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  1. I agree with that observation and the necessity to adjust your mindset if the conditions one met are not the ones one expected initially. Sadly, not everyone is capable of or willing to do so, hence the discussions. Maybe it would have helped to not advertise Wotan as a campaign but more as an international narrative or story driven event that is providing scenarios for players rather than a REAL influence on the stories narrative progression. Then again, it might have caused a lot more players to stay away from it from the beginning on alright.
  2. Yes, that is what you would have to do, and should do! If you are running a campaign you are in effect governing a society. A society without written rules or rules that are not supported by punishing perpetrators (in a way the public notices) turns into anarchy. But this has been in discussion since last campaign already, so it's not a subject new or unknown to either veterans nor campaign administrators. So no hard feelings on my part, mind you!
  3. Well, as far as I understand, what is actually called for by the more reasonable critics is an act of active and palpable moderation (=GM) to be seen during the course of a campaign, including more flexible, reactive storytelling - which CB doesn't like to provide seemingly - and swinging the banhammer publicly to reassure the law (=RAI) abiding factions of players that they don't get taken an advantage of by the aggressive WAACs. This measure of action would calm down the worries of RAI players significantly and reduce the complaints drastically of being left alone without any real instruments to fight perps themselves. You could consider more active moderation a political or populist act in this "society", but sometimes these measures are indeed needed to enforce guidelines of conduct on spot and thus keep the peace.
  4. Just be a better man and lead by example, is all!
  5. Nevertheless, as your post wasn't RAW you should brace yourself for the possibilety of an upcoming storm...!
  6. You can treat as sport or humorous past time. Just don't get emotionally involved...!
  7. Hyperbole and strawman arguments are pretty low discussion techniques in my book, to be honest. Just try to avoid that for the future.
  8. I am afraid to tell you that by RAI, in fact, they do! And calling that "lame" is just insular. Sorry!
  9. You know, you also don't have to play Wotan scenarios at all, right? Just look some up you and your opponent feel comfortable with and then have at them. And honestly I don't understand why I should subject myself to look for stronger opponents or not playing at all, just to please the plebs by assuring them that I didn't go for an easy win to support my faction. Also, like Cazboab said, that's a pretty elitist stance you guys have there, and as a newb I'd feel a little bit devalued by that snobbish attitude.
  10. Hm, what is the threshold for the number of games newbs had to have for you guys, before vet players may post battle reports of games against said newbs? That's an honest question, because the only games I could contribute as a report for my faction would be against a newb with just a handful of playing experience. Autowin for me most likely. Hadn't have the chance so far to play, but sooner or later this might be the case.
  11. The world ain't perfect, and some people only understand (and give worth to) their own language, Warren....!
  12. Probably you should order some crates of "Simple Solution" in order to deal with the spy-problem, then...
  13. Yes, it is! In regards to this comment by the representative of the people having created this campaign-system: there also is nothing to argue about or barter around it.