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  1. This is seriously the thread you're going to threaten with a lock? I know you're doing a difficult job for free, but this inconsistency is frustrating: you go from defending the most notorious troll on this forum in one thread to almost-condemning a thread that has been a totally civil discussion? I don't get it.
  2. One might say they are infamous for their rules mistakes.
  3. They might if they were amazing. The HMG is good but kind of boring, just like the profiles.
  4. Not sure that's any better for me. I like the finger pointing idea the best, though that will be tricky for me to sculpt.
  5. Some of the N3 updates for units were basically remakes, so I'm not sure what that means. But you're right in that they didn't have any interesting non-SWC loadouts before either. Expectations/hopes were too high, which always leads to disappointment. Right. They are good enough, just not interesting enough to call me to play Varuna. Good thing the Cutter is in that sectorial.
  6. Ah, good point about the WIP difference, I missed that. I'd rather have Kaplans in vanilla, because they have interesting profiles. I'd rather have Kaplans in a sectorial, too, because of their flexibility. To the last paragraph, that's why we wanted some interesting weapon choices, so that there would be a reason to take them.
  7. I think a T2 HMG as the only change would make them very interesting. That thing would be an active turn menace.
  8. As I said before, you can't directly compare the basic rifle platforms to basic combi platforms. It doesn't add up. Try to compare a Ghulam with HMG and a Fusilier or Alguacile with HMG. It doesn't work out correctly. I'm more confident in +2 points being the max for 13 BS from 12, because it costs +2 points to go from 13 BS to 14 (assuming Courage is free, see Brigada vs ORC). Most point costs can be calculated without them, so it's reasonably likely this one is too. As I'm trying to show, it doesn't seem to add up and perhaps there is more going on than meets the eye. Even so, it's only off by a point or two, so I'm not going to throw out what I've learned from these point comparisons just yet. I don't think anyone is really complaining about the SWC weapons (other than losing the LGL). The Kamau HMG does compete with Bagh-Mari HMG in vanilla, however, and I'm not sure he comes out ahead. He has speed, +1 BS, and costs .5 SWC less, but the Bagh-Mari has MSV1 and costs 3 points less. for me that would come down to list fit. It's not that they are bad. They just seem a touch overpriced and they are definitely boring in vanilla compared to what PanO already has. I'm sure they'll be nice in Varuna, but as @Barakiel has said many times, vanilla PanO just doesn't have a ton of appeal compared to other vanilla factions because so many of the troop options overlap and it doesn't feel like the bigger troop selection helps you much.
  9. You can't compare basic LI rifle platforms with basic LI combi platforms, it doesn't work. Look at a Line Kazak vs a Ghulam, both with sniper rifle. He trades 1 PH for 1 WIP, and +1 WIP always seems to be 1 point. So +1 PH (from 10 to 11, even, the exact same case as here!) costs 1 point. I'm guessing on BS from 12 to 13 costing 2 points. @Spears, it definitely only costs 1 point to go from 11 to 12 (see Fusilier vs Alguacile). @Lampyridae, a single terrain skill is generally free. I calculated the BTS cost from a Clockmaker vs. an Interventor - it's definitely 1 points to go from 0 BTS to 3 BTS, but it seems to be 4 points to go from 3 BTS to 9 BTS, so I extrapolated 3 points for ) BTS to 6 BTS. There aren't any clearer costs for mimetism than the Q-Drone or the Moblot, so even if we go with the latter (reasonable), it still seems to cost 1 point too much. Is 13 BS +3 points from 12? Hard to say.
  10. Moblot pays 2 pts, so it shouldn't be more than that. Still leaves us a point shy. They can't change that pricing in the next book because they'd have to recost everything, which seems highly unlikely.
  11. I still don't understand how the combi one ends up being 21 points. Fusilier is 10: 10 +1 (+1 CC) +2 (+1 BS) +1 (+1 PH) +1 (+1 WIP) +3 (+6 BTS) +1 (Mimetism) = 19. Maybe that 12->13 BS costs more? But that seems crazy. Are they being overcharged for mimetism? I think they'll be good in an expensive 5-man link, but I still wish they were more interesting than 4-4 Bagh-mari without shotguns.
  12. It doesn't even seem that bad compared to the crap the gets slung around here.
  13. Is this actually a threat on which you can follow through? I'm being totally serious. What lines exist that once crossed can be punished, and where can I find them? Presumably the above quote.
  14. Those are cool but at least 2-3 points too expensive. Ouch.
  15. You know Kirpal doesn't work anymore, right? Now he's just a ridiculously expensive CoC option, not a cool "surprise, I'm not really in LoL" tool. I used to love that guy!