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  1. There was no way they could get anything close to the original Massacre pose and still be single piece,casting limitations means we're not going to see a lot of backflipping monks or mantling Wulvers in Aristeia. Ladycio is nice though, makes a good hacker proxy (Wardrivers/Interventor/Valerya etc)
  2. Army Builder is now updated with the BSG Lt. Brigada profile.
  3. You couldn't hack/U-Turn the Ariadnan arty back then either.
  4. I've no experience with 20x20, but I would say that only having objectives in the DZ is a pain for some factions/lists. As for GLs, the Squalo and Montesa don't really need support as the Squalo has incredible range and BS, whilst the Montesa can start close and get into the +3 range pretty easily.
  5. Are you playing missions? If you're hiding all your units then he's free to grab objectives and set up Bulleteers in Suppression fire. Sikh Akali can come on just outside your DZ with a BSG/Combi/Spitfire and murder your hiding troops. Whilst only 4-2 having AD is essentially a massive speed boost. The same can be said for Croc Men and Locusts. Then there's the Squalo or Montesa with Grenade Launchers, the ultimate answers to fragile, hidden troops. Finally, has he tried using Co-ordinated orders to run multiple troopers up the board for a low order investment.
  6. Ladycio?
  7. The Magheriba Guard had handles on the back that two other troopers could cling to.
  8. I still have a bunch of paper teardrop templates that I printed for the Monomine happy Aleph player in our group, I should ritually burn them or something to make sure it never comes back.
  9. Maybe IMO doesn't quite get the strength of my argument It does not explicitly state that you may break the normal rule preventing spending of a command token in the Reactive turn. Additionally, looking at context "During the game" refers to creating Fireteams after deployment, I.E. once the game had begun.
  10. I had one game where both players hid their Lt. in a skip, and both died attempting to climb out...
  11. I take it as unless there's explicit permission to to spend during the reactive turn then you cannot. The wording for re-forming link teams is nowhere near explicit enough IMO.
  12. It has just occurred to me that because the ITS prize is the less useful (IMO) Boarding Shotgun variant the Loser Edition will be the SMG/Generic CCW. Get in!
  13. Plus one in the old starter and Mr. Leapy. I've nearly as many Wulvers as Bolts at this rate!