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  1. Not high res, but better than cell phone pics. Seminar starts around page 5.
  2. I like the crit mechanic very much. /so that's at least one.
  3. All pictures should be uploaded, including the seminar. Thanks for your patience.
  4. Totally winging it here, but 3 of each would probably be more than enough. Two of each with some quality scatter would probably be sufficient. Or maybe 3 of the 3 smallest buildings and one or two of the largest one.
  5. Oh, one other thing - I met a million billion of you in the span of four days, please forgive me if I forget your name/forum name, though I'm usually decent with faces...
  6. Saturday's pictures failed to upload (they timed out repeatedly and never uploaded by the time I had to pack up). I'll do Saturday and Sunday tonight - that'll be the seminar, more cosplay, and more wandering the vendor hall. I helped Angel a lot this year, so there are significantly fewer pictures of the Infinity tournaments, but I think others covered them sufficiently well. This year's Gen Con was a lot of fun - it's always good to see so many fellow Infinity players in person. I hope to see more of you next year.
  7. Brigada with bsg will get lt option Blackjack concept, render, and mini shown. New Avatar with staldron Concept and render shown for both. Blackjack in october, avatar in November Szalamandra and druze, nexus operative in December
  8. Uploading today's pics now. I mostly worked Ángel's classes, so it's like on meaty Infinity stuff. However, there's cosplay and some of the evening tournament. Going to sleep, we'll see what uploads. Tomorrow should be a ton of fun. Also, as an aside, I'll go back and edit out duplicates etc later. In the meantime, I'm forgoing editing in favor of speed.
  9. Uploading pics now. We'll see if any actually show, or if I'll have to retry in the AM. Long day. Fun day. Gen Con is awesome. Sleep.
  10. An homage, yeah. And thank you, I'll try!
  11. To pump us all up and get hype, please enjoy some greatest hits from the past five years. 2012 IMG_4923 by Dave, on Flickr 2013 IMG_3128 by Dave, on Flickr 2014 IMG_9714 by Dave, on Flickr 2015 IMG_4451 by Dave, on Flickr 2016 IMG_0179 by Dave, on Flickr
  12. Hey Infinityers, I'll be doing my Gen Con thing again this year, with pics to be posted here: I'm told I'll have free wifi, but I'm not sure of the speed, etc. Ideally, I'll be posting each day's in the evening, but that depends on how things shake out. I'll try to bump this post as I update the album. I'm looking forward to Gen Con, and I hope you all enjoy the pictures I post.
  13. Feels very "Liberty Leading the People". I dig it.