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  1. After long and loud mumbling and thinking about the price and whether buying the collector's edition or not, I have come to a conclusion; I will buy it, and for those reasons: I can't stress enough how much I appreciate the fact that Corvus Belli does not rely on Kickstarter, while most of the other companies in the market abuse such a tool and somethimes deliver not-so-great products. Corvus takes risks and does so with its own money, and while I questioned some recent choices, I respect their courage and their will to try new things. (now please give me a fantasy skirmish game to replace Confrontation in my heart and I will be yours forever) Thanks to my FNGS I should get the game for 100 Euros, which was more or less the price tag I was expecting; considering the amout of stuff in the box 125 euros is steep, there's no denying it. I hope other players will find game stores as nice as mine.
  2. I was wondering if Customeeple is considering the production of Texture Sheets or Display Trays based on the lovely Military Order bases design. Anybody else thinks they look dope and would like to build a tray/diorama/scenary piece with that floor design? I know I would.
  3. Purple really suits this guy. Can't wait to start and paint mine. Nice work and nice tie there!
  4. That might be true... but the previous taskmaster, which is pretty new, still retails for 20 euros. I'm not pointing fingers here, just trying to understand why such a big increase... but I'm tragically failing to
  5. To be fair, you could compare it to something that has similar amounts of metal, similar complessive volume and also comes in a box: Yojimbo. Big miniature on a large base (motorcycle + figurine): check Model with the size of a LI that could compare to the extra arm and tinbot; check Two crazy koalas: check. RP: 24,95 Euros.
  6. I LOVE the Kamau, care to share colour recipe?
  7. Not to mention ever-growing balance issues and Age of Ragnarok. And quality-wise, plastic miniatures today are FAR from what they were 10 years ago.
  8. I use these tools and I'm impressed by how precide they are, they were a great investment and other companies make them too now.. I racccomand to use oil or other lubricants as if the blade gets stuck you could bend it, but apart from that, it's great stuff and can also be used to inscribe details on plasticard/styrene.
  9. Can I ask for source, please?
  10. Those look better then expected from the previous photo, decent by boardgame standards. I would have preferred to have quality plastic miniatures from the beginning, but the metal ones will surely take less effort and less time then finding a new partner to cast new plastic models. I'm curious to see the price tag on the limited edition box, and also to see what will happen with future expansions.
  11. Letting you readers or viewers know that said game comes with miniatures that need simple assembly is absolutely a good thing and you are doing your job right being meticulous with your unboxing and review. but I really don't see how snap fitting extremely simple plastic miniatures can be a problem for any person with opposable thumbs and a working brain, let alone being the only reason to reconsider your possible purchase. Miniatures are central pieces of these kind of game, they are the main feature of a character-driven game and are not simple tokens, they represent futuristic gladiators and wrestlers putting on a show in neon-lit arenas, they are the heroes and as such they must have a certain degree of detail and charisma to them; straying from this direction, in my opinion, does not do good service for the game and suppresses part of its amazing potential.
  12. And you think that could also happen for the following expansion packs?
  13. Goodnight Switch, sweet prince... you will always live in our hearts.
  14. Snap-fit two piece plastic miniature are hardly discouraging, ever for the laziest of boardgamers, while the actual quality (or lack thereof) shown in the previous photo is a turn-off for all the painters and I'm sure also for a relevant part of fellow wargamers that, if anything, would have bought a game with miniature of better qualty just to convert, proxy or field them as HVTs. I hope to see some more photos of the actual models in the near future and be disproven.
  15. Couldn't remeber if was 60 or 70 and coudn't remember where I read it either. Thanks. So my point stays, I guess, same price as, for istance, Mice & Mystics, that has what seem to be miniature of comparable quality, but actually has 22 of them (although the bugs are small). Using M&M as a reference since I actually own it.