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  1. There's no difference between Koalas and Koalas (2), it's a confirmed typographical/formatting error. Perimeter weapons are deployed at the same time as the bearer: When deploying the bearer, the player also places all Perimeter weapons or pieces of Equipment, known as Perimeter Items, this trooper has totally inside his Zone of Control, but following the Deployment general conditions.
  2. On the other hand, if you go second it doesn't really matter, and the extra flash pulse AROs are handy. I think I'd swap the Warcor for the Fugazi just to get 10 Regular orders in the main group though.
  3. My issue with this list, is that if you go first you're only going to have 10 orders anyway, and two of them can only really be used on the Croc Sniper. Dropping the two Fugazis and the Warcor gives the points for a Pathfinder or Shotgun Bulleteer, or drop one Fugazi and the Warcor to improve the Fusilier hacker to an EVO that can run reboot to further protect your Jotum and Hexa KHD.
  4. I also notice the Muyib Spitfire has an X-Visor, with a full link behind him that's a pretty good long range attack piece, and he's got a contingency for some unlucky ARO crits with Dogged or effective WIP17 Doctor in the link. No cube for Dr Rerolls though
  5. Unless you collect both factions you're either going to have a mini with no use in game or you have to split the box with someone. If you do split the box it's to be hoped that one of you doesn't want the HVT. I've been lucky and able to split all my DF boxes so far but part of me wishes I'd kept the Commtech HVT to use as a Tech-Bee.
  6. According to reverse Google image search:
  7. Would it not be the Deflector that helps? Tinbots can provide all sorts of bonuses like Albedo or +3 BS.
  8. Out of interest, where is it described as an HMG? Both the Beasts of War vids and the store description have it as Mk12.
  9. I've a feeling Full Dakka L2 is why we didn't get a missile launcher!
  10. Mk12s have looked like that since Scarface. HMGs are quite different, as you posted. I do wonder what happened to the Missile Launcher.
  11. 6/6 group split is going to leave both teams order starved, especially if you go first. I'd put everything in the first combat group apart from the Ikadron and totes remote, I'd then change one of the Vanguard to a missile launcher rather than an HMG for reactive turn power. The Suryat link looks like it'll be your active turn wrecking ball, without 6th Sense they're very vulnerable in ARO, so I'd go for the HMG+Tinbot over the HRL (possibly losing a slave drone to find the points) and depending on the mission consider changing the multi rifle to a Raktorak so you've got a linked specialist. The list might struggle with camo, ODD, and/or warbands. Daturazi or hungries can both help with that.
  12. Could be worse, could be Merovingia where your most useful model is in the Vanilla starter. Actually, let me rewrite that. Could be worse, could be Merovingia.