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  1. and this will be a strange comment : i like base you made for this mini i do not like the shoulder pads they look like painted in roten flesh colour then washed in not particulary well method over all mini will look good on table well in many comparsion wery good but sholder pads stand out as anearly wip in case of ahilles you may improve the effect if you get white paint and highlght a n edges with a side of a brust creating a very thin bright line
  2. ok about red - it is awful colour to shade is is easer to shade it actualy then highlight and instade ad white add pink then paint and at end glaze bright red again - pinkish shade wil go away but vivid red will last
  3. macarena Magrariba , Potato Tomato .. no deference ye i like the red to but now you wil have harder to paint rest - unles you have not mouted mini and just assemble top for photo ?
  4. Blue Force
  5. and congrats nice - i like the leather effect you made on the Vest but the thingi under right foot do not aligned to base
  6. hym it looks like yuo watchedsome tutorials when painting thous Yellow YJ
  7. hym it looks like you used a dry pigmehnts on the base .. i would use the same rusty one on a boots and part legs of this Alfassed to create a nice melding with base beside this it is clean pj - not much to add ok do not be afride of stronger highlights especialy on borders
  8. o such big difference now green is damn vivid i may just add that you may shade browns with dark purple glaze but it is a specific effect and not always fit the mini and you may not like the effect as it is a way to advence design color theme by deviding colours to warmth and cold thones and creating focus points by temperature and colour/ brightnes
  9. so im assuming you like the Tiger .. i must admit i think blue baccground made a mini looks a bit flat i think it is a way how Camera process brightnes / contrast so i give you a Govad HMG - i would say a big step in correct way for CB casting - a mini is made out of 3 parts and resonable splited no shit like an arm with pistol separation or separated head - non of thous one leg and arm with HMG are separate from main body in terms of painting it is nice to paint but i fucked up some things like the colour on shinguardes i was aiming towards gold but got carried away and i got with what you c .. and this is a problem as i do not remember how i made this so if i will paint rest of Govads for me i will need to duplicate this effect that i have no recal memerys how i end with this (i will menage i will just use paints that give this effect but not exact same effect .. )
  10. nice but as usual base is lacking same as boots other thing wgen shading green - add a bit of Yellow it gives better effect as green + white = milky white or just undefined offwhite instade of brighter green but good job
  11. so at last last mini from Starter (ye i know ther was an Yuan Yuan but im saving him for later ;)) so i was intended to get him in to a warm yellow orange but forget about adding orange so it run in to yellow as a brown i used was actualy a brown green hue .. -__-. i do not know if i like my minis on black baccground or on blue one or on a buildings from RV .. i think i preffere on black but how do you think ??
  12. Saints Row 2 for PC up to 22 of this month free on GoG this version works on new PC but im afride you will need to instal feve things inside to force game to be playable not clunky (like changing in driving mechanic and a slow down game - game speed is defined by your CPU clock .. - or it was in Vanila - dunno how GoG version )
  13. Hym .. ok go to Battle net (or how is this new app called that was befor e a battlenet) go to shop then to Classic games and Grab Starcraft broodwar Antology for free
  14. autumn is basicly about warm rusty colours warm yellow Red and brown and leavs , small sticks (a roots do well for this ) basicly look at Ctans minis and bases - he likes autumn bases alot and i wil throw a feve made by me with a different level of complication :\ Basic - you can't go lower but it is autumn themed a bit more crap + leafs a wall , grass , leafs and a spunge .. and Blue Zuave .. 0-o Rusty colours + Yellowish leafs (placed one by oner to get an effect of a wind moving them ) and at the end : a lot of things going one over all if your goal is to get an impresion of wind - you need to place leafs one by one usin tooth pick and set them corectly - you may even paint them Red (redish ) if this will improve the effect (it will if you use corect colours - like muted green as a 80% of a base and include this in mini then as accent Red leafs )