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  1. The gloves for my #SpecialistSergeant are finished, too.
  2. The official Corvus Belli Artbook has a lot of different styles in it and in this sub-forum you'll find plenty of very talented artists like Mothman just on the first page! Just look through this fan art forum
  3. In the end you will only see a little slice of the shirt, but it's still needed as a base. @Red Harvest: Yeah, if someone is going to scream for a medic I won't even try helping out! The velcro is indeed for the kneepads. But not really to affix it, but more to assist the rest of the attachment. At the side there is a big slice of velcro for keeping the holster in space. You can't really see it in the picture, though. Last time I went through the time schedule I ended up with January / February for finishing the Sergeant. In the meantime though it's more and more likely that I'll pause this project to make a commission job for a fair in October. If this will happen the Sergeant will be further delayed for a few more months. Sorry, I know the wait is long, but with a full time job, several hobbies and some private live going on, I'm a slow cosplayer.
  4. It's not as fancy as a rifle, but the clothing is important, too! I finished the pants.
  5. @Pierzasty Honestly? I don't know. I never was that much into PanO and going through my books PanO fluff is still on my to do list. It's the Specialist Sergeant from the dossier art I posted in the first post / the one from the latest Order Sergeant box. So... Aaaand it's done! The Spitfire is finished. What do you think? Now on we go for the clothing!
  6. Hell yeah! Badass rogue Asura Yashia incoming!
  7. That what @MobOfBlondes said about the sizing is exactly how I'm doing it. I just fit it to my personal scale
  8. Only short version, because writing on the phone is so annoying. Long version next time. First of all: As a fellow cosplayer I'm totally looking forward to this project and I can tell that posting in this forum helps immensely with motivation! I really wouldn't call myself a pro, since I still have lots and lots to learn, but if there is anything I could help you with just let me know! And I really don't recommend doing a full mdf built! Use it as core and outside layers if you wish, but something that feels okay when lifting shortly gets extremely heavy very quickly. A fotoshoot can get very painful that way - not to mention a day on a convention! Best of luck with this project! <3
  9. Thank you very much! I really appreciate your help, it's very valuable to me! Still think I won't do the "real life weathering" though. The danger of getting things damaged that aren't supposed to take damage (e.g. chipping paint) is too high.
  10. That's seriously some useful feedback! What about clothing? I feel like it should have light dirt trays on the parts where it contacts things (near the ground and gloves) but nearly no weathering at parts like shirts. Is that correctly?
  11. To be honest I'm always one step ahead of what I'm posting and the rifle is already finished. The only thing I added to that stage is a subtle dirt weathering to give it a "just in mission in this very moment" feel and the needed varnish to seal it all. I think it came out pretty well. I think I will wash out some of the weathering of the holster and the bag to make it fit to that stage of use better.
  12. The spitfire starts getting colourful!
  13. Thanks! And as you can see it's just a simple dyed LED, so no harm will be done (from that part, tehe...)
  14. Part 5/7 for the spitfire is the laser sight - or what I decided that thingy to be...
  15. Part 4/7 of the spitfire. It's nearing its final shape