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  1. Dropping 5 SWC on moderators? As a Nomad / Pan-O player my SWC is gold dust. It's true you can please some of the people some of the time etc. Just wanted to chime in
  2. Personally I really love these new sculpts. CB are revising their range and updating old models to the aesthetic they want to go with. They have a lot of character, another plus of 3D sculpting faces, allowing a nod to popular culture etc How often are you going to be running that many moderators you need to to bring out your old ones anyway? I'm going to retire mine other than the spitfire and sniper. The old models are smaller generally but more importantly look bad next to these lovely new 3D mini's. Always bemused how much negativity you get from a vocal minority. I hope CB and other forum users give it the attention it deserves.
  3. Some snaps of our tables this weekend for a pre-tourny run out.
  4. Few games between my brothers today. Didn't get a chance to use the new rocks though.
  5. Very nice links Section 9. I have followed my recipe for the rocks to match the three I have done already. Stuffed coloured sponge bushes into the larger cracks with PVA to affix. This is to hide the different sections of bark a little and is easier than filling with rock debris etc. Just need to clear coat them.
  6. Walked past a fallen tree the other day so grabbed some of the bark. Love free terrain Broke it up into smaller pieces and cut off the worse of it. Gave it a blast in the microwave for a few minutes to kill any nasties and got soapy water and a toothbrush to it. Needs painting and dry brushing still.
  7. Not a weekend, but managed to get some games in. Merry Xmas all
  8. Not sure sorry. Nice piece though
  9. http://www.dustgame.com/products_d.php?sid=59&id=791
  10. I don't think the leg designs are a huge difference. Obviously the new models aren't as slender and have less of a running pose to them. Sure a decent paint-job can unify them.
  11. Pretty simple one this. Trying to make the older regular models look more like the awesome new ones. Clipped the barrel and top magazine off, filled down and pinned a paper clip barrel in. Quick mod that gives the gun a similar size to the new ones
  12. More resin aquarium decoration. Always good value. Dremmel-Fu'd in two for scatter terrain. I'm not going to decorate or base so it can be used on any of our non-city mats.
  13. Keep up the great videos guys. Kudos However, am I right in thinking that as the action all happen at the same time, the Rodok super jump who took a missile to the face as an ARO, would effect all the others in the link that started all of their moves within the burst?
  14. Sorry, I tried to stop myself...
  15. No Mike, Rob and Matt