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  1. Like the new skin on Maximus much better than the original. Looking forward to painting that one up!
  2. Quality work! What sort of airbrush set up are you using?
  3. Well done, Sir, well done! Best. Ads. Ever.
  4. Love the reskin of Maximus. I think it was a wise move to release some metal minis.
  5. Love the Szalamandra! Been waiting for that for a long time. Now Geckos...
  6. Beautiful work - as always! You've really nailed the YuJing minis.
  7. Really nice work on the pods and bay.
  8. Those expansion fighters look solid. I like Hannibal.
  9. Very handsome!
  10. Your NMM painting seems spot on. The pictures, even with the new lights, seem a bit dark.
  11. Nice work, CB. The game looks good.
  12. My understanding is that Infinity was played as an RPG in the early days of development, and became a miniatures game after.
  13. Beautiful work! Any chance of a close up of the pilot?
  14. The contrasting color sets off the bases nicely. I'd love to see a bit more complimentary colors in the figures as well.