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  1. memes

    and this is why a lot of ppl tend to play a "king size" and this is 200p games
  2. hard to say they improve gwent with every patch and player base is quite big i must say to my surprise as we are talking about closed beta and a monetising type is not worst possible |(recent Heartstone is awful ) o and new Closed peivat server beta test change game even more from W3 in game But : and ye MAc actualy pointed a lot o f thing corectly and one that bothers me - it is not a AAA game so why AAA game price tag ? if it is AA A expectacions and a lot of things should be polished including PC port and foking controls but if it is not AAA there is no explanation why the price tag ..
  3. no no i keep my dick away from her so no biting .. o and there are Huge upcoming changes in GWENT - a lot of animated cards including Jiggly phisychs and change of board look , and placments of cards , leaders rework and a bit of lags at this moment .. i think due to running a 3 test version on servers at same time a beta servers a Private test servers and developers test servers ..
  4. hym got opportunity to play ME : A today - and a single play i spend on it like 30 min as an ownewer already do everything he could i could just walk and check textures .. it looks like ME3 with mod for better textures after instaling a low option of 3 options (and low looks way better then standard and High made a 9gb game in to 30 GB game and looks better then ME :A textures - not over all Frostbite is just better and new engine porly used by bioware ) but i spend an 1h in MP - and Bioware is dumn bunch of layers - MP is fast , Glich free(mostly) ,and damn fun - maps are good and over all looks better then some area in a game i c .. so they spend way more time on doing MP game then they admit and no wonder they run out of time with the rest of game and funn fact - characters run in Sp like they got a stick in a butt but in MP they move correctly - im assuming 2 different groups of animators one doing main game other doing MP .. how much counter intuitive it is .. it is not just checking if there was a good start in this year some times you get a game at beggining that completly overshadow whole rest and some times it is a indy game no luck with this this year
  5. owerWatch Reaper is based over taskmaster design from 90s just collor swap
  6. no it looks like a Taskmaster .. is basicly a Taskmaster sculpt .. Ayyar is basicly Taskmaster in concept especialy double pistol model
  7. and where is mini cow ?? i ,like the 2 collor hairs
  8. ye we are strong in doing random things .. but i decide to c what was reliced to this day that actualy got a good game in 2017 .. so : first month : Resident Evil 7 ... and this is it .. rest is um Hitman season one complete ?? RE 7 is just not bad game some may say is good and is good over PC and consoles and VR .. Secound : Nioh And For Honor - both hyped and both not stand the hype - For Honor single play is just dumb and Multi is Pt2 and is just bugged , and Nioh not multi platform and far from perfect , Sniper eLITE 4 - this is same game as Sniper elite 3 - just a map pack reliced as a new game .. Current month : Mass Efect Andromeda , Zelda , Stynk and Zero Dawn and currently there is almost no complains at Zero dawn , Nier :Eat Tomata - on consoles good on PC playable , Dark Souls : The ringed City - for Spouls fans only , Thimbleweed Park - a game from Manian Manson authors so at current state a Goty may be um .. resident Evil 7 ??
  9. so Ayyar is same as Geko pilot just looks like Taskmaster from Marvel comix Riot Girls should be bad Girls .. but become bad sculpts .. Caledonian Volonture mini skirt will become oop - shame Major Lunch / Lunach - an Uxia Sister But Bostria looks d as Ever
  10. Denuvo = no buy an full online shit in single play game is bad an conection in Poland sometimes became wonky and there is crash report if You get AMD on board .. so deffinitly W8 .. unless they fix it or remuwe Denuvo (best do both ) and Even more fun fact ME :A premiere is 21 this month .. in Poland 23 .. WTF .. they give us time to cancel preorders after embargo is lifted btw EA at last decide when Embargo go off it is 20 and day one patch is not this 1 GB that was reliced
  11. just watching but side effect is a news that a Doom is off Denuvo - they removed this shit from game but Syberia 3 will be under this Shit .. South park with Denuvo ?? they are insane same as AbZu they would earn a 40% more if game would be without this crap even including a piracy ..
  12. never less W3 is a 2015 game and it looks like this on consoles and on PC you can crank this look even better and adding mods get it even higher what worst a Dragon Gage : Aquisicion got better looking faces and it is a 2014 ~15 game and a Frost bite is not bad engine (i think Fox engine is better ) but it can get hairs right and face emotes - i re instaled ME3 yerstoday and a played it for a while - damn face works better there just textures at a bit lo res (this is fixed by Hi res mod over Mod Nexus ) and light is correct but Shepard moves like damn Baboon -__-' interesting thing Multiplay is well populated - got a fun in it but person who decide that one key is good to be a run key , interact , and glue to cover should be stuffed with dildos as this is fag as hell no worry it is not tomorow you got plenty of time Sokal games are not multi player and nothing will happend if you buy it on Steam sale or other discount buy after a year Some of the sources say that EA bite them selves in the ass by press embargo as some of the influencers get whole game without limit and closed in areas (yes this 10h demo will not let you progress in a storry and a story peace is 2h of story so for next 8h you caind of do side quest and fol around ) and they report that game without limit is way better as this is actualy a Tutorial Area and Story opens up later - but nothing confirmed as they are under total press embargo lockdown and non of them is admiting who sliped this info . there are also reports that recent pach (this1 GB ) added an upper face interaction to some of the previous dead faces (but far from perfect ) and removed a Fps drops i would like to get some good info about ME :A .. but i can only get you a hilarious info of more screw ups or info from ex Bioware employs that current staff is mess of idiots left activist and a person who is keeping whole thing is a moron who decided that ME 3 ending of Deus ex machina star child is best ending that can be and he was a person who defended "artistic integrity" - i would fire him from my company and black listed him so he wouold not be able cause havoc in other companys ... unless i would like to sabotage my opponents but good info good bless Zelda is not perfect to so i have left a Nier : A Tomato ?? to buy and enjoy ?? but like i say a ME :A "demo" and early relice may be as good as damn Beta Build - so w8 to relice worst possible they rushed relice and a "final version" is actualy a Beta
  13. well not free - you must be pre ordered and got subscribed to pay per month EA acces or Origin Acces on PC so we know what include a Pre order / deluxe / super deluxe ED Pre order - you get a bust EXP armor and a chest for MP and tottaly Fugly golden skin for car .. only usable if you like MP and whant to get a head start .. and suck at game so +EXP armor Deluxe": a way better then starting armor + set of way better weapons and a tottaly ussles Hoode for character and MP pack and a pet that do nothing just sit in a different part of a ship - basicly it is "how to spoil a first of 10h of game by obtining weay to powerful weapon at start " so for ppl that suck at game at normal and whant to game play it selve .. + digital soundtrack Super deluxe - some sucky thing for MP other thing some of the NPC faces in later game looks like stright from Jade Empire and it is 2005 game ... 0-o they actuaqly looks like a "place holders" so i assume thous ate the things to me fixed at day one patch (thous faces do not even react to a light in the area ) o and game get a 1 GB patch like 2 h ago and i have no idea what it include no info .. so TY EA .. is this a day one patch - maybe ?? but who knows Good thing - ppl like Zero Dawn but i do not think any of thous games are actualy a game of the year contendents .. (or ME : A will surprise everybody at day one with 20GB pach that will change whole game ) Nier?: Automato will be definitly counted as a caind of good game but bit grindi and if you whant to get all endings you need to play it like a 5 times .. 0-0 Syberia 3 - a game of the year - nop but hey itr is Syberia Outlast 2 - hym now Resident Debile 7 exist so outlast 2 must show something good or begone Down of war 3 . .or how it looks from relices Down of Moba 3 .. (please pleas please do not fuck this game up .. ) Pray .. it may be good or it may be Bikoshock infinite convoluted fuck up Little Nightmares - it may ba a hidden Gem in this year Midle earth shadow of War .. no comment .. Agents of Mayhem - a geme from Saints row Creators - a hidden gem ? Beyond Good End Evil 2 is caind of 2017 to be reliced ?? maybe Call of Cthulhu is on 2017 ... so maybe why they look like on Weed all the time
  14. "Tyler Wilde: We’re only allowed to talk about the first couple missions in Andromeda right now, and I think we all agree that’s a mistake on EA’s part. " hell it is .. due to dumb as fuck press embargo you got negative reviews of feve fist missions thats turn out to be borring at the current state of a game face expression is dead above the nose line and this mean that ME 3 got better faces - all tho they say they work on this (faces and face customisacion/ hairs ) an it will be at Day one patch - how much of what they say will be true we will c 21 light / shadow it looks best at PC on lultra settings (again at current state ) but they lack a lot of deffinicion a Special N vidia settings - no idea what they do but they tank up a 60% of framerate .. and game looks same .. 0-o grass and other green thing that should react to characters models - at current state nop Smoke / fog - looks good all tho not interactive at all Area textures - well li got better in Crysis 1 from current game plays - dynamic light looks better on NPC then on a player character - strange effect - i assume is a bug to be fixed at day 1 patch fevew first missions look like this :go to Area marked , kill everything on the way , scan things and go find other thing to scan and kill all on the way , then Hord mode defence Ai Companions in combat - brain dead - to the point of regress from ME 1 .. like a Jade Empire - i must assume is a bug and should be fixed at day 1 Funny bug - if rain and you character got full visor helmet - rain drops will flow on characters face instade of on visor - so it is raining inside the helmet ... but if you judge W3 from first 1h of game you end with walking symulator across Ker mohen and a horse back riding, card game and fist fight .. and a Bath and Yenifer but ... i think i have not missed enything from 1 ~2 h of Witcher 3 .. maybe fight with Ghuls
  15. just moon walking sneeking Dipers ? this game will be a lot of fun .. just sliding nothing to c in here golden well at least not as big dud as Torment: Tards of Numbmenara - this abowe is at lest funny ..