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  1. Yes, that really is quite impressive!
  2. For goodies this nice, I'm prepared to wait a bit.
  3. Nice work, Killionaire! What's the story behind those?
  4. Original or not, that's some beautiful painting!
  5. While it would be fun, it's just not really in keeping with the Nomad spirit. Hard to use bikes on a space ship.
  6. Yes, those are very nice! And the multi-level noodle hut, which I rather fancy.
  7. Those are great designs. Great Haqqislam feel to them!
  8. Another amazing figure! Great work as always! Love the "muddy boots".
  9. Overall - I like what I see. No one is ever going to like 100% of the sculpts - to much personal preference involved. Anyone have a better pic of the Gecko pilot?
  10. Looks good to me. Nice work!
  11. Nice find! Thanks.
  12. Great work - who makes the horses?
  13. The one eating the noodles is practically begging to be used in a diorama!
  14. Solid choice for the points cost. Good for Merc lists.
  15. Thanks for the blog link. Sounds like you're living in "interesting times" but are almost at the end of the tunnel.