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  1. and remember, two turns is one round, so it ends before the first player's second active turn.
  2. TF says you make a BS Attack at -3, so you follow the rules for BS Attacks. A BS Attack with a DTW requires no to-hit roll. Nothing needs to take precedence, you make a BS Attack as normal replacing all modifiers with a -3, DTWs have no to-hit roll so the penalty has no effect and the DTW hits everything under it with no roll. So whilst you can do a triangulated DTW, there is no practical purpose in doing so.
  3. I guess you can, but I don't see how it's different to making a normal BS Attack apart from the fact it's an entire order. Autohit -3 is still an autohit, much like using a DTW against an ODD.
  4. If a smoke template blocks LoF of an attack then it's a f2f roll, nothing in the rules allows you to choose to make it a normal roll.
  5. You quoted the important part: or the correspondent roll, and the Damage and effects of the Special Ammunition or Attack will be ignored. So for ADHL the roll correspondent to ARM/BTS would be the PH-6 roll, and the special effects of Adhesive ammo would be ignored.
  6. This is the relevant rule for 1) When, as part of an Order or ARO, the trooper throwing Smoke is facing off against several enemies, his Roll is used against all eligible Face to Face Attack Rolls, but he will need to win every single Face to Face Roll in order to leave the Smoke Template on the table.
  7. AROs must target the active model right? So you could only target the hacker not the door that is being hacked?
  8. Correct, you measure after everything is declared and if the target was outside ZoC the your ARO is illegal and becomes an idle.
  9. One advantage of having two Yubots on a CC capable trooper like Machaon is that you can leave one behind to do healing and run the other alongside him for +1 burst and +1 DAM on PH weapons in CC.
  10. I find a big thing with older miniatures is that Angel's style and techique has changed and improved so much over the years. I held off getting the PanO remotes for a long time as I didnt think they looked as good as the Armbots/Mulebots but once they had all been subject to my amateurish daubings of paint they actually fit in really well with the newer remotes.
  11. It's the same body as the eating version so you might have to improvise some tactical debris for him to stand on.
  12. Malus is an antonym for Bonus, though it's not really a word used in the English language (not in my copy of the OED anyway). In common parlance most native English speakers would use Penalty.
  13. ODD is disabled completely by Burnt.
  14. TO camo grants a -6 modifier to BS Attacks, Camouflage gives -3. These can only apply when you're revealed, as you cannot makes BS Attacks against a Marker. So a fusilier shooting his combi at a revealed Ninja 15 inches away in cover would be: -6 for TO -3 for cover +3 for range.
  15. Yudbots are available in the Dactyl box. The Steel Phallus starter has the Thorakitai which are great order generators as they're the same price as Dakini. Another thing to bear in mind with older miniatures is that Angel Giraldez, the CB staff painter, is constantly improving so modern models often have even better studio paint jobs.