonus question, the Shas rules have not yet been fully N3-ified, since they're going to be overhauled in the future. For now, I'd say that the one wound is shared between the profiles and if you manage to discover and deal a wound to a seed-embryo without it being able to ARO, then it would go straight into the spawn-embryo state.
  15. Besides Zhayedans and marksmanship, can you provide an in-game example that would require additional clarification?