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  1. Come and visit our booth (#633), shared with our partners of Battle Foam. New to Infinity? Try a demo game with us! Learn the basics of Infinity in our demo tables and get a miniature and other gifts for free! Already a veteran player? Meet the creators of Infinity and check the latest news! Have a chat with Carlos Torres (creator of Infinity, lead conceptual designer and sculptor), Fernando Liste (creator of Infinity and sculptor), and Carlos Llauger AKA Bostria (conceptual and graphic designer). Don’t forget to bring your rulebooks if you want them signed it and even with a sketch done by the staff members completely free! Do you like to Cosplay? Come and show us your Infinity themed costume and receive a free Infinity Bootleg miniature! GenCon exclusives!! Buy the Anaconda Squadron boxed set (TAG and Operator) before the official release in late 2013! Buy the Infinity Artbook One and get Miranda Ashcroft, the exclusive miniature of the pre-order offer for free!
  2. Have you problems with the ITS registration? Please, write to [email protected] and i will fix it as soon as possible Thank you
  3. As we enter the new season of the Infinity Tournament System (ITS) some important changes have been made in the tournament management process and in the competitor rankings. IMPORTANT NEWS FOR PLAYERS: To be able to take part in the 3rd Season, all players, even those who have already been registered, must register in the new automatized ITS database: The Organizer of a tournament can register a player before sending the tournament report. To be able to do so, the player must give him the following data: Name of the Player. Name of the Commander. Nick in the Infinity Oficial Forum. Valid e-mail address (Where notices about prizes and medals to add to the Infinity Offcial Forum user’s profile will be sent to). Country.
  4. Last December, Corvus Belli released the MULTI Rifle Gwailo as a reinforcement unit for the Combined Army. The Gwailos are the assault troops of the Sectorial Army of the Shasvastii Expeditionary Force, where they can compose a Fireteam of up to 5 figures. The MULTI Rifle Gwailo, a good Lieutenant option (SWC 0) for the Shasvastii Sectorial Army, complements the Boarding Shotgun Gwailo released some months ago. But how can only 2 figures compose a Fireteam of 3 to 5 miniatures? Don
  5. You can find the October news in our online store! New blister of (Rifle, Light GL), Hexas (Spitfire), Saladino and the boxes of Bakunin Jurisdiccional Command and Yaogat Strike Infantry. visit:
  6. Thanks you very much. The site was updated to 1.5.21
  7. Congrats for the Aleph's Choosen One Have a nice day friend.
  8. Hola Xango (rabago en el foro Espa
  9. ITS Ranking. 2010-2011 Season, ready to see at:
  10. Pontevedra Galicia Spain In the same place that Interruptor
  11. Congats Magno
  12. Gentlemen, Yesterday, the 1st Season of the Infinity Tournament System was ended, closing the qualifying chart, so I am pleased to introduce to you the most successful officers the tournament: 1st- Glaurung: 41500 points. Armies: PanOcean
  13. The next May 31st the first cycle of operations in all open and covert activity areas of the Human Sphere will be finished. This includes all public, secret (grey and black operations) or covert actions, manoeuvres, and missions that have been develop by the Infinity Tournament System (ITS). By this way, the present season of the ITS is closed and the best classified player of the Infinity Tournament 1st Season will be designated and awarded as official winner. So, any results you want be reflected in the current classification, 1st Season, must be received at least 5 days before the ending date. Any result received after the May 26th, will be accounted for the next Infinity Tournament season. The new tournament rules will be uploaded soon. This new rules includes slight modifications to the previous ones. However, the account of points got in each tournament will not suffer any change. This will allow the Tournament Packs bought but still not played before the end of the 1st Season, will not be obsolete and can be used in the 2nd Season of the ITS. Best regards and keep connected to the news, here in Maya.
  14. You can find the March News in our online store!!! Azra
  15. ITS Ranking Updated. Now, also Sectorial Armies and ALEPH :cheer: