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  1. If you have nothing to hide there is nothing to spy on....!
  2. Regarding Leila I am on my way, already... "Photoscape" seems to be good enough for your purpose.
  3. Just a tip: To really buff the items aesthetics, you could highlight the edges of every structure with a brighter colour (light grey). It's not that difficult to do, but enhances the visuals significantly...!
  4. I like it pretty much. Price is o.k., in hindsight that you basically buy off the time you'd be spending on painting these things in that detail, too. That said, I wonder how scratch resistant the paint/print of the buildings actually is...!?
  5. You could have her knee resting on a low wall or trash bin or something...!
  6. That would have been my next question, too...!
  7. Will there be a chance you'll make this alternate objective room (shown in this awesome blog here) available for the public on a big scale? It has a very simplistic yet stylish design and doesn't look too complicated to assemble and paint. Which would be a boon for sales, I suppose...! Hence the question...!
  8. In regards to the wiki about Fireteams: Linkteams Is it now possible to put Yasbir (Holoecho1) into a Asawira-Haris-Linkteam, when masking himself as a Muyib?
  9. Since my interests have scattered a bit, I'd decided to start a blog to keep all the entries together that otherwise would have been spread over quite a couple of different threats and forums: This means that from now on any work done will be presented there. I'd like to thank all the readers here for their interest through the past years and hope to see you on my blog, now and then.
  10. "Well, you need a 5, spot on!" This one, was also nice: "Well, at least I can deny you some points by using my Doctor Plus on the Farzan...!" - "Fork!" - >ReRoll!< - "You've gotta be forkin' kiddin' me...!!!"
  11. Agreed. The Sushi Bar is worthy of improvement, both in design of the building (Roof and Entrance) and manual. The manual is a general issue for the whole YuJing-line all right.
  12. I hold it like Bruce Timm: Inverted Triangles for men, exaggerated Hour Glasses for women. Makes it very easy to distinguish!