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  1. Couple more games this weekend, trying out different arrangements. LED light batteries need a charge though
  2. @Edster thanks dude. I really like your stuff as well. Nothing I have done is difficult and is very achievable by the average Joe with a bit of time. In regards to the height of the table I have to be careful placing the largest of the buildings, and often I left it off. Coupled with this map design the road ways across the DZ can create an angle for shots if you aren't careful. Thankfully the others in this range are also tall so provide quite a bit of cover. I still want to add a couple more smallish buildings to further mitigate death from above factor. Playing on the table felt pretty epic. Loving the new design Microart walkways. Big improvement on the older design and having a fire fight on them and seeing a TAG running around on them was cool. They provide a lot of depth to the map, although you have to work a little harder to check LoF with them and the taller building. However, rule of cool make them totally worth having.
  3. Took the table out for a spin this weekend. Second set up and game.
  4. These were LED's for Xmas decorations. I would imagine the doll house lights being more suitable and smaller. These were cheap and quick to fit. I might go back and line the inside with foil and spread them out more but i think they came out great with minimum effort. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/20LED-Fairy-Lights-AA-Battery-Powered-Operated-String-Christmas-Xmas-Party-Decor/271678094599?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=570515297906&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649
  5. Realised the roof entrance wasn't lit, so drilled another hole.
  6. Other 2 types of buildings lit up
  7. I have begun fitting some LED lights into my apartment blocks. They have no interiors to play in so its a good use of the space I think. I even drilled some holes under the balconies
  8. I revisited my planters with a trim and some bloom colour.
  9. Messing up my buildings and gantries with some weathering and graffiti. Just ordered some AA battery driven LED chain lights to glue into the top of them to make the windows glow. Had to Dremeled a hole in the bottom of the largest resi building. Now if Antenocities release their kick starter buildings for general release I will be done...
  10. Been a while since my last post. Life getting in the way of hobby time etc. Managed to get some new scenery pieces built and start work on a very cool drop ship. Had a couple of games to christen them tonight. Walkways were a lot of fun and offer a new dynamic.
  11. Oh sh1t. Awesome prizes
  12. Gutted can't come to this. Your 2 day tournies are my favourite of the calendar. Being at interplanterio is helping me with the loss though
  13. My take on the Clipper dronbot. Dremelled the sides flat and stuck on a cleaned versions of its missile launcher
  14. Order which you declare whether you are using your intelcom card is a separate dice roll. Highest declares first