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  2. Whatever you say about the new GitS movie, you can't fault it's aesthetics
  3. I had seen before the "both arms in a single block you stick to the back of the mini" system on the Terminator Genisys resistance minis If it's done well it's quite snappy, but if it fails it's more of a pain, judging from your opinions it seems that in the Outrage case it was done well
  4. While with an airbrush is so much faster and smoother it's almost cheating, you can certainly do it with a brush. Here's a video demonstrating it, but there's a bunch more out there, it's effectively a subset of OSL as you mention and there's tons and tons of tutorials on that, you could call this "OSL Lite" : As he shows and mentions, it works far better if it's done over a dark color instead of a bright one, but even then you can pull it off. I'd say that the choice of glow color should be more influenced by the color scheme of the figure than it's faction. For example, a mini in all reds may benefit more by a green glowy light than, say, a yellow one or even a blue one, far better painters than me can give you tips on this if asked.
  5. I haven't bothered with the built-in picture upload for a long, long time and just use Imgur, you may or may not want to do the same (or with any other half-decent image hosting service), on the bottom right there's "Insert other media", and in the menu "Insert image from URL". That way you can link it straight from one of those services. As a general recommendation, Imgur works well, some people seem to like Postimage (i don't), and some use Flickr or the Google image galleries. Just don't use Facebook, the links expire, or Photobucket, they are charging now for what they offered for free for more than a decade.
  6. The hairstyle is no big deal in an age with artificial bodies, but i think the eyes on the mini are smaller than in the very manga-style concept art (and of course, the manga), and this drives a rather visible difference. Still, let's see if getting the mini onto the hand of a bunch of painters can show us if we can get her close enough to the art with different paintjobs.
  7. See? Visible improvement, and you can still thin the paint more. Good work, keep it up
  8. Vedic looks at you in disapproval
  9. That looks damn vicious, as it should
  10. This is exactly why i've wanted to do this too, otherwise it kinda loses the "one person in several bodies" thing. Could you post pics?
  11. As i've said in other threads, even us real life humans come in rather different sizes, without getting into all the crazy body modifications all this lot can use, here's the two images i share around for this: This should do, i hope, but there's far more like this. Also i agree, the Gata mini kinda lacks the cocky playful spark in her expression from the art, i hope that's something that can be fixed with the paintjob (even if it's likely that i currently lack the skills to pull it off)
  12. I think Imgur is one of the ones that suck less right now (even though it does suck), then there's flicker, and as usual you can always host it yourself on your own server which is by far the most flexible but the most complex.
  13. Asuka usually pilots a bigger machine, but she's on vacation now
  14. I was limiting myself because of the shipping, damn youuuuuuu!!!