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  1. You just have to remember that it's a man's name
  2. In that case it's easy: Just go with the original colors from the box and dossiers, and paint it with only washes. The general method is: Prime white (maybe zenithal priming will work well here, worth experimenting once you have a hang of the basic method, for now no complications) Paint every part with a wash of the right color (only touch every surface once unless you want to deepen the color with more coats once it's dry, and soak away any undesired pooled excess with a damp brush, normal wash technique) Done, you can optionally hit them with a matte varnish for durability. With this method you can paint a truckload of minis in a flash. As for which washes, the Citadel and the Army Painter ones are good but the ones people always mention the most are the Secret Weapon ones, if you can get them try them out, otherwise just use whatever is easy for you to get as the whole point is to not make your life hard. Alternatively there's dipping. Army Painter has basically made it their business to sell this technique, here's their guide (link is to a PDF). I don't quite like this for everything though as the minis end up rather dirty looking, which is good for a hardened soldier in the middle of war but not so much for the highly maintained super advanced robotic secret ops warrior. Of course this will work just fine if that's the look you're going for. Either method will give you painted minis in a surprisingly fast time. They won't win any painting tournaments, but they will be painted and look cool, which is the objective
  3. Stop giving Rule34 ideas!
  4. Or if you googled papercraft of the very very obvious inspiration of that piece
  5. I think this is the last pic @Drasnighta posted of his army (rehosted because Photobucket shot itself in the foot), i wonder what he's doing these days He was clamoring for Full AVA on a Sectorial, and i suspect he would fully fill the 300 points with robots
  6. Do not use Photobucket, use something else (Imgur, Flickr, etc.), they now want money to allow people to host pics there, which is pretty much suicide. Also don't use Facebook since their image links expire. Edit: Now i can see them
  7. Your Photobucket pics don't work since they shot themselves in the foot
  8. Don't know why i hadn't connected these thoughts before, but was suddenly reminded of something from the book World War Z. In trying to find a good strategy to deal with the zombies, they developed the concept of R.K.R (Resource to Kill Ratio), which was a fancy name for "bang for buck". A single jet dropping a bomb on a zombie horde was actually far less efficient than sending in an equivalent force of infantry, therefore $1 million spent on the former had an inferior ratio than the later. So they refined the strategy to produce more of what worked better. In here we have the issue that the Asura is clearly awesome and powerful and all that, but there's cheaper choices that are more efficient in fulfilling the objectives for the same cost. So, she has people that don't like her despite being one of the coolest and most powerful troops we have. My opinion? If you're in a competitive setting, trying to squeeze the points to introduce as much usable firepower and specialists into your list, maybe the Asura is not the best choice. But if you aren't, she's too damn fun to ignore. I mean, i'm playing this game mostly because of her, and she's still my favorite troop.
  9. Well, it's no Hawkeye Initiative
  10. On the contrary, that counts as flash ammo damage, they get stunned as they should
  11. Excellent! You should post the gallery on the subreddit too so you're the one that gets the karma you deserve
  12. I actually went "Wow", excellent
  13. Meh, let Sybilla handle that, she's better at it than any of us anyway
  14. Okay, mod added to my eternal unending backlog, that's a perfect idea
  15. This! This is exactly how i feel about the Asura. On the battlefield you see huge HIs, robots, TAGs, Ajax, etc., then this lithe, pretty girl appears, shrugs off everything you throw at her, then without effort crushes the enemy. That's my gal, and i've actually done exactly this on the table to the point that one Ariadna dude i used to play with cursed as soon as he saw her, even outside of a game