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  1. tactica

    I guess so. I haven't watched it, I just heard the only new parts are in the Q&A, the seminar itself was the same.
  2. tactica

    Apparently the seminar was the same as Rumble aside from the end Q&A.
  3. Apparently from Adepticon, the Ayyar is released next month.
  4. tactica

    Neither the N2 orN3 unit blurb says that, so unless it's somewhere else you might be thinking of something else.
  5. Which sounds like, as said earlier, your playstyle has evolved beyond what QK offers. Which is fine - when you play one sectorial for so long, you'll eventually tire of what it offers. The very nature of a sectorial is it limits options to create a theme, both aesthetically and in overall playstyle. Right now you just enjoy the playstyle Hassassins are offering you. Just have fun with Hassassins and leave your QK at home for when you feel like playing them again.
  6. I'd much rather an Odalisque Doctor, and would be more in theme with both Haqqislam and their role as bodyguards. They're already very handy in a fight, so being medically trained would be logical if their ward takes a hit.
  7. Do we know when the Adepticon seminar is?
  8. His point was, if you do something with the Anathematic in the first turn, you're not losing that order, because it will use its own order to perform the action that reveals it. You only lose the Anaethematics order if you leave it hidden for the whole first turn. If you deploy in Hidden Deployment and have a strategy behind where you're deploying it and intend to use it on turn 1, you don't lose the order as you were going to spend the order on the Anathematic anyway. "As long as they remain in the Hidden Deployment state, troopers do not add their order to the Order Pool, but instead generate an Order they may only use themselves."
  9. tactica

    I hadn't heard that. All I heard was the 'bike speed' Numair super soldier and the Mukhtar were dropped for balance reasons. If the 'fast' super soldier is still in, I'll take over Dodgy McDodgeson. Either/or.
  10. It will be the boobs of the Marut with legs. Maybe with dat ass as well. Don't ask what it uses to push buttons.
  11. tactica

    A Protheion CC supersoldier would be a lot of fun and something unique. I liked the idea of an infantry model with bike-like speeds, but I hear that's been dropped. Alternately I'd like to see Pupnik level dodging. Something like PH12 with Hyperdynamics L2 and Kinematica L2 or L3 to make him really mobile in the reactive phase. balance it by having no Specialist options so it can't dodge its way to an objective. Make him really close range, like twin assault pistols so it needs to get in harms way to do damage, but really irritating and hard to pin down when he gets there.
  12. Only if it's the selling feature that you really want. There's other reasons I haven't found my feet with QK which I already mentioned. I just think there's some cool avenues for named characters they could go and I'm more disappointed that they just haven't taken any of them, rather than disappointed they're not actually made. Seems like a huge missed opportunity. They spent so long making unique characters for the Homeric faction, which makes sense, then made no effort to make them for the pirate and corsair faction, which makes no sense. I like that Azra'il character idea so much I'm thinking of making him for the RPG,
  13. Hoping for the Ayyar. That's all I really care about right now. Well maybe Lunah as well.
  14. Thinking off the top of me head, stuff that would be cool to see: A Sekban officer that counts as a Sekban for linking, like Rao. Maybe make him a CQB type model, a veteran of the caravansary massacre where they fought in ships. An Odalisque CC specialist. They've got i-Kohl, but that's more of a deterrent than something to actively use. Let her link like a Hafza, showing her bodyguard specialisation. A Jannisary hero. Give him some unique big gun (well unique to Haqq) and some fun equipment. An Azra'il who specialises in fighting lots of lighter enemies rather than fighting armoured enemies. Utilise the concept of the old AP Rifle Azra'il. Give him an AP Rifle and Light Flamethrower integrated into each gauntlet and a shoulder mounted Panzerfaust (yes I essentially want Warmachine and think the Azra'il armour would be badass for it). That doesn't even go into mercenary characters, but I'd like to see a distinctly Haqqislam character for QK rather than another mercenary.
  15. Because it's always great seeing it. This is amazing.