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  1. How many mm is the stock for the office items and chairs? Those seem to be home made?
  2. That's enough terrain to keep you busy for a while! Hopefully the new house has some space for a "miniatures man cave!"
  3. It's fun to see your process. Thanks for the posts, and nice work.
  4. Excellent work. How are you doing the edging on the roof hexagons?
  5. Second the call for a tiny bit and brass wire - the wire has some malleability to it the helps prevent future breaks.
  6. Yup, definitely a chicken and egg situation. PAX events are generally pretty happy to run either demos or tournaments, and if you bring visually appealing terrain/tables it will attract a crowd. Did a Mobile Frame Zero event once - you can't get much more appealing than little LEGO mechs!
  7. I must say that this model looks much better now that I see it from a couple angles. Not an auto buy, as I don't play Tohaa, but not bad.
  8. Love it!
  9. Great work. I'd suggest just a bit more hue variation on the grey plates - not the edges, but the side-to-side (or up-down) variation on the same plate.
  10. Objectives set looks very nice! Yes, please post a link when is sorted.
  11. I can actually think of a few games (not just Infinity) that would benefit from something like that...
  12. That's a pretty reasonable wish if you ask me! However, I suspect they'll both be male (easier sculpting if they share common elements).
  13. Well done! Yashia has thrown the gauntlet. Now I'm going to have to create one as well...