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  1. nomads

    Superb work on the gold in that test figure!
  2. nomads

    Nice work on those yellows - tough to get right.
  3. Storage lockers?
  4. Nice painting and conversions. Looking forward to seeing more!
  5. Icarium, your painting is amazing as always. However, your snow bases are a bit distracting. Snow doesn't tend to accumulate in neat little clumps, but spreads fairly evenly across most surfaces, even when melting. Having a dusting across the entire base and fading your clumps a bit more (a bit like a blend on a miniature) might give more pleasing results.
  6. Agreed. Designing those to be used against walls is inspired.
  7. "Murphy was an optimist..." Hope it's a minor speed bump.
  8. Nicely done!
  9. Thanks, Usashi.
  10. Metal miniatures aside, what are the other bonus components in the deluxe edition?
  11. Very nice work on those purples - well done!
  12. Perhaps I'm link-challenged, but where's the online paint thing?
  13. Great work, and a very unified theme for the force. Well done!
  14. It's a striking color scheme - effective. Where did you get the Police decals? It might be nice to see those in a different language, too.