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  1. Nice work on the transitions in the yellow/orange!
  2. What model of printer did you get?
  3. Seems solid to me. I see no reason more complex profiles shouldn't work.
  4. Nicely done, Sir!
  5. That's quite a bit on the painting table. I'm envious of your hobby space!
  6. They're not my favorite sculpts.
  7. Where'd you find all those, Usashi?
  8. New video - can't wait till the 28th!
  9. The link to the new video:
  10. Excellent news! Thanks.
  11. Just wondering. It's there a plan to release some of the ambulance decals we saw in the Dragon KS? I'm looking to use them on a 'Hopper.
  12. Concerning tactical rocks: I agree that they virtually never match the base you want. ...but it's also relatively simple to replace them with something appropriate.
  13. I'm rather partial to the Warsenal line. Pick the style that suits you. I like the Tunguska and Cosmica for my Nomads.
  14. Nice sheets. Well done!