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  1. @V, @HellLois 1. I've found a lot of people aren't noticing the change in the validation mark from green check to green exclamation point, if SoF are used. I don't know of a better way to present it, but... something? 2. Also, when you print a legal list without SoF, or any illegal list of any kind, your validation mark prints off on your list. When you print a legal SoF list, there is no validation mark. Regardless of how #1 is addressed, this definitely needs to be fixed. /And sorry if #2 has already been mentioned.
  2. Wow, this is a really ambitious and cool event! I'm eager to see how it all plays out. I must admit to not being to thrilled about cutting players after the first day, but since I won't be there... I'll withhold judgment. Also, on the gymkhana event.... this kind of gymkhana?
  3. It has not yet been disclosed. According to CB....
  4. No, I don't. No, and I probably wouldn't participate in a group that did. HA, no. I don't paint (often) for a variety of reasons, none of which are anybody's business but my own.
  5. By no definition did CB have "tons" of product at Gen Con.
  6. Regarding terrain density, I've started running a silhouette 8 through my tables before finalizing the terrain set up, to ensure that everything is faction neutral. Now I know S8 can walk over a bunch of stuff, but I still think it's important that it can navigate a good portion of the board without doing so. Consequently, that also means that all other silhouette values can navigate a good portion of the board. Considering that for future table set up may help with your Andromeda issue.
  7. Nope.
  8. If it helps, impact templates against multiple targets resolve very similarly to someone declaring dodge v. multiple shots - a failed dodge/BS attack fails no matter what, but the successes are compared against each other trooper individually. You may beat one, but not another, and so on.
  9. Not high res, but better than cell phone pics. Seminar starts around page 5.
  10. I like the crit mechanic very much. /so that's at least one.
  11. All pictures should be uploaded, including the seminar. Thanks for your patience.
  12. Totally winging it here, but 3 of each would probably be more than enough. Two of each with some quality scatter would probably be sufficient. Or maybe 3 of the 3 smallest buildings and one or two of the largest one.
  13. Oh, one other thing - I met a million billion of you in the span of four days, please forgive me if I forget your name/forum name, though I'm usually decent with faces...