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  1. Nice color scheme on those - they really pop!
  2. Nice use of color on the blade, and I like the black/white contrast on the mini. Nice work.
  3. Nice work on these lists - fun stuff!
  4. Nice paint jobs on those wrecked cars!
  5. First, kudos for putting yourself out there. Constructive criticism: much like writing, I'd say you could benefit from "show, don't tell." In other words, if you mention an army or hobby project, show a picture, or pan your camera to your hobby table to let us see it. That makes things vastly more entertaining for the viewer.
  6. We have to expect this in the future. The fluff is pretty clear that Aristeia! has more than just one-on-one duels. It may be pretty easy to figure out how to add more duelist on your own - we'll see...
  7. Excellent work on the eyes and dirt on this one!
  8. Yeah, though I have no idea if it's a reasonable expectation or not, I would love to be able to design my own duelist!
  9. I really like the Ayyar - looks like it will be easily customizable as well.
  10. Amazing table! Do you have your own laser cutter (or access to someone else's)?
  11. Well in that case, very nice blends!
  12. If I didn't know better, I'd accuse you of a humble-brag there. Great work as usual.
  13. Honestly - the fluff is good enough that is worth the price of the older books. You can generally find a used copy pretty cheap through a number of sources.
  14. Heh-heh. Welcome to Aristeia! the gateway drug for the Infinity universe
  15. Nice airbrush work on these. Good job!