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  1. I just painted the Red Veil Khawarij and Tarik. Those circular indents weren't on either boot. Looking at pictures of both, it does not look like their footwear. edit - I did not see the footware on the junk. That indeed looks like a Haqqislam boot bottom. Matches the Khawarij, but also looks like the Zhayedan.
  2. See, I use sand for my bases (Haqqislam after all). Any gaps from the slot just fill with PVA and are hidden by the sand.
  3. That it does. A tab inside the base is far more secure, however. And generally speaking, you're going to place the model along the center line of the base, which is where the slot is anyway.
  4. I was talking about using the standard supplied bases. I get clipping the tabs off for resin base.
  5. I've tried that, but I've found it's again more effort than just using the tab. The pins need something to hold them to have their desired effted, and the thin top layer of the standard plastic bases just doesn't give much hold. You end up needing to either bend the pin and glue it to the underside of the base or use green stuff to reinforce it, after thich more effort has been spent than simply using the central slot and tab.
  6. For the majority of models that's just creating more effort. Not only do you need to clip the tab, but also you need to line up where you cut the slots in the base. If you misalign those, you've got even more work filling the extra gaps you cut before you can get to basing the model. Leaving the tab intact means you can cut the overall slot smaller than you think it is, and then do a series of dry fits and slowly expanding the slot. The only time I'll trim down a large tab is if I need to base it off center, which is more because it's less effort to trim the tan than to cut a larger slot in the thick part of the base.
  7. I do. I base my miniatures on the standard plastic bases, and using the tab and a hole cut in the base is much more secure than clipping the tab off and glueing the mini onto the base by the feet. Very few are positioned so the tab and the slot running up the center of the base won't center the mini on the base, and those that are I just extert a bit more effort to cut the hole outside of the thinner center slot.
  8. I didn't mean this set, but they have in the past. Repacking 4 of the Muyibs into a box counted as a release the month they did it. As long as they do the repacks like this month, separate from the regular releases, I've got no issue with it.
  9. It just bugs me when they count them as part of the months releases. I was also a big fan of dual blisters anyway.
  10. I'd guess we'll see Khawarij and Zhayedan boxes closer to book 3 for their link options.
  11. PsychoticStorm seems rather adamant they aren't.
  12. Also means you can run 2 Ninja KHDs if you wanted to.
  13. That's not the Killer Hacker though, it's the Tacticool Bow profile. People just use it as the Killer Hacker profile because it too has a Tacticool Bow. So a pack with the Killer Hacker an MSR isn't doubling that profile up, it's just releasing the actual model so you don't have to proxy it with the Red Veil Ninja.
  14. Kasandra Kusanagi has the same thing. +1 SWC for the Lt Rifle profile, 0 SWC for the normal Rifle profile. 2 SWC for both the Lt and normal Spitfire profiles. Same lack of discount as Tarik. But then, Neema Satar has +1 SWC for the Lt Breaker Rifle profile, and 0 for the normal Breaker Rifle profile. 1.5 SWC for the Lt Spitfire profile and 2 for the normal Spitfire profile. So either Neema has something else that's giving her Lt Spitfire profile a discount (not sure what, the Lt and normal profiles are identical) or Neemas has been hand adjusted (which it has been claimed CB have not done for any units in N3).