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  1. My Croc Man sniper had a discussion with my clippers and a file, now he has a Combi rifle! It's just annoying he doesn't match the hacker and shotgun ones I already had.
  2. He's a little more deadly at close range than other snipers too due to his Heavy Pistol. I'll echo @grey templar that he's also one of your best choices to engage TO/ODD/Camo/Mimetism at long range, the MSV means his BS will be effectively 4 points higher than a Grunt which is an enormous swing.
  3. The only one that really stands out is Fireteam: Duo allowing you to move a specialist and a Spitfire into midfield with fewer orders/AROs. The KHD might have legs as you can cybermask up to approach the enemy more safely and get surprise shot, though I think the Govad does it better with a Boarding Shotgun, visor, and 4-4 MOV. Druze were only added to vanilla with the new book, they were originally QK only, and whilst I think they're much more viable as a link now they do get outshone in Vanilla, especially as Haqq really isn't hurting for options in the <30 points bracket.
  4. You can save 3 points by buying the ALIVE group individually, meaning you could swap the Fusilier for an ABH, Doctor, or Machinist. Though they will revert to irregular if Joan buys it.
  5. Special*1 - Yasbir (non-Infiltrating option) counts as a Muyib for Fireteam composition. Infinity Army has not yet been fully updated to match the more recent wiki update.
  6. The one that doesn't get a holoecho marker at the start of your active turn? Still useful for protecting against impersonation though.
  7. This, I think people get too hung up on combining the two levels of holoprojector, especially as it often means not using forward deployment, an exceptionally useful skill in it's own right. The Kanren benefits a lot from the standard aggressive users of HP2, granting himself surprise shot, minesweeper markers, and being able to safely Move+Move. Disguising a hacker as a non-hacker and vice versa is quite neat but apart from that I would focus more on getting the gameplay benefits from the skill rather than the deployment shenanigans that your opponent may or may not fall for.
  8. Thankyou, but how did you know my surname began with a "B"? Related anecdote - my boss also has the initials CB, and before I started work the practice was for people to label things with their initials...
  9. Jags and bandits are good at punching camo troops in the face, they're not even that bad at shooting them if you take a shotgun on them. You can always use a sensor bot to discover (remember their +6 applies to all discover rolls at any range, not just scanning within ZoC). Jag Haris has a potential burst 3 DAM 15 DA attack in CC, should see off anything short of an Igao or ninja.
  10. As for the armour, whilst the newer armour is less protective it might have numerous advantages that don't apply on the tabletop, better AC/heating, better quality comms, lighter weight, more comfortable/better load distribution etc. The Wu Ming armour is tougher but might have an annoying buzz to the speakers, give you a permanent wedgie, and the filtration system makes the air smell faintly of gouda, therefore the rank and file prefer the newer suits. The Zuyong armour also appears to have the option to have an automedkit built into it. Presumably this is still experimental/expensive so not everyone gets one.
  11. Druze and Kaplan are corporations consisting of professional, private, armies, you sign a contract and your agreement is with the corp, not with each individual soldier. They're also fairly uniform with each soldier equipped and trained the same way, with certain specialisations like Doctor, hacker, sniper, etc where necessary. ABHs are the opposite, each one is an individual and they work both private contracts and "tagging along" on a bigger op to get bag a specific bounty. They're unpredictable and not really team players (irregular) they also tend to customise their equipment somewhat unpredictably (Booty L2) conpared to soldiers. Yuan Yuans are somewhere in between, they're a loosely aligned group of corsairs, smugglers, and pirates. I would imagine you'd make an arrangement with a group or crew of YY and then they turn up and wreak havoc whilst just barely listening to your orders (irregular, EX Impetuous) after helping themselves to your supplies (Booty L1). It makes sense to me that QK work more with the professionals as hired muscle guarding their trade routes and caravansarys, and the occasional alliance of convenience with the space faring Yuan Yuan. ABHs seem more suited to working with police or security forces like ISS, or possibly Bakunin.
  12. When used as a BS attack the "Special Dodge" trait of smoke ammunition can create a face to face against multiple incoming AROs as long as LoF is completely blocked and none of the AROs are DTWs. I have no idea what "Smoke Dodge" is as there is no such skill or trait.
  13. You can put in a late pledge here: You can still pledge for pdfs or print books, and you can get the box of all 6 miniatures. The RPG minis were also the basis for the HVTs/Voronin if you just want one or two (the Yu Jing HVT is so much more awesome than the RPG version, but overall I prefer their RPG incarnations).
  14. I love how the Crabbot's carapace is the same design as some PanO TAG's shoulder armour.
  15. We've also had CB state that anything faster than 4-4 is beyond human ability in their opinion, it's reserved for remotes, cyborgs, aliens TAGs, etc.