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  1. (1) No, it's not leading. It means that he "can't recall" or, didn't observe, his opponent making a note. It doesn't mean that his opponent didn't do so. I don't recall what I had for breakfast last Wednesday... but that doesn't mean I did or did not eat it. (2) Both players have a responsibility to be fair. At times, that may mean prompting your opponent. (3) No. I refuse to subject @EpicDiceFail's opponent to a kangaroo court based on one person's testimony. EDF could have just as easily asked his opponent to show him his game notes on the Sphinx, but didn't. They both goofed. Lesson learned, don't let it happen again. Players should take an active stance on things like this. While it's the responsibility of the Hidden Deployment/Parachutist/multi-camo-token/holoecho/etc using player to record certain pieces of information, there's nothing saying that player's opponent can't ask at the appropriate time. And, in fact, a player SHOULD ask. EDF asked how this would be resolved if his opponent "did not take a picture or write down specifics of the deployment" - let's not confuse that with his opponent actually failing to do so... because we don't know. All we know is that he did not show his notes to his opponent.
  2. For what it's worth, that doesn't mean he didn't make a specific note. I don't typically ask my opponent to leave or turn around when I deploy my TO troopers or note a building for sabotage - I either write a specific note "inside corner of MAS L building that's in the center of the table" or take a picture of the whole table and zoom in on the spot.
  3. Some newer phones have this sweet-ass photo editing software where you can take a picture but magnify a specific part of it, so you take a shot of the whole table and zoom in on where the Sphinx is. Great way to take a shot of the whole table without giving away where your duder is. Also useful for
  4. To me, that's pretty much the highest compliment you can pay an Infinity trooper.
  5. It's in the works, along with Varuna, Ramah Task Force, White Banner, Kazaks, Operations subsection, Shas and MRRF remix, etc.
  6. Ha, awesome!
  7. Word has is that Riotgrrl Painting will stream it like she did for Rumble.
  8. Would you prefer one in a more dynamic pose?
  9. @Vain - the "Unknown Patch, possibly ITS 2015" is "Compass Transportation". Both that logo, and the AccessTel logo (Shared by @Sonnenstrahl), come from the Mototronica/Icestorm scenery pack. Similarly, the Navajo Communications patch comes from the logo on some of the pieces of the USAriadna Army Pack/Navajo scenery pack. @Phlyk - tagging so you can refer back to this.
  10. Yep, he does not have to use AD and he can downgrade to Airborne Infiltration.
  11. The Sin Eater is within two points, but fills a very different role. As excited as I am for Knauf, I'm going to have to make a conscious choice to use him over a Grenzer, especially in vanilla. However, I'll do it anyway just to muck about.
  12. I follow Sekban, since they're a later release, but is there a reason you left out Kaplan and Najjarun?
  13. Hexa and Grenzer MSR are 32/1.5, too. Another dozen or so MSR/Sniper options are +/- 2points.
  14. FTFY. Honestly, the increase in all these cool mercs just makes me want to play more games with them, especially themed games and missions. The creative juices are flowing.
  15. Currently, per the BoW Infinity week video, Knauf is for generic human armies only (PanO, Yu Jing, Nomads - yes, Military Orders, JSA, Corregidor - no). I'd take that with a single grain of salt, but it's most likely to be the case. Don't forget that you don't always have to play ITS-style games. If you and your opponent agree, you can bring mercs in JSA, and that would include Knauf. Hell, I'm thinking of running a Fat Yuan Yuan themed event once all my locals get theirs.