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  1. In official ITS tournaments. In any other game it's a matter of the players deciding whether or not to use mercs before writing lists, no different to agreeing to use Spec-Ops or play Limited Insertion.
  2. Yeah, it was bad, besides, your Lt. should be busy leading your force, he's there to make sure the specialists get the mission done, not do it himself. Some factions have the added advantage of troopers that have both specialist and Lt. options, Nomads, PanO, and Haqqislam all have great hacker Lt.s, and this is a selling point to the faction.
  3. Nope, we've been down the Lt. Specialist road before, no good comes of it. Pilots and remote pilots are very vulnerable, a good compromise between letting them contribute to button pushing missions and the early ITS days. No-one wants to see Achilles or Ajax as a specialist again. Nope. No Siree. No Thankyou.
  4. How so? A Hellcat can always choose to deploy using AD: 2 instead of AD: 5.
  5. Happy to help, Infinity is a deeply complex game but it uses that complexity to create a very satisfying tactical experience, it definitely rewards the effort of learning it.
  6. We have one, with a Spitfire no less! Holoprojector 2 really opens up movement options. Surprise shot in BS14 is still very solid too. I would like to see it's profiles expanded though, it feels like Santiagos and Montesas got all the HSN3 love at the expense of Teutons and KotHS.
  7. CB changed their naming system recently. The May releases will be previewed in April, whereas previously the April releases would reach shops in May. So by the old naming convention this thread would be the April releases.
  8. Holoechos block LoF like a normal figure, but you never block LoF whilst moving. troops declaring a Movement (As Move, Climb, Jump, Engage, Dodge in ARO...) do not obstruct LoF all along their trajectory.
  9. Check out the wiki page on where to go from Icestorm: My advice is generally to slowly build your points level up from 150 to 300, and play some "theme" games where everyone has hackers, or you can only use pistols and CC, until you've got a handle on the different rules subsystems. The Core N3 scenarios are good for practice, Supremacy and Armoury are two of my favourite scenarios period! (And Baconland of course).
  10. No, it can feel that way at first as they have lots of unique rules and tactics, which means opponent's have to adjust their playstyle, but Infinity's balance between factions is strong.
  11. Fusilier is not a rank, it is a regiment. A Fusilier Lt. may we outrank an Aquila, even if not if it's an ongoing operation then the newcomer won't take over as they don't be familiar with the situation. A Celestial Guard who's been hunting a fugitive for months and calls in Crane backup to take down the fugitive and his dirty Nomad mates isn't automatically going to cede control. Like the Maxims Of Maximally Effective Mercenaries says: "A Sergeant in motion outranks a Lieutenant at a standstill." And of course "An EOD technician at a flat out run outranks everybody"
  12. The current VanAriadna and USARF starters have all rifles, though the Grey has his shotguns modelled, Tohaa and Aleph are all combi rifle equivalents, and the very first PanO, Nomad, and Haqqislam starters were rifle variants only. Older starters generally saw very few weapons with a range greater than a rifle, often a mix of rifle variants, shotguns, and warbands. We started to see SWC weapons come in when Sectorials were introduced and starters began to be resculpted, but some like the first SAA and the middle Yu Jing starter were all combi or shorter ranges.
  13. Bashis are also good if you pick the wrong drop zone with AD Parachutist as with Holoprojector your opponent can't be sure of targeting the right one. Watch out for templates though. Of course Ragiks get around this entirely by having AD: 4, and being able to tank a shot on landing with Dogged.
  14. 6th sense allows you to respond to attacks from outside your LoF/templates through a zero vis zone, but it doesn't actually override the requirements for BS Attacks in my reading. So you may respond to the attack, but if you don't have LoF you still can't use BS Attack.
  15. Sorry, I always get those two rules confused :$ That seems legit, Warning isn't a skill and doesn't require a roll. I can't see anything in Holoecho State that would cancel it. I guess this isn't an issue for camo and impersonation markers but they've got 360 vision.