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  1. I sure either Bostria or Gutier said that Black Hand would be in Tunguska, much like The Observance is part of Bakunin. This was fairly recent, Interplanetario wasn't it?
  2. (smoke) grenade launcher from a modern tank: I can see why people think it looks like a grenade launcher... Could we have a smoke LGL on the Sierra/Pathfinder to make up for the lack of EM-LGL and Mono Mines?
  3. The Sophotect is there because ISS are a police force/SWAT team/Gestapo and not a full blown military force, they don't have their own medical corps/engineering battalions. In day to day functions they liase with the local civilian EMS and fire & rescue departments for those functions, in combat operations they download one off the Internet into an Lhost. Considering how integrated Aleph is into everyday life this makes more sense than borrowing them from a Zhanshi or Tokusetsu regiment. The ISS probably trusts Aleph more than the military!
  4. EVOs become worth it if you're using more than 1 or 2 of the benefits. If you're just looking to run Supportware, there's probably something that can do it cheaper. But running Supportware, boosting Satlock, and giving a Fraacta +3 to its AD: 4 roll, now we're looking at some value.
  5. Krizpy Bacon?
  6. Jotum is 3D sculpted and newer than the Dragao (with which is shares an armature) my memory isn't perfect but I think they were late HSN2/just pre-Paradiso. Cutter and Avatar will be the oldest TAGs once Szally gets her resculpt. I'd argue both hold up much better than the 1e Szally/Guija/Squalo though. I don't think the Lizard is 3D sculpted but it does have the little pilot arms that the old manned TAGs lacked so it looks less dated.
  7. We have a new Morlock box, and Colossock was done in the same style. Unless you're still using these:
  8. I refuse to get my hopes up. I'd be delighted if they were there, but I'm not going to let wishful thinking get the better of me.
  9. The Rasyat and USARF Airborne come to mind as CC AD troops.
  10. The rule is Marksmanship And no they don't, also Assault Pistols don't grant the Assault skill.
  11. You could argue cover is coming from the prone state, but also that it is functionally coming from the ground. So yes, you can never claim cover from a floor (unless you're prone at a higher elevation).
  12. Much appreciated @Cervantes3773, I think the General Concencus is that you're an awesome chap!
  13. None of your examples have 1/3 of the silhouette covered, so no cover. Bonus round, the Red figure is not touching any intervening scenery, so no cover. You must be in base contact with cover to benefit from it and you can never claim cover from a floor.
  14. Sniffers also didn't exist when that model was made, so 100% not a Sniffer.
  15. Dodge and BS Attack are both short skills, you can only perform one short skill per order.