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  1. Hi John,
    Can you let me know your address, please?


  2. I'll drop this quote from on earlier post of mine here while on my way to exiting the stage left: So long!
  3. Well, his response fits my interpretation of CBs evaluation spot on, albeit in a more diplomatic tone. It's one of the reasons he'd end up higher on the hosts queue than I'd be, I guess.
  4. Elsa, the Nisses Spec Ops Character...?
  5. Jesus, man, calm your tits before you start threatening us with hugs...!
  6. You bet! 😸
  7. It should also be mentioned that Bromads suffered from a big moral crash in the first third of the campaign notwithstanding the scripted La Forja disaster, yet still managed to pull back together to somehow deliver results, which is an impressive feat in itself, too. We ourselves kept our group together with poetry slams, hobby help discussions and cat owners stories. Can't go wrong when kittens are involved.
  8. I'm still in doubts of this being the main factor as all the other factions had to deal with the same issue, too, and still could achieve something. I agree with your assessment here. Corvus Belli surely didn't help with their insistence to stay on a railroad plot. The introductional narration, which negated several of the efforts that had been undertaken during the Flamia campaign (and even alternated some factions actions into something that really never happened), was the first hint that the overall narration of Wotan would be independent from the players games. It was at the latest confirmed when a glitch on the Strikezone page during the first week of the campaign showed the LaForja- Platform being destroyed and broken up. I found this approach of Corvus Belli very strange: to set up a narrative campaign structure without giving the players a chance to have a direct influence on its progression and outcome. If you look at it from a levelheaded point of view, all they had offered (and wanted to provide the players with) was a background narration, new missions to play and an archive to file battle reports on. Also soft achievements without effect in order to keep players attached. And that's it. For the second time again. All this is something you could put into an expansion-book as a background chapter to help players write their own private groups campaigns, but it is NOT a good approach to organize a global campaign! For the general player it is not enough an incentive to stay attached. If you run a campaign in which you "demand" a certain amount of effort (writing quality reports which are needed for your factions progression is work beyond the usual fun play indeed), you as a campaign organizer have to give the players something back for their work. And that is immediate feedback via moderation and palpable effects that resulted on the participants operations. This includes a frequently updated battle diary of the campaign by the organizers for all to see beyond the theaters tables and narrative conclusions of the respective phases based (only) on the factions actions. Giving out prices has a very small effect on motivation as these are pretty exclusive due to them being restricted to just a small number of participants of the whole community. If you as a campaign organizer detach yourself from that and your respective players then you take away the reason for them to play in your little sandbox - hence the exodus of that high amount of players that happened from the start of Phase 2 onward. The overall scenario of the human nations fighting each other, when very clearly a known hostile alien force is approaching, is and never was a good idea for a story set-up of an INFINITY campaign - even if it is a somewhat excusable way of bringing all factions together for this kind of structure. Putting the unnecessary inclusion of an alien threat (in this games universe) aside - yeah, it sells models for the xenophile players and collectors - open warfare in a setting of proclaimed superficial stability in a human domain seems downright contrived, especially since this game is always advertised as a conflict simulation in which specialist teams perform black ops for their own factions shady goals behind these factions allies backs. INFINITY players never expected to play a 40k or FoW version in a Postcyberpunk setting, yet for the campaigns they kinda have to. Personally I'd rather like to have a less territorial fixated, but more objective orientated campaign being set up, where factions want to achieve some ultimate individual long term goals by sabotaging, stealing from or even supporting other factions via Black Ops. You could place an objective map on an Überhaus layout for example and say that Haqqislam wants to enter new trade deals with Tohaa in exchange for their alien Biotechnology, which is something PanO is very wary off, so they want to sabotage it by killing Tohaa ambassdors or spoiling the spice harvest that is intended to be shared with the Alien. All the while YuJing wants to undermine PanOs presence on Svalarheima, by sabotaging either the Blues shipping lanes or facilities power generators output. All this could be shown in a kind of influence scale (or table) for each respective faction that in turn activates in game bonuses when a certain amount of success or games numer is reached (Tier). You could even put it in relation to other factions progressions and take away opponents bonuses again, if the aggressors effort is high enough. (I am looking at a structure like Elite Dangerous Community Goals and Power Play) This would keep players engaged as they have a constant direct feedback on their factions actions, even without input by moderators. The cherry on top of the cake would be a proper moderation and fluffy comments from the campaign organizers' side in order to keep up the hype. Also I think the campaign was still too long. 6 weeks would have been enough to keep players attached without exhausting them too much. OR a structure where you have an active block of two weeks playing the campaign being followed by a recreation block (of again one or two weeks) in which no game is played, for a total of 8 weeks of the campaign. The latter also goes better with "the wife side" of life.
  9. Well, you answered my post directly, so, in fact, you - kinda - really do! I have the strong impression that YuJing isn't that much an as popular faction as you want it to be. At least not during Wotan. Otherwise, why would you have lost so many players like you've stated? (Apart from reasons like holiday season and WH40k release, etc., of course.) Wow! Entitlement much? Putting the thought aside a moment that despite your assumptions I might have had more insights into the inner dealings of YuJing during the campaign (just saying, mind you!), all the information needed for anyone else to form an educated opinion is the constant public ramblings coming from especially you alone that began once you entered the Warconsole campaign system last year, usually starting somewhat reasonable but then ending up in complaints about how everything is unfair and YuJing of all the factions got the short end of the stick, which based on its players efforts it doesn't deserve, and so on. (There is a certain threshold, where fervor and devotion ends and mania and delusion starts.) This repeated monologues in combination with Bostrias public reactive comments give a nice impression of what is one of the causes of YuJings inability to leave the impact on the campaign it's leaders felt entitled to achieve. It really is such an easy target to get ridiculed just for the lolz! I haven't personally met Bostria yet, but read and seen enough of him to expect the continued lament you send off here publicly resulting in an even less desired concluding effect for your faction overall prestige. Bostrias character has proven to contain a not to be underestimated amount of iberian virile mischief (apart and during) this campaign, which should have been a warning sign for you to restrain your emotions for the better of your factions rep. So, if you keep on giving into your spiking estrogen levels and bemoan everything really bad that has happened to YuJing (disregarding all the goodies and attention you have been given throughout the campaign) without showing any attempt for self-reflection and restraint I can see your dreams come true in most definitely having had an impact on the story: Namely by it publicly being announced, that, in the end It Was All YuJings Fault! Do yourself the favour and don't force them to play this card!
  10. I honestly got the feeling that YuJing was suger-coated with quite a bit of attention and care from the campaigns organizers this time around. It's only fair that as an equalizer they also got some snarky macho remarks on their inability to deliver on the credits that had been given beforehand and some of their more vocal players' wailing thereafter.
  11. The Haqqislam factions players were enjoying themselves pretty well. Granted, we also had enough veteran players sticking around to eliminate some initial delusions of what to expect from the campaigns mechanisms and it's organizers approaches towards it. Since everybody knew from pretty early on what they could expect from it the emotional reaction was far more grounded (than it would be without any initial revelation). Of course there are still a lot of issues to resolve before a third campaign'd be inititiated, but Wotan was in my opinion a step in the right direction.
  12. Well, I could try to rip that thing apart if you need proof or @BlackCadian hopefully hasn't finished building his yet. (Pity I, didn't take pics during construction...!)
  13. Yes. I double checked before gluing and checked again now. I you are talking about the symbol on the floor, that was deliberate. The paper coverings drab "dirty" colour fits very well for a weather worn terrain piece and ads up to the rest of that structure.
  14. Funny thing is, the logo is lasered onto the white part that is covered by the grey part. Following the product packaging image it should be on the Grey part.