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  1. So much will be lost. Hmmm, do I quote Roy Batty? Naw. If you're playing Infinity, you damn well better know it already. I wish CB could find a way to make an archive out of some of the forums, Rules of Engagement sub-forum, Infinity Tournament System (ITS), all of Vergilius and Fussion. Hasta entonces, muchachos.
  2. I made the following building in 2012 for a tournament in Washington D.C. The project was to build terrain based on buildings and monuments on the Mall in Washington D.C. For some reason I found myself "volunteered" to build this, a scale model of the National Museum of the American Indian. So, armed with nothing but the internet, I managed to cobble together enough images to draft some plans and to produce the ~ 1/200 scale building you see below, and which you can see in person at the tournament, since it is used-- it is a playable piece of terrain, and would work for Infinity too --in the 40k narrative tournament. Some of you who were at last year's tournament may have seen it, and the other very impressive monuments and buildings we had. This building is roughly 18" x 24" in size. The base a bit larger. (Yes, the base was an afterthought. I did not want to distract from the building. So it is pretty simple.) This gives you an idea of its size, since there are no visual indicators in the photos. I think that the style, which is meant to evoke the American southwest, particularly lends itself well to the sort of architecture that one finds on Bourak, rammed earth constructions, thick curving walls and other touches. The color seems close too. I do imagine Bourak having redder tones. Perhaps the buildings should have a few details reminiscent of the Ottoman Empire or the Casbah. Since I play the Haqqis, I intend to build a Bourak board, and use this style as the inspirational source for its buildings. I am undecided about building sizes (footprints, heights) and amounts. Plus the small matter of scatter terrain. Any suggestions, I welcome them. I intend this to be a terrain blog. I may also deviate a bit into other Infinity terrain projects too. Thanks for stopping by.
  3. This is the way the forum ends This is the way the forum ends This is the way the forum ends Not with a bang but a whimper.
  4. My hovercraft is full of eels.
  5. As you will quickly find out in the new bilingual forum, Spaniards are really, really, really into furries. Especially the Castilians. As I understand the "plan", after the Laika Dog-Girl, there will be a Clockmaker Cat-Boy. Then, some sort of Panda themed "monk" for one of the Yu Jing Sectorials. This 8-ball thing from Aristeia! is a test run. The Mercs get some sort of Rocky Raccoon unit. (Shout out to Guardians of the Galaxy, obviously.) I shudder to think what Pan-O or Haqq might get.
  6. By Crom's hairy nutsack! The spambots are now performing thread necromancy. We are truly seeing the End-Times. We doctorsforumites know a hopeless case if ---listen: there’s a hell of a good universe forum next door; let’s go. (with apologies to e.e. cummings.) Oh, reported. Looks like this poor thread is quite the spambot attractor.
  7. Si, si, ya sabemos que allí estás, Luisjoey El Caballero Despiadado. Tu avatar me dio un ataque de epilepsia. ¿Por qué intentas matarme? Forum-folks need to go through the grieving process. The forum they know is "dying". They remain here because they are in the denial phase. Next up will be anger. They'll move over eventually. Give them time. It appears that one cannot change forum name or contact email for the 'Unified' CB account. Hmmm. What will everyone do for Bostria day if they cannot alter their forum name in homage?
  8. Oh good grief! Just learn Spanish. You learned the Infinity rules. Learning Spanish is much easier. (Not kidding) It's the vocabulary and some of the idiomatic expressions that take a while. Click the plus sign in the forum header to collapse the forum display. Now the Forum display is just an easily overlookable bar. The problem will come in the bilingual forums of the Fan Zone. Fan Zone?! No, It is Fussion. The Artistic Channel. C'mon Koni. Fix that. Por Favor. At least restore the old forum names. Changing the theme from Corvus Belli Style ( the default) to Infinity Style stopped my eyes from bleeding. Y'all might want to try changing the theme too. Button is at the bottom left of the page, next to the default language button.
  9. I'll migrate the Tarasque. We are speaking of the Beast of Tarascon, Vrai? I don't suppose the Tarasconiens will mind. However, if you are speaking of a certain thread, that thing can go straight down the memory hole. For those who want that sort of thing, head on over to (Not joking.) "Progressives" are bigots, these days. Or maybe fascists. When Kan, our current Master Troll, is not around... hmmm, Camparán a sus anchas-- to use the Spanish expression. So too will the *iN crowd*. I cannot do a proper job of trolling since I'm a mere Journeyman Troll. Granted, I did learn the trade from the Grandmaster Troll, Dan Lyons, he of the Secret Diary of Steve Jobs -- A veritable tour de force of trolling. Start at the beginning. Ignore the crap from Lastangelman and Brinke that shows up near the end. Todd is a Master Troll, but he has been scarce around here, from what I've seen. ¡Vuelve, Todd! A serious question: What of the secret Warcor forum? Will that still be around? (and not so serious: can we restrict Warcors to posting in that forum and only that forum? I vote 'yes'.) Y'know, the Data Sphere • Index page is a perfectly good forum.
  10. There appears to be a button at the bottom left of the page to switch language. Click Espanol (Neutro) Tu and the selector de idioma pops up. Choose English (US) .
  11. I recall the first time I visited the Infinity forums (A.D. 2009). They were ( or somesuch) back then, IIRC. So what's old is new. Oh geez, the new forum allows animated avatars. This will not end well. Well folks, time to get to work migrating content to the new forum. I nominate the Warcors for the work. Make those turkeys earn their keep.
  12. Where's my QK Dire Foe, CB? Hunh? Stop sculpting those damned tactical rocks and sculpt me an Odalisque Spec Op. Leila Sharif is really more of a Vanilla/Bahram Spec Op. (Yes, I know Oda's are not normally Spec Ops. So What?) Also, I'd like to inquire about the whereabouts of my Acontecimento Regular Spec OP? Where is it? It should look like Hurley, or maybe Sayeed.
  13. To seal the printed token, use gorilla clear packing tape or Scotchtape heavy duty clear packaging tape. Essentially, this laminates the token, at least the printed part. Apply a strip of the tape to a strip of the printed tokens, then punch them out using the 1" punch. Works a charm.
  14. Nope, even better. A Pan-O doctor. With one heck of a scalpel. And Frenzy. "I'd stop to save your life Angus, but I'd rather go on a 5 planet killing spree. See you in Valhalla, chump." Yes please to a Svalarheim sectorial sooner rather than later thank you very much. And Vedic too. With updated sculpts naturally. (Newer and better Nagas por favor. )
  15. Cosplayer and muscle car aficionada? Kewl I'm aware that some Germans like American cars. I used to watch the Tatort (Köln version) and one of the protagonists had a thing for American cars. And cowboy boots, for a while.
  16. An out of shape Canadian Mountie? Maybe sleigh is the word you sought New releases are generally available here in the Eastern USA during the 3rd week of a month. Highly unlikely that they'll be under anyone's tree, but not impossible.
  17. I demand that the OP change this thread name to Druzember to Remember. (and you know that I am serious. I used Times New Roman font.) In order to pay homage to the forthcoming Druze box. Anger Druze mercenaries at your peril. They are not nice people. But they can be worse.
  18. Excuses, excuses. Spray on adhesive would be the wrong thing to use, for starters. (I am well aware of its qualities, which is why I don't use it. This forum's very own Eypyeash gave a nice post on rubber cement in the thread you cited in your OP, ah, here ) However, I posted a simple solution to hiding the exposed foam. It's on my thread. You may want to see it.
  19. De Nada, Monni. Thanks for the comment. I have not been very active either. RL "issues". However, I am compelled to post the following: Exposed foam core edges look ugly. Conceal them in just a few easy steps. 1. Fold a strip of paper to make a |_| shape. If you want, print some texture on the strips first. Heck print a sheet of these things to automate the process. Then cut out the strips, and fold. It helps to lightly score the the fold lines before actually folding the strips. (this is S.O.P. in papercraft.) 2. Apply adhesive. I'd use a glue stick, as shown below. You could use a liquid adhesive, but meh, a bit messy for this. before applying the strip,I would consider sealing the exposed foam edge with PVA glue, or wood glue. 3. Affix the strip to the edge. It self-aligns. Nice. Clean. Quick. Leave the strip a bit longer than the foamcore, and trim the excess after the glue has dried. 4.Affix the printed texture to the surface of the foamcore. I just used a white sheet of paper here as an example. "Look Ma! No edges!" Well, that was easy, no? One simply needs to do this before applying the textures to the facings of the foamcore. One could also reverse steps 3 and 4 to create a different look for the work. You're welcome. Thanks for stopping by. We'll resume our irregularly scheduled programming sometime in the near future. RL intervenes ATM.
  20. What Bugbait said. Exposed foamcore is ugly. It distracts from your otherwise excellent work. In lieu of a 5mm wide strip, you could also use a 15mm wide strip folded into a "|_| " channel to cap the exposed foamcore, and apply the printed paper over it, or vice versa, if you do something interesting with the strip. I recommend doing something similar with the corners of your buildings too. Reinforce the joints and hide the gaps.
  21. ^^^A dose of Cialis® will fix that. I'd like to see rules for 3 or more players too. For me, the game would transition from, "Nice game, hope it does well for CB" to "I'll buy that." The board gamers in my group, and I, we always play 3+ players games. 'Cuz, y'know, there are always at least three of us. It sucks to be the odd man out, or "the referee."
  22. Import the proper page from the PDF file into GIMP. Crop image as desired. Export as a JPG file. Upload. Easy-Peasy.
  23. Don't be such a tease Section 9. Let 'em get a load of the TAG bug bomb in all its N2 glory
  24. ¡Ay Caray! The new Malifaux plastics. I assembled the Smoke and Mirrors crew last year. Never getting another Wyrd mini again. Nope. Utterly a nightmare. ^^^This is a Bec De Corbin, actually. As I understand it, one of the few differences between a pollaxe and a halberd is the size of the axe head. The halberd has a much larger blade. Of course, the halberd has a longer pole too. This Valkyrie's weapon has some mix of the two, very closely related types. It looks like it has a haft butt spike, something not normally found on Halberds, but common to pollaxes, and a shorter haft, plus the hand guard as you noted. It is also double bitted, like a batte-axe. I suspect CB went for the rule of cool-- they do that, y'know --rather than trying to stick to any sort of historical accuracy. Of course, my knowledge of medieval pole arms is rather dated. I learned all this stuff decades ago, and as one might surmise, never put that knowledge to much real world use. I was under the impression that pollaxe and bardiche were the same thing. They're not. Ah well. Now I know better. Cheers.
  25. No, it is a halberd, not a bardiche ( pollaxe), or possibly it's intended to be a battleaxe. An odd weapon choice for a Valkyrie, too. I would expect a krókspjót -- looks a bit like a Bohemian Earspoon, a weapon with which everyone is surely familiar (well Old School D&D players are) -- and/or a Viking/Frankish sword (Spatha) -- maybe even an Ulfberht. It looks to be a Valkyrie. It has combat heels.