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  1. It may be not compatible with Infinity because of stats. I imagine that all combatant will have more than 1W, so they will not fall after 1st hit. And board - there is 10 hexagons from center to corner, this will be 19 hexagons from corner to corner. If hexagon is big enough for 1" base then board will be around 50 - 60 cmm, it is rather acceptable size for board.
  2. Yes , You can ! Ariadna Hi have trait "Non-Hackable" , Traktor Mul (and Blakjacks) have "Hackable" - green square icon under order icon.
  3. And according to renders paramedic will be male volunteer.
  4. Not as absurd as you think. It was looong time ago , in time before 1st edition, but Szalamandra pilot was miniatures made on players request (and she & szalamandra was one of my 1st Infinity miniatures ).
  5. Yes, and no. I think that it is 1st new Nomad Spitfire on Nomad model, but 1st Nomad Spitfire (after weapon redesign) was Anaconda operator.
  6. I'm not sure about this, but I think someone was saying, that Staldron will be bonus mini for Avatar.
  7. OK, I will use this bases on my Red Veil YJ , but it is obvious why i show them here.
  8. Yup, you need to open it online once, and then everything you need is in cash, next time you can open it totally offline.
  9. I bought her in May 2007, and yes , she was grandmother of bootleg line.
  10. Or maybe Tech-Bee + 2 Crabbot. CA will have box set , why not box set for Pano ?
  11. I'm not so sure. Sniper sgt have this pattern but spitfire not, and I think that both of them are spec sgt. They have something like coat (one with hex other without) and they have shoulder pads different than normal OS. I think that hex pattern is reserved for TO, so normal OS have simple tabards and no sholderpads and spec sgt have shoulder pads and coats.
  12. Not best quality of photograph. There are : head, body, arms (x2), hands with sword and antennas (x2).
  13. Ok, this white gun look nice, and I'm BIG FAN of any weapon different than "standard black / dark grey gun" BUT You have black / dark grey pistol holster and artificial muscles (this mail bit), and jump pack on Tiger. Everything fit nice together, so maybe dark weapon with some yellow panels ?
  14. Depending on REMs it can be difficulty, but magnets are Your friends . Search older post, some people do amazing thing with them.
  15. You can always say , that regular gun is combi and that forearm thing is flash pulse .