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  1. So should we migrate tacticat topicks to a new forum ??
  2. Up date : im moving topic slowly to new forum
  3. NOT EXACLY you may always use glazes to darken things and add value by this same with added colours - a simple glaze of red / purple on knee will make it look way better same on chicks or other places - yoiu may instantly imprive a move star highlander team by just this
  4. Skin Diamond currently known as Raylin Joy - turns out she is talented not only in bed painting : this is good article in my topic yuo will find a Domovol mini - skin on him is caind of there in terms how (is far from show case lvl but idea is there ) my criticue of your Skin painting is mostly about same recipe every time and it looks pale and flat - it is basicly same paint you use to paint ginger hairs - but you could use a lot of colours to make it look way more natural a slightly colorations make wonders - you will find alot of this in Giraldes minis - a subtele reds / greens and purples
  5. ok i c problems with feve things first of - your brush work it may be a wrong brush or to old brush or the way you use it - make a photo of your brush and post (this have nothing to do with shaki hands ) secound off - you try to throw to much eags to one basket - Yuan Yuan is good example - sponge , inks , shading with layers , NMM and dry brush (all tho not on Yuan yuan ) without making any one correct if you whant make an experiment i may walk you thrue whole painting process of one mini from 0 to done - select easy to pain mini in most boring pose you get there like this female Ghulam you got there or even more boring like female zanshe (if you have not painted her already ) and tell collor theme you whant her to make - even post a correct collors names then i will tell you what is next step - beside doing a correct base colour (but ye post brush , and a photo of paint of palete you are working with - im interested with how thick is the paint - already encounteded a lot of ppl that say they thin it and a lot just to look at it and decide like -"nop you are halfway there thin this way more " ) and if you ar wonder how i paint - just look at my topic - lets say i got some expirieance
  6. o nice Morat TAG
  7. yes , no , maybe have you an album / topic with your last year progress ?? i think i may know whay you reached a peek and struggle to progress - but i must c more of your works this include older ones and painting white over black is usualy an annoing work - but this is an other topic - but good guidline is don't paint bright colours on black
  8. You need more tits beside this congrats looks good ok Skin is not your strongest pick
  9. ok i will do something not exacly legal on this forum - but at lest im not showing you a way to a shop hope this help with the idea
  10. hard to say /.. BF 4 is slightly up dated BF 3 and currently is mostly bug free (day one .. or even first half a year was unplayable bug fest ) and Single player is (well it was duno now ) mandatory as it unlocks weapons for MP depending on your rank .. so you whant a gold rank in every single player mission TF 2 is ... is not BF 4 in theory for free but a lot of opportunity to buy micro transactions , if you got cool ppl to play with - a lot of fun but if you are going tro play with pug .. you may get your selve in to a shit show highly toxic bag of dicks or idiots singing over vois chat all the tine , or squiling like pigs or other random highly annoing behave - things that never applea to me was a kill time - you can just die randomly over and over you may try Fistful of Frags or Dirty Bomb ACTUAY : fuck it - in GoG is MDK for free - play this (like 41 h to get it for free left - and Brutal legend is like 24 h ) ^o^
  11. Well Disnay whanted to make PR look good - they are as greedy corpo as it gets - never less it was Disney that force a for a time loot box suspendance (assuming they will return about Last Jedi hit the cinemas - and nobody will remember whole thing ) And a Goverment voicing desire to look cerfuly / revaluate gambling policy put them in to red alert state - this could put a lot of them operations in to a jopardy or worst a huge fines for un sanctioned gambling fun thing the main hero of Storyline got hit with amazing ugly brush to appeal to SJW as she could be perciped as not real
  12. you got like 44h to get Brutal legend for free : and EA backed out from selling lootboxes in BF 2 SW - after backlash .. but mostly after Disney voiced his concens how EA handle ther franchise
  13. i like Shark tape , Garfield mug is nit to
  14. so now Nomads work with Morats ??
  15. So which one of you in shop was you ?? the one with Morats ??