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  1. damn Warcows and there privilages i need to w8 on BRV boolocks to a relice date but for me beso of them is still a best one is female one - i just like nice female buts .. ;P
  2. hard to say got my share in this game in early beta and just after relice and game was bugy but fun - never less amount of bugs was owerwhelming what is a current state of this game dunno - youi need to check on forum if it is a bug fest or good working game
  3. AAA run !! Ginger red head Al;bino Zombees Soviets !!!
  4. an oniwaban Proxy done at last only thing i got a problem with is his pose .. i got no idea how to properly set him on a base so hi will not stand out in all directions - never less he is a stabile mini and a base - i decide to go nuts with Outrage bases characters - so in case of Domovoi - i was going for some cables but end with convoluted tatto pattern , in case of Uhahu - this was deliberate decision to go for cabels and so and this one - he is oniwaban and his helmet that is not present on mini was inspired by Hania mask - so i just made hania mask hope you like em - now time to face the patterns inside cloths
  5. Deadlight Director’s Cut on GOG for free - log in and redeam - you got 48 h to do so
  6. i have huge problems to c whole conversion .. it is just a single bang in the front em i right ?? im more tempted to do her without pants ...
  7. so the 2 minis that are out of scale are done Uhahu is a single peace mini and i love cast quality in this case and i converted her a bit puting an ears on her head buttheni change to eyes and maw .. just at random ..
  8. There is a possibility for it as development time is a usualy a half a yere ahead and some times a year ahead (in terms of RV i would give a half year time ) never less if i would be a person responsible for this i would preffere to give a begining players set easy to mount and in this case easy to mount is Outrage .. we will c in feve next relices if one of them wil have this new joints this mean they are on pare if non - well just wasted potencial
  9. Yj minis Hi - bigger easy to mount Guilang - small as hell third guy - ok Haqq : Tarik - wasted opportunity for good joints - he got to small for his size Fiday - he is like this oniwaban from Outrage just with bad made joints (the old type - no idea why ??) Ragic - she got separated braid .. do i need to add more ?? CSu - not bad PO: Swiss is easy and joints are big but not that comfy as it may look - he is damn small mini !! Bolt - was not impressed by a way of how conectors are made Kamau - he is bulky and with huge joints but separated arm mat cause trouble Nomads : they all are fucking pile of peaces Borat got annoing leg joint rest is flimsi and will create some trouble Booty Hunter - not impressed -- hard to pin and without pin arm may fall off to easy and this new Tarik pose .. it looks so .. not there .. and Borat - i do not like how this mini looks like in peaces maybe after gluing i would like him but from what i c there it was mess i just don't get CB design process .. after Outrage a backtracking to this caind of things ?? o and minis mounted in a leg torso now got a "Knauf joint"
  10. ye i made a group photo with Red Veil + current version of minis in 3 pack from BRV hope you like them and i wonder if new minis when done will realy look so much better or same / worst ? o and got my hands on Warcore preview of BRV and i mistsay they are connected as usual and i would so much preffere Tarick arms connected to his backpack same as fiday arms just beg to be casted like ninja from Outrage - such big opportunity wasted .. o and Swissguard should realy got S5 he is damn way to thini to what he pressent and what lvl of threat he is
  11. you can always do this :
  12. so now you can paint new amazing Fiday or Botyliciouis female fiday
  13. there is plenty good working programs on I phone that will do the trick they just need to have a White balance option - best possible a manual and auto
  14. you can always get a proxy and i like the base of the drone altho guns melds with base colour .. but ye good job (just not on guns )
  15. your mostly kiling photos .. download and use White balance (in this program is called Automatic Colour - if it misses go to next menu the one with a sun icon and choos dropper and point on neurtal white or grey - in this case a bottle cap in baccground - this will set things even better ) i was like nah not my part to do things but decide to check what isactualy going on on this mini soi uploaded it . and pressed one button and io end with this : damn is completly different mini and clean your nails and make a base and push up for health ,