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  1. More fish tank resin. Each running about £1.40 each. I particularly like the yellow tube type piece.
  2. Rent just went up!
  3. More games this weekend. Play testing my new table in a couple of layouts, and a flat jungle table without any hills.
  4. Some really interesting and original designs here. Nice paint jobs as well. One thing though, do these buildings have ladders to access the roof? Keep up the good work Yurij
  5. Agreed with the 'today' feel not quite working with the more everyday and easily recognised cars. Super cars kind of work but are lower and offer less cover. Street mat kind of made the decision for me. I need terrain badly for so much road.
  6. Toy cars turned up quickly. Lots of little details and text/logos. Not as nice as my concept cars but much cheaper. Only £4 for lambo's, £8 for Landrover and £5 for others. Ideally I would spend the time air brushing resin sci-fi cars but its nice seeing the interiors cabins and not haven't to work to get them to the table is a bonus.
  7. Laying out a test table for the Aztec buildings. Have ordered some more 1:43 toy cars to fill the roads out more and help prevent a massacre in the deployment zones.
  8. Thanks Edster. I have been inspired by some of the really great terrain builders on this forum over the years. Glad I can give something back. I fully intend to have fun mixing the tables up. Overgrown city of Paradiso etc The base is from Warmill. http://www.warmill.co.uk/Clandestine_Facility_MULE_bundle/p814918_11057217.aspx
  9. Thanks Wirelizard. I agree it's nice to have playable interiors, but I find it a drag if they are more than one storey. Taking the buildings apart can be disruptive sometimes. We normally play our Micro arts District 5 buildings as sealed, although I have put interior walls in them. I don't have the windows popped out with the majority of them either. We mix in various one storey Warmill building for interior play, hiding people etc. With ITS practice play we normally don't have enough orders to be opening doors etc. Plus it never really made much sense jumping through windows or entering doors without lock pick hack or at least a short skill interact. Gliding through windows for free seems too easy to me. Security in the future would be no joke. Thinking maybe 'smart buildings' would slam down the shutters purge style, as soon as gun fire happened/terrorism occurred. Happy Panda noodles has a nice playable interior thankfully.
  10. Testing out some of the improved jungle terrain with a couple of different boards this weekend. Quite dense tables but fun to play on. Table two - overgrown base
  11. https://www.miniaturescenery.com/ProductPage.asp?Code=PEREGRINE
  12. Rest of my Aztec buildings arrived yesterday. Slightly easier construction this time as I built the shells, then painted white, adding the green decor and perspex later. With my first two attempted I painted the panels before construction which made for tighter tag fits and much swearing. Still need to decide whether to weather or not. Kind of like the clean look. Also will use up some of the grills and vents I have laying around for more detail. Table so far -
  13. Revisited my monster tree bases with decoration I've been meaning to do for some time. I didn't want to go overboard with decoration on the base to ensure models can touch the roots for cover easily. Carved hills got a lighter colour dry brush to make them pop better and some more flock useful for suggesting route up to the top.
  14. Home made them from parts . Creepy looking aren't they. Originally I bought a mat of the bushy stuff, a mat of tall darker green 'trees' plus a mix of colourful pieces. Image below shows the sort of things. Parts for the feed-me ones are in the front right. These plants for the most part have a long stalk with pairs of leaves branching off opposite to each other. With a small nail clipper I cut them up into the pairs and hot glue gunned them onto a washer. I glued the larger leaf pair down then the next at 90 degree angle and so on. Took a weekend and a lot of burnt fingers but made silly amounts of plants. Nice amount of colour to break up the green of jungle woods.