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  1. I couldn't have said it better myself. Who's driving from SE Texas and has room in the back of their pick-up truck? @Alcimedon, I know were being pushy, but the truth is that Rumble is a very cheap event compared to Adepticon and a very different experience. Both are great events, but, for a chance to meet and hang out with the biggest community of Infinity players outside of Spain, you can't beat Rumble. To put it in perspective, I look forward to Rumble more than any other infinity event all year.
  2. That is not a valid reason for not being there this year.
  3. Or, is there a cut off date, like if they are out before 3/1, you'll use the new versions? I'm presuming there will be small changes to all missions, but I don't know.
  4. I thought @The Man Behind The Mask would be playing USAriadna, won't those 'muricans represent for Space Little Baby Jesus?
  5. I can see from your stumbling response that I've been going a bit over your head, allow me to clear up your misconceptions, I'll even use small words. Whether or not you take me seriously is your choice, and your peril, I said you took me literally [literal - adjective - taking words in their usual or most basic sense without metaphor or allegory] While I hold that Colorado is superior to Texas in many areas, I don't think Texans actually poop where they eat, unless you have news for me on the poo flinging front, you did mention monkeys. As far as jeering and laughing at people goes, I had no idea that Texans were so xenophobic [Xenophobia – noun - fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign]. I did, and still do, categorize some of the Texas population as being ignorant and uncultured [see Texan elected officials], but I point this out from a place of sympathy, not one of ridicule. Which means; I feel sorry for you and I'm not making fun. Finally we come to the point where you made it clear that I'm not dealing with an intellectual titan. But where is the fun if I don't let you in on the joke; besides, your infantile responses amuse me. When I said that even pigs know better than to poop where they eat, I implied that Texans might not even be as smart as pigs. Pigs, which as you pointed out, use the mud to regulate their body temperature. I foolishly assumed you would know that and, that pigs will only use single a location in their pen for excrement, in other words; pigs, literally, poop as far from where they eat as they can. I thought you would understand that I was saying that, in general, Texans are lower than pigs, not that pigs are low animals. I will grant you a small amount of credit, as you have successfully baited me into a pig, poo, and monkey argument. What is the old saying; never argue with an idiot, they'll simply drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience? Based on what I've seen in this exchange, I wish you luck on your continued attempt to complete the third grade.
  6. Bryant, you took that literally, you sad, sorry, little boy. Whoopass doesn't actually come in a can, it's kind of like elbow grease, and for you I've got more than I'll need. Because you've seen me start drinking Irish Whiskey before noon and still be going strong in the small hours of the morning, I'm going to guess you bring it up because you are jealous. If Colorado is such an embarrassment and Texas is so great, why do so many Texans come to Colorado on vacation? Fun Fact! Don't Mess With Texas, was originally Don't Mess Texas, because so many hicks and rubes were littering everywhere they had to have a public service announcement telling people to stop pooping where they eat. Even pigs know you don't poop where you eat.
  7. Moderncops, many players had their first few games in a tournament. Sign up and play. Don't worry about models too much, we can make sure that we get you what you need to play. Bryant, I really hope that we get to throw down on Saturday, you are one of the few players ranked higher than me that I've never played once. By "throw down" I mean that when we play it will be a two hit fight, I hit you, you hit the ground. You can race around on your little bikes and I'll just bring Colonel Shikishima and a can of whoopass. As for the smack talking at the state level goes, has any state besides Colorado won the Rumble, ever? I don't think so. Once again we will descend from our high altitude training grounds to defend and retain our dominance of the southwest supermeta.
  8. Last time I visited Texas, I got a speeding ticket for going 91 in a 70. And as I'll have Enduro Joe and most of the Colorado terrain in my truck, I'd watch that purdy little mouth of yours.
  9. OK Guys, this doesn't break the game and it's not an issue. The scenario that was laid out can never occur. Let me explain. First do we agree that two Models or Markers cannot occupy the same space in the game? Second do we agree that Hidden Deployment is not a Model or Marker and is not even deployed on the table? If you agree to the above please refer to page 31. Read the steps in order and notice the last sentence of step 4. You don't move the ARO model only indicate where it will be at the end of the order. Step 6 is the last chance a model can ARO in this Order and in the example above the Hidden Deployment shown above is still not on the table, thus it cannot ARO. Step 7 is when you roll to dodge. Step 8 If the Blue guy wins the FtF roll in 7 he may now move his model. Only now is the Hidden Deployment model allowed to act. Which means that he could declare Warning (pg42), but this would be unnecessary as he has no current facing. The Blue player made the error of placing his own model on his Hidden Deployment, thus preventing the TO dude from getting an ARO.
  10. I'm not sure how this is possible at all. Black declares shoot. He should have idled, but maybe he had a good reason. Dark Blue declares ARO Dodge. He doesn't roll yet and doesn't move his mini. Black declares a move skill, like prone. Dice are now rolled, if black wins the FtF Dark Blue doesn't move. If Dark Blue wins he can move but it happens in the end of the order (like placing a mine) at which point it's too late for another ARO to be declared. If Black wins and Dark Blue lives and he fails his Guts, Light Blue still doesn't get a chance to shoot during this order. Blue player screwed up by putting his Dark on his Light and loses out on an ARO. This is akin to a player doing this and trying to get both AROs, which is not allowed. Active player moves a camo marker. Reactive gets ARO's from 2 models, he declares hold with one and discover with the second. Active player declares move again. Reactive player rolls his discover, the "holding" model loses his ARO. OR if the Active player had instead declared shoot the discover ARO would be lost.
  11. If we are counting flights and I count when I travel for business but extend the trip for Infinity, eg how far did I play from home... DEN - IND 2200 DEN - Nashville 2200 Drove to Rumble 1000 50 miles round trip to game store, 20 times; 1000 Other "local" tournaments 300-500? 6000-7000 miles
  12. Is there a list of missions that will be played?
  13. I'm trying to figure out the schedule here, Will this start at 1 PM and go until it's done (Midnight?) or is it going to be over 2 days?
  14. The pics of the new Azra'il, hnnnnngggggg, so sexy.
  15. I'm surprised no photos of the other Leper shirt have surfaced yet.