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  1. Right, my bad. Some 5 minute epoxy then, that should work instead.
  2. SImple solution against the fraying that i just thought about (no idea if it would actually work): Superglue on the edges, just a layer.
  3. Also in Spain, our FLGS just got the Collector's boxes, no idea if they also got regular ones, forgot to ask. Quite impressed by the quality of the regular ones, have also seen the issue with the bent parts to fix with hot water parts but that's no more of a real problem than some flash or mold lines on minis, specially since it was very few that had it. Will paint the metal ones at the very least, won't promise anything about the plastic ones yet. Of course since i just got it and will have a few busy next couple of weeks or so ahead can't say anything about the game itself yet.
  4. Nice work! Keep evolving those tables as you play
  5. Great and interesting idea! Advice? After mentioning the very obligatory disclaimer, i'm going to go ahead and give some. Forget about "historical accuracy", "official colors" or anything on those lines. This is a nationwide tradition, there is no such a thing, specially since it's a festivity, there's bound to be variations and lack of uniformity, doubly so since much of it is meant to be colorful. What you're after is, to put it in some way, the feel of it. Your objective is not "I want to represent the specific colors people used in DOTD in México City in zone this and that on 2014" or anything like that, what you want is people looking at your army and saying "Dude! Wicked mexican Day of the Dead theme on your army!". So, do what everybody should do in these cases and just wing it! Experiment, paint some minis with variations that you feel would work, then choose the one you like the most for all the rest. Plus it's Nomads, they're not big on uniformity in the best of times, much less a squad dressing as a mexican festival, you're free to not have a regular scheme and sprinkle some variety, although just because of practical reasons you may want to intentionally limit the palette a bit and not have all colors everywhere, or maybe have a general core of central colors unifying the army (those black, white, red, yellow and orange you mention), with secondaries or tertiaries wild and free all over. I hope this makes sense I look forward to this
  6. And for starting the weekend with good cheer, there's the EA drama happening at Reddit. Somebody complained that in the $80 Star Wars Battlefront 2, you need to play 40 hours to unlock Vader. Then their community people popped in to drop this gem: Of course everybody saw through the BS as you can pay for the characters instead. This has made this comment the most downvoted (sorta like an unlike, which Facebook and others direly need) comment in the site's history, and still digging downward (currently at -207K). The sense of pride and accomplishment found now has been in canceling preorders. Yes, AAA video game development is heading in a very bad direction, thankfully we do have great indie games (plus you can still get the original BF2 game on Steam, should run in a toaster these days even).
  7. Where did you got the Tachikoma? Because there's a Kotobukiya kit that comes with 3, but it's getting increasingly scarcer since discontinued, this week i checked to see if i could find it and was around 55-60€ with shipping (triple the original price), and given that i'd be getting it for the little dudes and not the actual kit (it's 1/72, i'm not too keen on that scale, if it were good for our tabletops at 1/48 or something i'd be getting it in a hurry) i don't know if i'd want to basically get the tachis for that amount
  8. joan of arc

    Not OP, but the trick is to do them first
  9. Before her it was the miner Naga. Three years ago. You call that support? We're outright neglected and now even nerfed. I for one will hold on until we get some proper support, but honestly i won't hold my breath and will continue just getting the minis themselves to paint.
  10. For those who missed it like i did: So now what? She's the reason i started playing this game, but now sinking 70-something points on her when she no longer has her legendary durability is a rather bad idea...
  11. For those who missed it like i did: So now what? She's the reason i started playing this game, but now sinking 70-something points on her when she no longer has her legendary durability is a rather bad idea...
  12. I'd bet instead on the camera
  13. This may help Edit: Just remembered this now classic comment from Reddit, on the subject of billiards, but it really applies to anything that requires getting skill, quoting it here for convenience: Just keep swimming.
  14. This may change in the future. Many, many people have noticed that the current Posthumans have the rule "Jumper Level 1". So, what happens when they add Jumper Level 2, 3 or maybe even X? There's even been speculation about a dedicated Posthumans sectorial, which at this point is pretty much woolgathering, but damn if it wouldn't be interesting to have a full list managed by a single virtual entity that used to be human. Still, i for one are quite happy with our purely artificial Aspects embodied with top of the line Lhosts doing black ops for ALEPH.