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  1. Mid week game of safe area.
  2. What a beautiful piece of work. Can't wait to see a game set up or battle report on it.
  3. Nice work. You cut up a game matt for the roof? Very inventive and looks awesome. Your scratch built building is aces too. Stacked storage units?
  4. Brothers played without me this weekend The table they played on.
  5. I agree with Section 9. For us playing with interiors becomes a real pain if the building is more that ground level or maybe 2 storeys. It slows the game down taking it all apart and in ITS terms every order is precious (not to mention time limit). The interact skill to open a door (or as we play a window) to gain access to a building interior is one thing. However, if you have interior doors to open plus movement to get to the next floor your orders soon disappear. This can be a good thing if your trying to hide your LT but in game terms can be frustrating as you take apart buildings and try to keep track of positions within. This is complicated further if you have windows open drawing ARO's as you walk around inside. Hard to establish LoF, and hard to avoid without going prone etc. We have a few one storey Warmill buildings that we hide and on occasion fight in. The Warmill base i have looks amazing when put together but making it two storey is slightly annoying to play with. My District 5 Microart buildings have internal walls but I dread to pop the windows out to encourage play within. This of course is only our general experience, and I have played on tables with with lots of internal spaces to that I have also enjoyed games on.
  6. Using some of the more unloved terrain this weekend. Playing limited insertion games. Fun, fast and punchy format.
  7. Wow. Bonkers level of detail, awesome and beauty. You should be very proud. Would love to play toy soldiers on this table.
  8. Your stuff is always so good Naz. Congrates
  9. Just storage problems
  10. Lots of games this weekend. Didn't manage to get any pics during the games though. Using more space of the Neo Tokyo map and screening off/pedestrianising roads with buildings and Jersey barriers for more options.
  11. Good tips above. I would add the following- Probably let your opponent know that you are fairly new to the game. Display your orders so your opponent can clearly see them. Talk through your active turn orders. State your first part and movement route etc and wait for their ARO declaration, then state your second part. If you just want to slice the pie and engage the first trooper around the corner, talk them through it. Especially if you are popping out to get your shot then finish back in total cover etc. Ask questions. Most info is open. Enjoy the experience regardless of result. You will generally learn more with loses. Once you are less focused on not getting beat you can relax and 'flow' better. Hope you have fun
  12. Thanks Zagdag. Interesting idea. Do you have any images, links or examples of this conversion perhaps?