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  1. "Ongoing activities: be Bostria for a day." Wait, wut?
  2. There you go. New profile from the BoW video and spanish forum.
  3. I like it, tho i get the feeling that in PanO, for such a dangerous task they would design a ramming S5 HI with remote presence, something akin to the Su-Jian combat form, or just go with a Stingray series mini-TAG.
  4. Oh boy, I would have loved those. Still, I find them quite good, a bit on the pricey side but competitive nonetheless. SMG, HRL and MSR are intresting profiles and I will surely test them in my next game. I wonder what else will make it to Varuna besides ORCs and Crocs... Santiagos, maybe? Slightly unrelated....I don't know why, but Echo-Bravo makes me think about REMS.
  5. That's scale creep for ya. On the bright side, Aquila managed to find a broken panzerfaust thingy, too bad she couldn't find a WIP 13 engineer to fix it.
  6. Actually, that Swiss could just have found the sword that the Aquila Guard dropped while he was being resculpted
  7. I guess either YJ or Haqq are going to get CSUs in their ranks, still I can't help to feel a bit salty about that.
  8. As a PanO player, Kamau is non as good as I hoped, but could just be the paintjob, I would have gone for a darker palette, the wetsuit just doesn't click for me. Swiss is amazing, the sword is a strange choice, but rule of cool I guess. The Bolt... is hard to tell, but seems nice. As for the CSU, that's a mean curveball, as I stated before it's hard to justify the purchase of a whole 55 bucks box just to get the bonus miniature. I guess there will be a double CSU blister in the future to wrap things up.
  9. As others have said, HRL + Auxboy is a stample in many of my MO lists and performs quite well, actually, but I totally feel you on the Orc, and on many comi HI to tell you the truth, still, sometimes it allows you to save those points nedded for a machinist or a minelayer regular. I was also expanding on the much needed auxbot variety, and a Nanopulser fits nicely in the anti-terrorist action of Kamaus.
  10. I'd like them to be similar to the Order Sergents with peculiar loadouts, as a Kamau with SMG and Auxbot4 with Light shotgun and Nanopulsar, or something along those lines.
  11. Indeed. I'm a huge fan of CSUs, I play them all the time in NeoTerra to spice things up, but no way I'm going to preorder a boxset I have no interest in just for the bonus figure...
  12. Il was about time to put back the "Oceania" in "PanOceania".
  13. Painting her right now, man is she a fine sculpt considering her age, one of the nicest of the pre-3d modelig era. And she does just fine as a Locust proxy
  14. RPG fluff from the Modiphius corebook, pg. 369. The most common in the human sphere is the CineticS Timawa (PanOceania), followed by Cuurval Kiisa-8000 (Kiisa To-ll) (Tohaa) and Krumat (Morat Supremacy).
  15. Still, Vulkan Shotguns are made from one of PanO main weapon corporations (but we still get none). I'm thinking that they could have some utility loadout like a deactivator and a drop bear or E/M Granades profile, if Bolts don't make it to Varuna. I dig the SMG idea, but I also consider a HRL or a ML profile, maybe a Heavy pistol one.