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  1. and ye he is ready to riverdancing
  2. I will disagree Avalon is deffinitly strange move and he was a dud in the cinema across europe and us but he was never targeted to EU audience - it was (it is ) made in EU for Japan audience and it was meant to be watch with subtitles - like in Japanise games characters speak with unknown language and you just got subtitles, Beside as Usual Oshi create a philosofical move about existence and reality that got sence (or rather starting to ) in recent days not in 2001 a lot or criticks like J. Hoberman put this move quite high it is like 13 th Floor - move who got boged down by Matrix and all connected to it (like bulshit pseudo philosophy ) when in real is way better peace about almost same themes For me Avalon is a hiden Gem, a rough one with limited budget - but worth to watch at least once, but not as a action move but a philosofical dialogue about existence and reality and like mentioned above - this move have no sence in 2001 .. but in 2017 with VR starting to spread things starts to change i know feve ppl that achive real hights in ther carier - everything virtualy, a big master in Starcraft 2 earning huge money in all around the world games yet no life in RW .. no time for it as everything he do is plaing games and living out of it - sounds like an Side story for Avalon ? never less i could made a whole list of moves that got over shadowed by way lauder titles but was way better then thous (i worked once in Video store so i got a lot of memories ) but ye GITS 2017 is at best medicore GITS on imbd 6.6 score when Avalon 6.5 this include all the backlash from 2001 when ppl expect completly different move and get a distopian vision of VR when Rotten Tomatoes score for Gits 58% to Avalons 73 % and 13th Floor 63% (btw it is based on "Simulacron 3" )
  3. ech John Williams is full of .. "inspiracions ".. that he claims gratitude not belonging to him if you are realy intertested in "what if ? " Mamoru Oshi try to get right s to a n Actor Ghost in The Shell in about 2000 y .. after a lot of trouble and Shirows disconection with reality he decide to get move going just same actors he selected but different story and way lower budget - so you got there a "Batou" and a "Maior" and other ppl you would expect from GitS be warned it is tripi move you can find whole move in the internet o and OST is by Kenji Kawai
  4. so you basicly go for trade of colours but miss one colour - for this pinkish and "Yellowish" ivory third color is Green-ish blue and you end with blue for this type of Blue for triade you got orange and Grass grean depending on what you whant to achive you may add a turquise to blue and done you got rtade or shade a ivory with cammo green , and shade this pink in to orange (strenge effect but possible ) will push you toward corect with current blue you got and there is other a semi complementary this pinkish with a yellowish colours and blue with dark yellow (gold -ish colour ) may work to
  5. well scules n Boners looks like Sead dogs + naval action + black fag and all of thous games looks like Sid Mayers pirates .. never less it is not Ass Ass in Credo game so there is a hope for not sucking .. and maybe for no foking wachtowers to climb on .. Mario X com - well when i was young i played Ufo - there was no easy mode and nobody need Dork Souls to get chellenged - most games ware ruthless difficult Last night looks interesting .. like a big budget DEX .. of sort or or Flashback ?? , or gemini rue ?? and there is sell on GoG .. you can get Dex for a bargain price
  6. well it took them a time to figured out why Black flag seled so well - congrats ubi you made it - everybody told you so like 3 years ago but i know listning is not best part of ubi soft beside Beyond good and Evil 2 pops up - well from what i heard it have to be a prequel .. - this is a serious info BG&E was the last orginal and good game from ubi - so a big return from awful AC / Far cry Copy paste run ? this is like legit thing that got me interested
  7. hum ?? is this a cross over betwen X com and Startreck vilians ?? btw this awkward moment when you realize that X com 2 mod for Asari race in a game got more face variants then whole Mass Effect Andropausa ..
  8. basicly nothing Life is strange was a convoluted and non consequences episode reliced game , basicly interactive story that give at the end a middle finger to all who played - if you have such powers like in this story ending you get is just porly writen - i will not say it was bad game but not mind blowing and not using fully potencial, And now we will get a Seson 2 in how manyparts ? eidos already hot burned at HITMAN episodes - we will c Until dawn controary do it correctly Anthem - if it will be as good as Mass Deffect: Andropausa - ty no , but it looks like a mix of Destyny and this Tom Clancy game . - basicly grind fest MMO on frostbite engine ... im very sceptical BUT : Ori :and whatever will get part 2 - this actualy is interesting AC : Egipt - ubi do not get that nobody whant AC series and they wold prefere a Black flag game - just without AC crap in it Evil within .. from a teazer it is "Milk within " and first was boring so this will be a um Alan Wake + something .. Dishonored Dlc , WolfenShfine 2 - deffinitly a lot of ppl will like thous Strange Brigade - looks like a Evolve ... and this not end well A game from authours of Tales of two sons - will go big or end in the mud you missed it it was 2 years ago , unless you think about new kick startered games made by team that actualy created Ufo games things missing : Another FNAF relice
  9. first day of E3 - completly nothing and uter bore fest
  10. so i decide to sit on my bum and look what is on GoG sell worth a look at : Bicher Series , Koror , Vampire the Masquarade :Booblines, Guacamole , Darkest Dungeon , jade Empire , oxenfree, Evoland , Dungeon keeper 2 , black wood crossing , Saints row 2, 3 , 4 Hared West , the saboteur , invisible inc , Stalker :cal of Pripiet, Satelite Reign , Dying light , Sunless sea, Alpha Centauri (sid mayers ) , Shadow Run Hongkong , Syberia 1 / 2 , Deponia , ok and my comment - it is not best selection it is good offerts + games i know are good - you can get little nightmares but they are 33% off not 75 % added comment to games ;Vampire the Masquarade :Booblines - add mods do not play Vanilla - correct mod is in one file and un glich game in 95% and ther is graphic mod to and totalover houl mods - but do not instal them at first play thrue (you may instal balance patch ) Guacamole - so good so colorfull - but if Metroidvania not your style stay away Darkest Dungeon - ech there is a new Radiant mode and Blood court will be out sun , Jade empire : got burned ad Mass Deffect Andropausa ?? - get this and have a funn at one of better Bioware games (o read how to configure graphic settings in modern pc as game may runn 300% speed or render twice at same time - in this verion fixes are easy no inn file mods - just "turn off AA in vid setings or turn off frame buffering in game menu ) Hared West - you like Cowboys ? do you like X com ?/ - it is a rpg ish ? X com with cowboys - got a lot of funn Satelite reign - this game is evil i jump on "i wil check whats going on just 30 min ... and 8 h later decide to go to sleep (game is way longer then just 8 h - it is just how 30 min streached a bit ) Dying light - a full pacage - it is best Mirror edge game that is not mirror edge and got Zombis .. actualy it is best morror edge game .. Alpha Centauri - a pinacle of Sid mayers games (other then pirates and firts Civilisacion ) not well known and way better then alot of later civ games Shadow Run RPG games - Hongkong is just so good RpG and Dragon Fall (Director cut ) is good to - SR Return is way more basic compared to later two in hingsight i would call Return is "tech demo" or intro gaming compared to later ones Cho Konti - Comand and Conquer 3 - soo good and it is staring Gemma Atkinson so good so nice and in so disapointed with Dork of War 3 .. they relice a basicli platform for future DLC containing content that should be in game from beggining
  11. the bad part is - it was supouse to be prometheus 2 - but studio decide to push for Xenomorph as in there minds all we whant is Xenomorph not a story that got any sence and pacing if you whant a good Alien story play / watch Alien Isolacion ..
  12. you made the smoke out of what in this smoke granade ??
  13. on Steam : Outland for free in next 40h or so if you like platformers it is for you
  14. so how do you found new better Space smurfes ??
  15. or jam ing granade - a strawberry jam o and it is not like im not painting minis i'm but not for Infinity - a bit of thous Recently :