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  1. I've got a MAS mat, District 9. Looks fine with non-MAS terrain too. One day I might paint it all.
  2. Govads also depend on if you think you'll be facing camo. MSV1 combined with Sixth Sense Level 2 is the only way for Hassassins to counter Surprise Shot alpha strikes from models in CH Camoflage, and severely reduce the impact from models in CH TO Camoflage. Especially if you're facing Nomads - in particular Corregidor and those Intruders - or Ariadna, they might be a legitimate choice over Muyibs.
  3. They were discontinued because they need a rework to be in the Khanate sectorial. So they got the treatment Shasvastii got - models discontinued, old profiles in a holding pattern until the sectorial is launched.
  4. I'd rather they didn't mess with Muyibs too much. The design is still great and they scales will with the new Govads. by all means digitally redo them with better scaled guns, but I really want them to be fairly interchangeable with the old models.
  5. tactica

    Depends how tall. For our boards a 2 story building is 'tall', and a rifles range bands are pretty okay on a 2 story building.
  6. We're likely to get both. While the Asawira are great models, they're smaller than new Light Infantry. They don't have to reach the stature of Jannisarys, but they're just too small. And there's no reason we can't get both resculpted Asawira and a Khawarij box.
  7. Agreed. My Barid never ceases to be an absolute badass. Whenever I need stuff done, he gets it done. Constantly punches above his weight.
  8. tactica

    4-4 MOV, AP Rifle/Light Shotgun, ARM 4, W2, WIP 14 Akbar Doctor is currently the best combat doctor in the game. I'm sure they will have a neat combat Doctor in Ramah, but the Jannisary is a beast of a combat doctor.
  9. Unfortunately he's too near the Muyib in cost. 18/1.5 to 22/1. Holo 1 is a fun trick, but once it's revealed it's blown. Essentially he's just an alpha striker. The Muyib has a better long and extreme band from the X-Visor, D-Charges which makes it an unlikely model to go for an objective, keeping your opponent on their toes, and Dogged to help him get there and do that objective. Also I tend to find I run out of SWC faster than points these days, so 0.5 less SWC is valuable.
  10. tactica

    To be fair, you're comparing an elite link team to a basic, cheap as chips line infantry link team. Of course the elite link team will be more expensive. You're getting better weapons, better skills and extra gear. On top of that, it's comparing them to Ghulam, which in regards to specialist and weapon options, they get more than most line infantry at bargain bin prices with the highest line infantry WIP in the game. That being said, I still think the automedkit is a bit redundant in a faction where you can accidentally end up with multiple Doctor Plus' just putting Specialists in. And there's a Doctor Plus right there in that link. Price, as always in Infinity, is based on whether you like the toolkit they bring. I liked it sell enough for a solo Zhayedan, time will tell if I like it for a full link.
  11. tactica

    Yeah, I mean, I'm sold now. it's just that when N3 Core came out and I saw Zhayedans, I just kind of thought... eh. Just one of those units that I needed to put on the table first. Now that I have, he's definitely going to be a staple.
  12. tactica

    I'll admit that when I saw them in the N3 Core rulebook I wasn't super enthused. I don't care about price - and a 31pt LI with a rifle certainly seemed to be overpriced - but its particular toolbox didn't really speak to me. I used one recently just to give the admittedly fantastic mini a spin, and was pretty impressed. It only had the task of hunting cheerleaders, but that Breaker Rifle with Marksmanship L2 was nasty. I'll keep it around for the last game for sure.
  13. tactica

    About the RPG, they said they want to go more into the private sector type stuff than the general armies of the human sphere. They didn't want to double up on what we already get in the rule books. So don't be too disappointed if we don't get much on Ramah. The kickstarter blurb for the Haqqislam book says it's focusing on Silk Lords, Merchant Guilds, Corsairs and Hassassin (probably only included Hassassin since they'd likely be lynched if they didn't).
  14. I wasn't saying she wouldn't be able to. Just trying to temper expectations by saying don't get your hopes up. Under promise/over deliver concept. Basically if everyone got hyped for linking with Ghulam in HB and then she couldn't, interest would plummet on an otherwise fine unit. Not expecting it and getting it means you look forward to the unit on its own merits. Personally I'm overjoyed. Linking with both Ghulam and Muyibs? Once again Bahram make out like bandits.
  15. The Al Fasid has several advantages over those two Sekban, however. First and foremost, it can go into Suppressive Fire for ARO with its SMG. That's a big boon. Second, it has Antipersonnel Mines and Minelayer. Sometimes when you've moved, then have no one to shoot, it's just good to drop a mine. Sometimes it's also good to start with one nearby. Third, it's got higher ARM for the two wounds it brings to the table. Fourth, Sixth Sense L1 has advantages over 360 Visors, though 360 Visors have advantages over Sixth Sense L1. It's much harder to attack the Al Fasid within his ZoC, especially for units that rely on Camo Surprise Attacks or Smoke. Plus it can react without LOS within his ZoC which combos well with the Supressive Fire SMG, and delay his ARO until the second short skill declaration if it's within his ZoC. A pair of Sekban have their own advantages, but it doesn't invalidate the Al Fasid.