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  1. I think three people pointing out the rules is probably enough for the poor chap!
  2. I'm not sure if this is trolling or just not knowing the rules...
  3. The rules of the game disagree. Unless otherwise indicated for specific purposes, Markers do not obstruct LoF.
  4. Yeah, I just saw that the -drons use the higher WIP remote pilot, that is a change from the 1.3 pdf and is totally bobbins.
  5. I'm using this link from the downloads section of the website (English) And it downloads a file called itsrules.pdf, no version number. It over wrote the v1.3 file I had in the same downloads directory on my phone.
  6. But they didn't change the file name, bad form chaps!
  7. Then we'll have to agree to disagree, I think it's perfectly fair, and I think we got a better deal than CA. Both the Avatar and Marut pay for their higher WIP so I don't see why they shouldn't benefit from it when using a remote pilot.
  8. PanO are paying 0 points for a remote pilot with 2 lower WIP (apart from the Jotum) CA are paying 0 points for a remote pilot with 3 lower WIP (I thought the Avatar was WIP 15, my mistake) and no knife. Aleph are paying 0 points for a remote pilot with 2 lower WIP.
  9. You're right, I'm mainly just surprised to see such a powerful piece of equipment on a pilot and the hyperbole got the better of me. She does create a rather nasty anti hacker bubble once dismounted though, and if you expelled her using a repeater she's now an ARO threat to all the Hackers you have on the board. It's not necessarily going to be trivial to shoot her either as the owner of the TAG gets to place her (in contact with a nice S7 LoF blocker) and there may be ARO units watching over her to get past. Blasting a template at the now immobile TAG will sort her right out though
  10. From the page you linked: The contents of your Camouflage and TO Camouflage Markers. This includes which combat group they belong to, there are two other places that infer this. Courtesy lists don't show which group a camo marker is in, this is because that is private information. Mines and ambush camo markers don't belong to a combat group, making Camo level: X pretty much useless and minelayer really obvious.
  11. Who have the same effective 2 point drop in WIP as all the PanO TAGs except the Jotum when they use their remote pilot. So the real winners are everyone except the Jotum, Xeodron, Overdron, and Sphinx.
  12. Guija pilot gets an lft, not sure how that makes it worse than every other pilot, especially the ones with a BS11 contender! Or Maggie who gets a paramedic pilot in a faction full of Doctor+ Besides, the best pilot is the Szalamandra with her KHD, that's one TAG you don't want to use expel on
  13. Nice, now we've got PanO players complaining they got shafted in the new rules in one thread and manned TAG players complaining they got shafted in another. If that isn't an indicator of balance I don't know what is!
  14. Don't forget about the Anaconda! Oh wait, CB did so you may as well
  15. Irregular troopers do not add their Orders to the Order Pool of their combat group, but instead keep them for their own use. Bear in mind that these troopers can still receive Orders from the Order Pool. Only Regular orders go into the Order Pool. Irregular Orders, Impetuous Orders and the Special Lieutenant Order are not part of any Order Pool.