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  1. You shoot one of them where you can see him, and place the template there. Any of the others who moved through the template in that order are secondary targets, too.
  2. What he said. Also note that having LoF to a mine that is being laid does not grant your model an ARO. The mine is equipment, it cannot be reacted to. Your model/marker might have gained an ARO from another model acting within his ZoC, though. But maybe you knew that already.
  3. I really like the new Pheasant. I don't see what people find wrong with her. She may look small and innocent, but that doesn't mean she isn't a cold-blooded killer when it comes to tracking down the Dragon's enemies and delivering His justice unto them.
  4. I think Odysseus and Menelaos were lost in the first encounters with the EI, and the Cube 2.0 was developed as a counter against that happening again. It's been way too long since I read that bit of fluff, though, so I may be completely wrong.
  5. The template always goes in a straight line from a LoF starting anywhere on the shooting model's silhoutte and going towards any point on the target's silhoutte. So you can choose your shooting point and hitting point to align the template with possible targets.
  6. this isnt speculation

    Hmmm, interesting comparisons, but that's not it. It has something to do with his headgear, too. Maybe it was just some artwork from a different game.
  7. It's in the unconscious state description - automatic skills and automatic equipment are switched off when unconscious unless the skill/equipment says otherwise.
  8. this isnt speculation

    That Taskmaster pose reminds me of something. I just cannot put my finger on it. Anyone else have an idea where that pose (with a very similar suits/entity doing it) could be from?
  9. I love the artwork, but the minis really have way too high collars, and that bare arm just doesn't fit in there. And those zippers.... like each zipper bit is 5 cm thick or something.
  10. I was late to the party, I was demoing... is there someway to watch the whole seminar from the start?
  11. I hope soon, though I guess it will be only when Red Veil is available for everyone. I played a game with the new Al Fasid today, it is somewhat annoying to have to check his stats in the booklet instead of having him on the list. Especially since he has so many different skills and weapons.
  12. Think of it like this: a critical roll loses its numerical value and counts as higher than all numbers. It does not matter what the critical value is, as soon as you roll a crit, it beats everything that isn't a crit as though it was a higher number.
  13. Effin' A. And that fluff text, too.
  14. I just wanted to make it complete so LibertineIX doesn't misunderstand. I know you know that.
  15. Lower or equal values.