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  1. Just show up and ask for a demo at the booth. There might be a slight wait, but they move pretty fast and you can watch and see what's going on. As @Chronowraith said, register in advance for intro games in the hall. Though sometimes spots do open up. Edit: to be clear, you register in advance, starting this Sunday, to buy event tickets for things ranging from intro games to special events, tournaments, seminars, and more.
  2. No, as discover is not one of the skills listed. http://infinitythewiki.com/en/Fury
  3. >Implying it's not a super Zondbot. G: Servant, ODD, light flamethrower, flash pulse, e-pulse, 6-4, ARM2, BTS 6, 10 points.
  4. On my phone, so I can't get you a citation, but in/within means touching, so he could not hack. In the same way, someone exactly 8" away is in his zoc.
  5. Because the penalty to dodge is from Angus not having LoF to his attacker, as opposed to something inherent to smoke. If he got blasted with the chain rifle from behind and without smoke, he'd still be -3 to dodge. Meanwhile, if an Intruder shot him through smoke, Angus would suffer -6 to shoot back through the smoke (before other MODs), or he would dodge with no modifier due to smoke (perhaps suffering from surprise shot if the Intruder started the order in the camo state).
  6. If you're dodging a template weapon but don't have LoF to the attacker, there's a -3MOD to the dodge.
  7. I typically take the MSR, ML or FO Grenzers, but I'll give the Lt a try some time soon. When deployed well, the MSR/ML don't need to move much, they just do a good job of threatening in ARO.
  8. Your Yuan Yuan is so fat (How fat is he?) Your Yuan Yuan is so big and fat that he can get busy With twenty-two burritos, but times are rough I seen him in the back of Taco Bell with handcuffs The sad fact (what?) ya Yuan Yuan smokes crack (What?) He got a burning yearning and there's no turning back His knuckles drag down to the ground when he walk Spit comes out that bitch mouth when he talk
  9. First, a Guts move is "up to 2 inches". Full stop. It's not modified by anything - not being prone, not kinematika, not terrain, not all the red bull you drank that day. Scenario 1, option 1: No. When it comes to Prone, you stand, or go prone, before you move. See Prone on p182. Scenario 1, option 2: No. Guts isn't a short movement skill, so you can't stand at the beginning of it. Scenario 2: Unless the trooper has super jump (or climbing plus), I'd go with "no". I can't find it explicitly covered in the rules, but the general movement rules require your base to be in fully in contact with the surface over which you are moving at all times. You must declare climb or jump, or have climbing plus or super jump to do otherwise. Basically, even in your active turn, you can't just walk off a building - you have to jump or climb down. Take another look on page 44 of N3: If you have no cover, you move up to 2" to gain partial or total cover against at least one of the enemies that attacked you, or you go Prone. If you have partial cover, you move up to 2" to gain total cover against at least one of the enemies that attacked you, or you go Prone. If you're within the area of effect of a skill or template weapon that does not require LoF (hacking, sepsitor, jammer, etc), you may move up to 2" to exit the area of effect, or go Prone. If 2" doesn't get you from no cover to partial cover, partial to total, or let you leave the area of effect of the weapon/attack that doesn't require LoF, and you can't go prone (because you're a REM, TAG, etc), then you don't do anything. You must obtain the *best* kind of cover available. If 1" gets you partial cover and 2" gets you total cover, then you're moving to total cover. With guts, you can't move towards the enemy(ies) that attacked you, even if it would get you into cover. You can't enter base to base with enemies or objectives.
  10. They've been shared already, but here they are: http://imgur.com/a/SNOhe http://imgur.com/a/ehUuZ
  11. On your first point - he could be working ahead a bit, or on another project... it's clear he likes to toy with us. On your second point - Surprise tactical junk? ...The second best kind of surprise junk.
  12. Agreed. Please clearly mark the IC threads. /So I can avoid them.
  13. Why on earth would you drop Mike? What did he ever do to you? He's a solid member of this community!
  14. Yeah, that's fair. I suppose I'm an outlier in that my desire to play is unrelated to whatever this month's releases are... but I've also cut down my wargaming collection to pretty much just Infinity.
  15. As in, people aren't excited to play the game because they don't like a month of releases? On topic: I've been jonesin' for a Hellcat spitfire.... especially that we have the new version now.