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  1. The ignore list is a powerful tool for avoiding trolls. It's the only way I can spend any time on this forum.
  2. As a TO at ITS events, I would rule that a conversion requires some physical alteration. Paint jobs are nice, but they are not conversions in my opinion.
  3. This. It can certainly be competitive, but you're discarding a big factional strength: many useful and cheap profiles.
  4. Her hips are fine, it's the ludicrously small waist that's throwing the proportions off.
  5. I can't find my FAQ thread from ITS2013 (and the question is not mentioned in the ITS2014 thread), but I'm also 100% sure that it's one order.
  6. No idea about dream wizards. @Psybilliah or @masterofmelee might be able to help you there. There will be several people all the way out in Glen Burnie at GNS, but that's a fair piece from Tysons.
  7. I like the style, looking forward to seeing more of them!
  8. Down on the Cateran? I think you have a lot to learn about Ariadna. A Cateran is FAR superior to any line infantry with sniper rifles. No one fears unlinked LI ARO pieces. They'll just get picked off one by one. Cateran has marker state and a T2 sniper to protect him and threaten anything your opponent throws at you. If you want suppression fire infiltrators, Hardcases do that quite well for bargain basement points. Irregular units are valuable because they are so inexpensive and because you don't have to worry if they die. Anyhoo, Tohaa have some excellent units, including Sakiel and Makaul. I don't think the Symbiomates are good for the game. But they are certainly not unbalanced enough that other factions, especially Ariadna, have a poor chance of winning. It all comes down to experience and skill. Lots of things feel overpowered the first time you lose to them, but over time you'll learn how to beat them.
  9. More interesting/unfair is something I value for game nights and narrative games, not tournament games.
  10. We'll see I guess, but without a change like the one you suggested or at least rolling before deployment, Deadly Dance is a terrible tournament scenario anyway.
  11. Dream Wizards in Rockville has players on Wednesday or Thursday nights. Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie (closer to Baltimore) has players on Thursday nights.
  12. Nobody on the other side of this argument seems to want to accept this difference, unfortunately, perhaps because it would undermine all of their arguments except time.
  13. Hac Tao (XO), Kempeitai (CoC), maybe more? Again, the specific points costs of your troopers on the table are private, but stuff in the rulebook is not and cannot be private. Just because there's no way to hide the fact that a BS Pheasant has CoC doesn't invalidate this.
  14. I keep pointing this out and being ignored/misunderstood. Can people please listen to IJW?
  15. Spirit of the game as defined by whom? I'm confused how trying to know your enemy in a wargame could be taken as against the spirit of the game.