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  1. I don't understand the cry for 'more releases for my faction', actually, but maybe that's because I play several factions and I just can't keep up. I actually considered starting Tohaa so I have at least the illusion of a chance to someday have a complete set...
  2. Another option for the effect of a crit could be that it does nothing in the FtF roll, but if you do hit with exactly your to-hit-number, it does bypass armour. That way, higher BS and better mod stacking would still help against lower stat/mod enemies, but you could still knock out high armour with lots of low stat fire. Not saying this was better (I voted for "Strongly like"), just realised this was an option and thought I'd put it out there.
  3. This, I think CB have done a great job with these boxes to get new players into Infinity in a fun way without the need for a teacher. Some people can just read a rulebook in one go and then go have a few games, but most people won't want to do that, and for them, playing two or three missions in an evening, then doing the next few next week is a perfectly good way to get into the game. It really depends on the people, though. Some players will struggle with the infinity rules, and take a lot of games to actually understand how more complex interactions work. And then there's the guy who had just the first two icestorm games with me, then played a full game against another, more experienced player and without much ado used mines and TO camo to outmanouvre a ninja hacker, effectively eliminating him from the tactical situation without the need to roll any dice, and that was just the most impressive of his tricks - this guy sure doesn't need the Beyond boxes. But not everybody is like him.
  4. Okay, so it is not a fact, but just a very likely correct guess.
  5. How do you know that? Some kind of inside information? I mean I kind of agree, I doubt they'll do that, but you seem to not be voicing an opinion, but a fact.
  6. Actually, with the Hellcats they might just be packaging the Boarding shotgun with the combi rifle from the starter and make a new Corregidor starter because the old one is somehow strange and a very different style to all the Corregidor minis published after that. So that'd be the questions marks answered then, Aleph Vedic starter and Corregidor starter. Well, probably not. An entertaining thought, anyway.
  7. If the Naga repack is in fact the hacker and the minelayer, it is going to be a new Aleph starter - probably the Vedic sectorial one (because the hacker is in the older starter and it wouldn't make sense to repack it if the starter is staying in production).
  8. Are you sure? That's a bummer (since I've got the hacker).
  9. I want an Acontecimento Regulars SWC box with a forward observer, a hacker, and a minelayer... and maybe a paramedic while we're at it, although that doesn't cost SWC. Yeah, that is the strangest SWC box in the game, with all-out combi rifles...
  10. Does anyone know which of the Naga models will be repacked? There's the hacker, the monomine/minelayer and the sniper, but they'll probably not pack all of them into one box, will they?
  11. I'm not very concerned about my place in the rankings (because I probably don't have one, not having played any tournaments last year myself), but the list is actually not working for me at all currently. I was going to look up the Pin of a friend to invite him to a tournament, but I cannot even access the rankings at all.
  12. Aleph, and especially Steel Phalanx, were in the same place Tohaa are now, with way fewer unit profiles and models than most other factions, and often getting a seemingly lower amount of new releases because they had no sectorial at first and then only one sectorial later, whereas other factions had two or three sectorials. Don't give up yet, Aleph and Steel Phalanx got their new shinies eventually, so will Tohaa.
  13. Yes, but is it storytelling, or is it overview-style fluff? I'm not saying there isn't enough fluff, I'm saying there isn't enough storytelling fluff.
  14. Hey people, I was recently thinking on Infinity fluff, and I feel that CB should put more effort into fluff again, and I wanted to share my thoughts. So let me elaborate. I was just reading the Tagline fluff, and it reminded me of something: when I started playing Infinity, I really liked the fluff from the N2 basic book and then Human Sphere made it even better. But what really got me hooked, and what really contributed a lot to me making Infinity my main focus in wargaming for a very long time was Campaign: Paradiso. The difference between the N2 core book and Human Sphere on the one hand and Campaign: Paradiso on the other hand was that the fluff from the former was overview-style fluff. It was delivered very well through different perspectives like Maya shows or frontline reports, but it was, generally speaking, telling you roughly what the factions are and what their characteristics and goals are like. C:P, however, told a story of events on Paradiso, of how history unfolded to get humanity, the Combined Army and the Tohaa there, and of the missions that took place there. It ended on a cliffhanger of worse to come, and made the Infinity universe much, much more interesting. Now in N3, both the core book and the Human Sphere guide book have been of the overview variety. They are still well-written and great fluff, but what N3 lacks is a real campaign book. Tagline took a shot at storytelling, but while the story is great, it just didn't give us enough of it. Where C:P had many pages worth of story before each campaign chapter of 3-4 missions, Tagline had half a page per mission. I really want another campaign book, with a new story of Paradiso, as the next expansion.
  15. Maybe someone else could also chime in and help, since my perspective doesn't seem to contribute much. And I am also tiring of it.