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  1. Definitely the first option, if any part of a model's movement touches a template, regardless of the order the skills are declared, then they are affected by it. This also means it is possible to move into a template attack that has already been declared
  2. How long was it between May's release announcement and Lunah's rules? A week or two?
  3. This is quite common with most "fancy" dice, more effort is put into the aesthetics than balance. If you want "fair" dice get clear ones or Gamescience dice.
  4. Agreed, the boots look different to either of the current Scarface models and traditionally the general release models have used the same body as the ITS prize.
  5. Ah, my mistake, I was conflating "available for order" and "released". Pre-orders usually go up not long after the release announcement. The Warstore (who are both a retailer and distributor) have them up already.
  6. As I said before, usually mid June. Living on the wrong side of the Atlantic adds about a week though.
  7. Warcors are great at clearing minefields...
  8. Notably the Fireteam Cancellation rules do not take into account the composition of the fireteam.
  9. I don't think there's an "ideal" link, you're going to have to make a choice depending on opponent, board, and mission. ML is a premier ARO, also good for outranging HMGs, it suffers at close range so ideal for a keepaway link. APHMG is always included, taking a second, possibly as the Lt. isn't a terrible idea. AP rifle adds punch without SWC, shock flamethrowers are a giggle, probably pass if running double HMGs. FO is your specialist, take 0-2 depending on mission. Possibly works as a combo with other FOs and Muls. BSG is brilliant for close quarters, grenades provide spec fire on 13s which is a fun addition to the toolbox. The generic loadout is probably a pass, may as well take the FO for a point more or go for the AP Rifle, possibly an option as an Lt. though.
  10. Minutemen are one of the cheapest linkable BS13 models in the game, and they keep a 4-4 move whilst most other BS13 units in their price bracket are 4-2. They also bring the nastiest guns in the faction with AP+Shock rifles, APHMG, and missile launcher options, and burst 3 LFLs are no joke. They're flexible, fast, and deadly, perfect as a lynchpin fireteam.
  11. 1) No, smoke is only placed if you win all the face to face rolls. 2) Timing is important here, the reactive model decides when in your movement to shoot you after all skills are declared, so in your example he could shoot you out of cover but in some (f2f) or in cover and out of smoke (normal rolls). See the first point of the FAQ here:
  12. 112 is constantly MVP, his shotgun always gets underestimated by my opponents.
  13. In vanilla it gets overshadowed by the T2 Vet Kazak with mimetism, NWI, 6th sense, light ft, ARM 7 in cover, 4-4 MOV, and a heavy pistol for 5 points more. Solid choice in CHA though, great for area denial.