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  1. It's still a token though. Whether it's a miniature on a base or a token, they play the exact same role on the table. When I have the tokens, it's irritating that I'm forced to buy another token. It may look pretty, but I already have it. And being a miniature instead of a token doesn't help the token bloat. It's still there, doing the same thing. The Jannisary HMG can at least be fixed if you wish to spend the money. Being charged for a tinbot wasn't a choice.
  2. Two things. First, reusing unsold plastic isn't a huge concern because when you are pumping out sprues from a die cast mold, you're paying pennies on the dollar per sprue. The cost is all in the initial mold tooling. This is why it's great for high volume production. With metal, you need to reuse things that fail QA or sit in your warehouse and don't move because metal is expensive so you don't want to just throw it away. With HIPS casts, you can recycle stuff that doesn't sell and just write the cost off. About Wyrd, most of their sprues would not take an entire mold. Starter crews and the odd large kit does, but mid sized sprues would fit 3 in the same space, and small would fit 9. This lets them vary up what's on each mold even to the point of mixing factions across molds, so if one part doesn't sell particularly well, they can easily recycle the excess and make a profit off the stuff that does sell. Second, you actually can reuse plastic. It's called regrind. It causes lower quality output, which is why it isn't really done.
  3. Jannisarys too. They lost their standard AP Rifle. Though there's still hope that might be in a resculpted QK starter, whenever that might be. But yeah, a separate blister would have been idea. That also lets people who prefer to represent them with tokens do so without wasting money on the models.
  4. I also wouldn't be shocked if this scenario is a 'last hurrah' for some profiles like the Spitfire, and when the box releases it'll just be replaced by a HMG officially.
  5. The Other Side went with pre-assembled PVC for two reasons they've said publicly. First, faster entry point. Being able to just buy two Allegiance boxes, open them up, put them on the table and play is appealing for people not interested in building the models. Second (and this is according to Nathan), for all the griping about PVC, they apparently sold boatloads of their previous PVC releases (Aionus and the Tortoise and Hare set). There's a real market there for the product, apparently, at least according to their sales. I'd guess another major driving factor would be not having to tool die cut HIPS molds, reducing the start up cost of a new game. It's launching with 4 factions, each with a huge Titan unit, several smaller solo models, some large solo models and about 6 10 model squads. If they launched that with models in HIPS the startup costs would have been enormous and the amount of content offered to start much smaller.
  6. Blackjack looks much better painted. Still not my cup of tea, but a lot better.
  7. Achilles is a HI because his profile has that handy little HI on it. It means Heavy Infantry. Light Infantry have a little LI, which means, you guessed it, Light Infantry. Warbands have a WB, which means... yeah, Warband. Ghazi have that little LI on them. It's not difficult. Ghazi are LI because they're classified as LI. Achilles is HI because he's classified as HI. Now, the difference between LI and WB is pretty meaningless these days, but that's their classification.
  8. Govads are 'weak' in that Ghulam and Muyibs are utterly fantastic. Ghulam are super cheap with loads of options that other factions LI links wish they had, high WIP on their specialists as well as a Doctor Plus, and a cheap KHD MSR with d-charges to bring it to 5. Muyibs are a swiss army knife link that can do almost anything, with a fantastic Doctor to keep them going, can never be broken thanks to every member having number 2, and some great SWC options. Oh and they all have Dogged if your Doctor Plus takes a hit and you really need something done. And d-charges everywhere. Govads don't have nearly as many tricks as Muyibs, nor are they as cheap as Ghulam, or as versatile as either. However, they are still the sectorials only answer to a camo surprise attack, in that they can negate the negative modifiers entirely. If you suspect your opponent is going to be packing a lot of camo, then they're a great choice. Otherwise they're just 'good' next to two choices that are fantastic.
  9. Burst 5, D15, BS 16 Spitfire with Fatality is going to be pretty obscene.
  10. Word I'm hearing is the Khawarij change is the same, Fatality L2. Though I'm not sure where that's coming from.
  11. It's a Panzerfaust. There's a second image that shows a side on angle, and you can see the iconic double tube of a Haqqislam Panzerfaust.
  12. To be fair it's hardly limited. There's about a dozen on eBay right now and they show up other places frequently. She wasn't exactly very limited.
  13. Well, yeah, but I'm not expecting to see it as a model. They've made the new Maghariba Guard, and have discontinued the old model. I can't see them going back and redesigning or repacking the old model to use as another TAG unit. I think the art in the N3 rulebook showing a Tuareg sitting on top of a Beetle chassis half buried in sand in a junkyard is a nice subtle hint as to the final resting place of a lot of those TAGs. I wouldn't be shocked to see fluff in the RPG though about new uses for the Beetle.
  14. I still use generic Haqqislam over sectorials. I've got no issues dealing with links without links of my own, and playing without a link is just a different play style with how to apply pressure. I also tend to recommend to new people to avoid playing with links (and hacking, to be honest) even if they start a sectorial for the firsst dozen or so games anyway. The game is pretty complex as wargames go, and getting to grips with the ARO system, face to face rolls and other little quirks is enough for a while without laying linked teams on top. They do. For example, PanO - Nisses are Svalarheima, Bagh Mari are ASA, ORCs are Varuna (but got shoehorned into ASA as well). The Father Knight, if you consider Icestorm as a whole, is MO. For Yu Jing, the Hsien are ISS, the Zuyong is Invincible Army, Tiger Soldiers are (IIRC) White Banner, I think Zhanshi are White Banner and Ninjas are ISS and JSA. What they did with the Haqqislam starter is what they did with the generic Combined Army starter. It is both a generic starter and a sectorial starter - the Combined Army starter is all ONYX. I'm assuming this is a preemptive move to cut down SKUs.
  15. Something worth remembering about Hafza before going overboard with them is while they're nice, cheap link fillers sometimes it's worth considering what you're replacing. For example, the old adage that a chain is as strong as its weakest link. Sticking one, or a pair of Hafza in a link, especially something like a Jannisary or Djanbazan link, can be compromising if your opponent can guess where the Hafza is. If they can see points discrepancies in the courtesy list, they know to look for Hafza. You probably won't be leading a HI link into combat with the Hafza as your pointman, and if there's a Tnbot hugging a model it can't be a Hafza, and if you're constantly hiding one in a safer than usual spot from ARO's, it's a contender for being a Hafza. Like I said, they're a neat link fillers, but depending on what your Core link is and how well your opponent reads courtesy lists and/or how you use the miniatures, a canny opponent can figure out what you're doing. They're a good option and have good mind game potential, but they're not the second coming a lot of QK players make them out to be.