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  1. You could go with a 5 man Janissary core including 2 Hafzas, separate Jan Akbar Doc and 2 Azraels if you wanted to just go completely HI bananas with Limited Insertion. Maybe Leila and a Rafiq to taste.
  2. Maybe I'm missing some incredible synergies, but Kamau seem awful. Kriza look fun enough. Would have liked to have seen something really different for the 5th (?) S5 HI we've seen released but he's ok.
  3. Yeah, hopefully they just riff on the cloth bits in the original design and don't go full coat. Or maybe those are just straps for the vital Haqq Doctor+ satchel. I don't hate the new Djans but they lost 'something' (helmet design) in the new sculpts and I hope the Asawira is more in line with the Yu Jing HI in terms of quality sculpt upgrade.
  4. Going with Asawira for the sniper shot, so there.
  5. Looks like some sort of AD or Low G rig at least?
  6. That one was stepping on some piece of black debris I think, so not the Aaaaaayaaaaar.
  7. If I had to choose I would rather that most/all weapon options be included in boxes. I would still have to buy two boxes of Jannisaries to play a full link but at least I would have 'Firing AP Rifle' arms for one of the two bodies. Boxed sets for single squads aren't exactly rocking action poses anyway, so you wouldn't be limiting yourself pose wise. If you didn't get a weapon profile in a box then you should KNOW that a blister of that load out with a neat pose is coming up pretty soon instead of "whenever we feel like it, maybe never...oooh a mercenary!". Weapon packs would be ok, but then you're buying a pack (male and female sized weapons?) for potentially only a couple of weapons depending which load outs CB decides aren't worth releasing at the moment.
  8. I would love Sekban resculpts. Probably my favorite Haqq concept art now that Djans have been tweaked a bit. Probably one of the least likely units to be redone though so I'm not holding my breath. Otherwise I'm pretty much on board with the Hassassin wish lists above. Ramah will get its stuff soon enough, I'd rather see resculpts than new stuff with no current sectoral frankly.
  9. Rapid Parkour Force! Everyone gets climbing plus and super jump. There's definitely a strong visual theme to be mined IMO, I'm confident they can come up with something rules wise.
  10. Being female LI keeps them 'safe' from the scale issues that people (ME!) might have with say the Sekbans IMO. Hoping for an Ayyar sculpt, and an Asawira resculpt. Would really like to see some more modern sculpts of highly active HI.
  11. I'll be pretty shocked if we get new Odalisques.
  12. He does a lot of repeats and partial paints for classes etc. Morlock on the far right (tiny angry sword fist) and it was the Moira with her foot on the world's smallest tank trap right? (Third from the right)
  13. The Decade Of Haqqislam continues to march ever onward!
  14. Any tips on the Marksman Rifle (or Ojotnik) use? Mostly just staying mobile to optimize range bands?
  15. Of course! That's the perfect place to fire a Viral Heavy Rocket Launcher from.