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  1. There's already better linkable heavy flame throwers with Makaul, who get a double template from being in a triad. There's also Corregidor with their Core linkable Wildcats that have Combi Rifles and Light Flamethrowers. At this point I can't see Naffatun breaking the game by being linkable, especially if they gain other profiles to round out weapons and cut down the templates in a link. They can even keep the incendiary theme with other weapons. Doctor/Hacker/Forward Observer with Vulcan Shotgun, profiles with Light Rocket Launcher and/or Heavy Rocket Launcher still keeps the Fire damage in there but are attractive enough to take over just more light/heavy flamethrowers.
  2. Do we know when or even if we're getting profiles for the Outrage minis?
  3. I'd say it's simply from people that forget they have light shotguns.
  4. The unfortunate part is you don't know your opponents list composition when you make your list. You might bring a Boarding Shotgun expecting that situation and it never arises simply because of list composition. It's such a specific niche that there's just better ways to solve the problem that are better in other situations too. Unfortunately in a competitive situation the only time I'd take the Boarding Shotgun over the Rifle/LSG is if I really wanted to take a Ragik and was short a single point. Fortunately I'm not very competitive, so I'll take it because it's a badass mini.
  5. Same if you stick too close. You make a game for a new market to appear to new customers. if they wanted to appeal to the same player base the smarter choice would have been a different set of skirmish wargame rules. You appeal to the existing player base with something familiar (existing fluff, expanding on it) while appealing properly to the new player base. Existing players who want to play it will anyway.
  6. Not everything is a gateway. Offering simply a good standalone boardgame that will appeal to the (frankly much larger) boardgame community is financially smarter than making a box of alternate sculpts and hoping the other community will put aside their ingrained bias.
  7. That's fine, but again, if they want to break into a new market, it's what they have to do. Hard plastic I'm willing to say won't happen simply because it's expensive. CB are still not a large company, so I'm willing to bet they won't go this way. it'd be nice if they did, but I'm not seeing it. Metal will rule it out as a success on the boardgame scene. It'll be a nice source of alternate models for their existing customers, but it won't open them up to many new customers. My comment about going PVC is purely from the perspective of the boardgame community. Metal, especially multipart metal, has significant drawbacks when the average boardgamer doesn't want to also shell out for foam trays to store them else repair breaks every time they dig it out to play. Might work if they went the AvP v2 route and put a customised lasercut foam tray in the box for them, but again, small company. So basically it comes down to appealing to a new market or appealing to their current market. I feel that if they wanted to appeal to the current market, they wouldn't have gone with a boardgame.
  8. Yeah, but just saying, that snipershot has a coat. You can see the collar.
  9. One boardgame out of how many? Think of all of the CMON and FFG games that use pretty decent PVC minis. They're not up there with CB's metals, but they're good enough to paint and look quite nice. However, outside of a few very big minis from FFG (AT-ST, Repulsor Tank, Cyberdemon, etc) they don't require any construction. That's what boardgamers want. Giving them multipart metals with thin parts that bend and break easily (especially when bend back into shape, rather than the hot water/cold water method used on PVC) which requires robust storage to not be damaged quickly will result in the same dull thud Sedition Wars landed with, but because of the minis.
  10. If it's the Asawira, I'm thinking they might be using the coat to bulk it up rather than making it bulky armour. And with a coat, the back vents and hip plates wouldn't work.
  11. Pretty often. With an AP HMG, not an AD troop with a shotgun.
  12. TO be fair - the 1st edition Ghulam with the scarf had one. The 1st edition Fiday had one. I'm sure there's others, but it's a detail that's been lost over the editions. But still - the tri-circular dots is a very Haqqislam detail. The strap with the triple lines is very Haqqislam. The open coat with a high collar is the same as the Khawarij and Tarik. The chest armour itself mimicking human musculature but in an angular way is very Haqqislam. There's little doubt it's Haqqislam even without the chest button. I'd be pretty happy if it was an Asawira resculpt and they got open coats.
  13. To weigh in on the material - it's not uncommon for companies making board games these days to show very nicely detailed renders, and then cast in PVC with varying degrees of success at replicating the render in the material. I'm also hoping CB take this seriously as a way to penetrate a different market, and the boardgame market isn't fond of multipart metal models. Even larger PVC pieces that require gluing are frowned upon. Going with multipart metal models will mean it's a nice box of alternate sculpts for Infinity players but won't make much of a dent in the boardgame crowd. Going with single part PVC will earn the ire of their existing fanbase, who will get over it when the next months releases roll around, but might just give them a nice foot in the door of a different market.
  14. Yeah, I have to say my lists look nothing like the first list. I'll generally have a Core link of Muyibs or Govads, backed up by the Asawira Haris (which usually has a Muyib Doctor and Leila), then sprinkled in various other tools like Barid Killer hackers and Ghazi. I don't use my Ghazi as the usual piece trading 'moving mines' and smoke template generators, but take 1-2 of them and tend to use Regular orders to give them some extra reach. I've found a well placed Ghazi can be devastating with a nice E/Marat target, and on the flanks out of LoS their Jammer is good at halting rushes when you can suddenly turn and enemy model Isolated. I do understand the 'asymmetrical trade' game play style, it's just not a game play style I enjoy so I don't do it.