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  1. Also And probably some older versions in both forums. But everyone know Achilles is He-Man. @Monni told us.
  2. In the web? Some people don't care about the web site (or forums or video channel or whatever place you have to be to get the tricks), they just visit a (web)shop and look at the products. Also articles tend to drop quickly (now the webpage even includes the modern "load more" and "not proper link, your spider better execute all JS and figure it" crap) while the models sure were avaliable for longer. Some of us knew parts could be swapped easily... but just now we learn it was on purpose. A product should be able to stand alone, provide all information that matters about it. Warlord got it, stamp a logo when compatible (the boxes also have it), it became an extra feature and a reason to get more.
  3. The interchangability was advertised as intentional? In the blister card with a special logo?
  4. And a full post removed too. Probably for pointing the kerning in the text was icky, or crappy font. Or for saying it was Neckbeard Littlehead Panda. Or Fat Monkey Monkey (Pleb, not King). You can see a hint in the official trailer anyway. Imagine a mix with Pandaren, and you are done. Waiting for the improved version, the Bouncer.
  5. CB doesn't remove VAT in EU exports, as they could. It was pointed time ago, and instead of handling it, they changed the webshop to say "final price".
  6. Read somewhere that it was Kung Fu Panda.
  7. You don't mention it so... using email address or "Zsolt" in the other field?
  8. OTOH, as Infinity is based around moving targets, covering the full range of results, and comparison against others rolls, unbalanced dice are a smaller issue than in other games. Maybe one face appears more, but the others near will too, just a bit less, as the shape approaches an sphere (small difference in energy and it stops in the previous or next).
  9. Yeah, I thought you were trying to get rid of them, not find a miniature to convert.
  10. No takers in gaming group? No one in DataSphere market?
  11. Stepping away how much? If it's about keeping weapon tip out of the corner, you could say the base is pretty much touching, fighter in one side and obstacle touching the other. Or is it multiple metres away from corner? For pistol case, he could be in base contact. With rifle, probably not. (First part is torso, second is pie, go to 1:30) says 2-3 feet back, that is less than a metre. In some buildings the corridor is wide less than that (= S2 would not fit), there you wish you could slice the pie, but will have to go with nibbling the cookie.
  12. MDF? That is damn dense and not so nice to work with. And nasty if it hits someone. Foam core and extra card if you want something rigid yet easy to do. You can always add weight inside if needed (scifi movie with 3d generated soldier walking weirdly? They forgot to add weight while capturing the data... walking with a broom stick and lycra is not the same than lots of armour, bags and a real weapon). Official dossier should give you a hint about size. Or newer video, around 22:27. It's always like this, no official sizes, but "weapon must be like this body part". Also hands must fit in the right places, so use that too.
  13. Yep, it's not total size, but the whole thing. Make the proportions be consistent with real humans (as scaling down for casting allows), and also keep static objects (weapons, backpacks, etc) fixed sized, and things look OK. Don't, and then miniatures look icky because things stop feeling same universe and scale. Weapons could be different size if they clearly were different models. Specially for TAGs where you don't have tiny hands to fix issues and need maximum realiability (extra cooling, auto loaders, armour to be used in CC, weather sealing, etc) . Helmets or (heavy) armour are problematic too, but that always have been that way in Infinity, no change there. Even if hi tech, you would expect things to add a good chunk, or even not to reduce the person bones (stronger than pantyhose mask). Just check any cosplay, made with thin foam... and "huge". Bike helmets add more, for the safety padding.
  14. "Recover the secret formula from the strawberry jam factory" mission.