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  1. Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to do a shooting. I'm very short on time at the moment. But there will be a few more con pictures in the future. Actually I posted one just an hour ago Glad that you like it! @Red Harvest You have to watch the Münsteraner Tatort! It's the best of them by far! But in all seriousness, can't recommend watching German TV or films at all... I stopped it completely since I have my Netflix account.
  2. They are gorgeous!
  3. It's because some German people like some American cars. For example those called after animals... And those cars need fancy shoes, no? I finished my commission work for that other game and hope I'll have enough time to continue on the Sgt. soon!
  4. Want to see it anyway! I would join you in doing so, but I already did two Nomad Cosplays
  5. Epic! But I would expect nothing less from you.
  6. Great sketch!
  7. Great thing! Quite different from the original Asuras design, but I dig it! 5/5 cosplayers would cosplay!
  8. This works better than you think. But I was sceptic before doing the Specialists Sergeant spitfire, too. Good luck! It makes a lot of fun and is very satisfying to see it slowly progressing
  9. Really great! Already sent it over to CB? As for the combat heels: The posthumans are artificial bodies that don't have to suffer from high heels, so why not going for the good look? They are the next step of mankind anyway! Oh and since I'm a big fan of the Asuras I'd wish for an Asura hacker!
  10. Nearly missed your new posts! Glad you're back!
  11. And the last piece of the Specialist Sergeants clothes.
  12. Looking at that shoulder thingy of the Bandits I would indeed call that harder to handle than the Sin-eater. Nether the less the Sin-eater is cooler! Hope you keep us updated!
  13. Definitely Worbla for the base, since it makes the helmet thinner and therefore more filigree. Think the visor and the antennas will be the sandwich of both.
  14. The Specials Sergeants Collar. The white pieces are Worblas Kobra Cast - a thermoplast that will attach the collar to the breastplate.