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  1. botom of page - i made my own coverage of this problem - hope it helps someone
  2. so i made this on tin foil so not only how "dark it is " but also if it reflact light from left - chaos black - Valleho black is same - black but glossy AF this grey smuge is a black undercoat for airbrush - compared to others is grey next is not black even it it called so "coal black" - it is Vandyke brown - so it is dark blue (ye i know this is bonkers ) artistic grade black (but not high end one - but is mat ) Black ink - that actualy dryed mat - surprise Black oil paint - glossy as Fuck !!!! next 3 are made by me by mixing different things first pigment + satin vernish next is artistic grade + pigment - way better coverageand almost perfect mat and last is black ink + pigment very dark black and mat - controary to just ink that is glossy - so if i would buy a better black pigment (they are 2 blacker ones but cost 3x times as much best would be ink + pigment ) gloss Vs non gloss - gloss one seams darker but in real is not if i cover my own with gloss or cover glossy black with matt vernish actual darker will be mine - the rightmost 3 ) REDS !! lefrmost - is just red secound on left - is the brightest red you may get in game line !!! third - Fooking Fluo red - not made by me - just bought this one - if it was made by fluo pigments it would be even bigger difference next one - a red pigment - brightest you may get but not fluo + mat vernish next - a very bright and vivid Red ink by Valleho next - red ink + red pigment - damn bright for no fluo paint and good coverage and perfect matt Fluo orange and rightmost - oil red not fluo but damn bright one (ye i know on photo not seam so but fluo red is just of the charts and everthing is on thinfoil ) fluo are a bit glossy / a part satine if they dry well secound on left - the brightest you may buy for minis - is a satine actualy not gloss made by me - matt finish no reflections - pigment + ink = best coverage with one layer so hope this may help somebody
  3. i should cover next in pure ventablack , another in Pinkest pink and last in just Bullshit but ye i can actualy present a test of feve black paints including feve made by me out of pigments
  4. first of all it a bit toxic and inhaling it by actident may be lethal or very not helthy secound off it is nano tubes and aplication of it is rather compixcated so is bad for minis if you are after good deep black most of times you need to do it your selve go to artist shoop and ask for Black pigment - if they only have one - it is wrong shop - they should at lest have 3 .. but usaly 5 + they will differ in quality , mattnes , density and a depth of black - get the blackest for black and other that will help to get a mat black so now you kmay mix this to a "normal black paint " or create your own black paint - you will just need a acrylic medium for this (same shop - just decide you whant a glos mat or satine - different mediums ) - if i feel to have to much time i may give a comparsion of feve black paints i have
  5. hyma Dungeon Keeper worth a game yuy say ??
  6. a favorite NPC/HVT recently Uhuhu ?? Uhahu ?? Cchowchow ?? the new one is coveres in insane amount of fluo paints and if i say there is a lot of fluo .. it is maybe time to prove it funny mini to paint and btw i get new Hellowen mini in my hands (the CA HVT Pneumatograf of your Hegemony or something like this ) and he is like a pumpkin head to be or Jack Skeleton - definitly gona make him lie this .. o and this one and his banch of news are the one with "Ourtrage legacy " way of assembly - good job CB !
  7. o riy can just go for Fluo paints
  8. so a bit news - Nioh is heading towards PC .. with idiotic requirments .. assuming much overblown - shame not BloodBorn but Nioh is not bad to Midleearth: Shadow of Bore - if you like grind fests with repetable content and one button combo rythm game like batman arkham city , with worst graphic then previous one but with 3x the area and a mix of Assasins Greed with Fart Cry go after markers acros the map do something (prees "E" ) and go for 3 more of thous you made a mission now get anothet exact same , o and "E " button do in this game like everything - so you will constantly do random thing in the middle of combat - jump . climb , pickup , crouch, roll , etc . Tomorow South Park Premiere of fractured but whole it is rather good news and in owerwatch Hellowen event is running - with in same grind .. as Greedzard fill loot boxes with icons and sprays no body cares Assasin Cread :Orgins - well rather Assasin Cread :A DLC Platform .. Battle Chasers: Nightwar - this may be good - after 2 month from now - currently a bit buged
  9. o my his first layers are like no no from my pov - but immor of a wet blender then layer painter /:)
  10. domaru on secound photo looks like holding a huge hammer care to share ?? or it is a secret
  11. you highlighted red so much it turned yellow next will be wine to water - you need to watch on this
  12. i know how so i'm letting know plenty off you can get it in a pigment stare - inlcuding self luminous ones (but mostly erry green ) - got both types or a one thia is called Fluoroscent - they glow like craze under "dark light" - and again they come in a paint or pigment variety you can buy for modelers or for artists in tubes - i got the tubed ones - (red is insane ) and they are so called bright glow paints / pigments - they do not react on UV or dark but they are like 20% ~30% brighter and stronger colour then you get normaly - but they are based on Kadmium and Zinc - so do not spray them by Airbrush (or user a protective gear ) janisarry size is for me strange to hmg is smaler then rest of new and older one is damn todler and oldest are bigger then him but smaller then newest it is probable how much he is rubed on - if a lot - you get full sized running Tarick if just a bit - the new one if not at all - he is just Kawariji ok photos - not Tarick - he turns out random on photos - my light source is not big enught to light at same time a gun and blade and so on ye not perfect but visible - it require tipod and no flash from cammera - like 3 sec of exposure and a camera without build in UV filter ... or rather one using UV for it own ends like metering under low light - like the one i got (and no metering UV was not the thing i got this one - just side effect - most that can record moves use UV for they own end - you may just need to turn off a UV correction ) on Azrail the red thing in gun shine way more then camerra just show - like i say my UV source is rather small and week - it is to check if money is not faked - same other mino from hint her mohawk and glases shine vivid orange and red and below Photo - the green parts just shine in darkness hope i helped a bit and i got a strange idea im owner of 2 old minis that could use repaint - an old Tarik - you just c him and old Ko Dali so i may strip one of thous from paint and paint anew - in case of Ko dali i would paint Old + New (i got both ) and in case of Tarick - just paint him to a "new standard " and look how he stand up in this days
  13. The orange things are actual a fluorescent pigments so on photo that is a frozen frame it may look a bit flat but in RW it actualy glows the new one is best to play from the start - correct weapon - you whant a Spitfire one , - mostly easy to assembleand glue - and new fiday - well is not female with nce but but definitly a huge step forward from last one
  14. cool you like him at lest somene like him ok back to Tarick Immansuri but first of a Tarick Triple - first one a running one (thi is a converted one for spitfire - normaly he is with AP rifle but in thous time i need a spitfire ) fun fact the new one is not much bigger then oldest one - is just bulkier (a midle one - in dynamic pose he is actualy damn big 0 not Ajax size but he is big ) ok below more of compartion new Vs Newest as you c - the older one is bigger and a story about painting him - i struggle to glue him together as this one is heavy then he spend a year on a desk collecting dust and i started to experiment techs on him .. so now he is wearing awkward coat fitting a chaos warrior .. and i rush him a bit to finish this over timer and new Version : this time converted an arm to look more like old one - i like old one (it is converted as slot fits one handing down but when picked up he just look like wioth broken arm so it requite a slight conversion to bring his shoulder up ) this time i go t carred away with blade - the hell it is a hot metal stab ? energy weapon - dunno and on coat .. it started with -" ok i will ad some of texture to this " - and you can c this on his armour butthen i t was like ok this coat looks boring lets look at orginal Otomman clothing of higher officers .. and ye ... back pattern apeard .. and in spoiler some oversized photos so which i like the most ? Dynamic one looks Badass but it stucks on everything and is nightmare to mount in a proper way and is heaviest one new one i do not like his default pose - but over all way beter to mount and glue and not so heavy oldest one - i just love this pose - is a bit reversed new one but this one is so much "fuck Ye " and ppl call him Cap Haqq for this mini - but level of detais is below new ones and blade tend to broke off on this as ther is stange stylist gap in it just after the handel - and thi is annoing - definitly lightest of them - but in terms of hight is the size of new one - just way slimmer most usable atm is newest - especialy mounted "normaly" will not get stuck on evrything a Runner - it is a type of amazing mini that you have no idea how to set on table and old one - just classy - if you need a compact Tarick - this is your man - just OOP i think so secound hand market o and i do not like thous leg plates present on both new Tariks - just looks like some medical stuff and which one you like the most
  15. nomads

    Kempetai paldriver !! colors looks good .. but i would go black in terms of all tyhings with blade - just a red accent - to avoid possible melding