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  1. Down on the Cateran? I think you have a lot to learn about Ariadna. A Cateran is FAR superior to any line infantry with sniper rifles. No one fears unlinked LI ARO pieces. They'll just get picked off one by one. Cateran has marker state and a T2 sniper to protect him and threaten anything your opponent throws at you. If you want suppression fire infiltrators, Hardcases do that quite well for bargain basement points. Irregular units are valuable because they are so inexpensive and because you don't have to worry if they die. Anyhoo, Tohaa have some excellent units, including Sakiel and Makaul. I don't think the Symbiomates are good for the game. But they are certainly not unbalanced enough that other factions, especially Ariadna, have a poor chance of winning. It all comes down to experience and skill. Lots of things feel overpowered the first time you lose to them, but over time you'll learn how to beat them.
  2. More interesting/unfair is something I value for game nights and narrative games, not tournament games.
  3. We'll see I guess, but without a change like the one you suggested or at least rolling before deployment, Deadly Dance is a terrible tournament scenario anyway.
  4. Dream Wizards in Rockville has players on Wednesday or Thursday nights. Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie (closer to Baltimore) has players on Thursday nights.
  5. Nobody on the other side of this argument seems to want to accept this difference, unfortunately, perhaps because it would undermine all of their arguments except time.
  6. Hac Tao (XO), Kempeitai (CoC), maybe more? Again, the specific points costs of your troopers on the table are private, but stuff in the rulebook is not and cannot be private. Just because there's no way to hide the fact that a BS Pheasant has CoC doesn't invalidate this.
  7. I keep pointing this out and being ignored/misunderstood. Can people please listen to IJW?
  8. Spirit of the game as defined by whom? I'm confused how trying to know your enemy in a wargame could be taken as against the spirit of the game.
  9. You are correct. I should have done my search before replying. Already edited above.
  10. Deleted, should have double checked the impetuous order section.
  11. From the wiki that you linked: Let's say you have a Myrmidon Officer with boarding shotgun (that could have CoC or be the LT). I know (from either my head or army) that there are two options, and that your figure is worth either 35/1 or 30/.5. I don't know which, however, because that's private info. That's all that part of the private info rules means. It only exists to hide rules like CoC and XO that are private themselves. It does not mean that I cannot know the costs of units/profiles in the game; that would be ludicrous and impossible. I'm not saying you have to tell me the possibilities for each of your models, but I am saying you don't have much (any?) ground to stand on when you try to prevent me from knowing those possibilities. Edit: fixed messed up quote
  12. For the people who are not OK with people recreating their lists: do you differentiate between doing this in an app, on paper (referring to a printed army list), or in one's head? To me, it's all the same (although the time taken might be different). An experienced veteran of a faction cannot not know how many points units in his faction cost, what hidden models likely are, which troopers could be the LT, etc. By condemning recreating lists outside one's head, you are making that memorization a skill tested by the game. If that's important to you, fine. I happen to be good at that and it has helped me be a pretty good player, but I'm not interested in testing my opponent's memorization skills (and time spent) during a game. Therefore I disagree with your condemnation. Also, on the issue of points being private, see my previous post and who agreed with me. The points cost of that model on the table are private, the points cost of a generic Line Kazak with rifle are not because they cannot be.
  13. This thread is two years old now, you want to head here:
  14. I'm very confused by what you're trying to say. Why could I not calculate the odds of two or more different options? Or the odds based on the two range bands I'm straddling? You don't need precise ranges, you just need an estimate and to do a couple of calculations. Most of us do them in our head (and those tend to be fairly inaccurate) but the only problem with using the dice calculator is the time it takes.
  15. The points cost of a specific model on the table is private information, not the points cost of an ORC with AHD. Just because there are generally 1-1 mappings between these things doesn't make them the same. If you want to remake my list at the beginning of the game and you don't waste my time, go for it. I have probably remade yours in my head and determined what the likely options are for off-table models.