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  1. Bigger rare earth magnets work with TAGs. Can be dangerous too. Try metal sheet vs magnet sheet. Magnet to magnet was strongest, I don't remember how it was magnet to sheets.
  2. What the cloud said.
  3. for date source, via @Pierzasty Size?
  4. Having the unpacks would be nice also.
  5. There is a huge quad out there. But it doesn't fit a desert planet. It's amphibious, Gibbs Quadski. Size of one of the versions is 326*158 cm (maybe the civilian one), making it ~6.5*3.2cm in 1/50. On idea is adding a plataform in the back, so it's like a quad gone small truck, like i-go farm utility vehicle. That could justify the size. This one is 250*102 cm, so ~5*2 cm in 1/50. The Airfix ones are ~4cm long, in 1/48.
  6. Red Veil Haqq Sniper... you described how you would have designed it last time the issue appeared.
  7. Javascript. Different thing. And yes, Tohaa is there. Aleph isn't. Probably a 768 pixel tall or so screen, each logo has 128 pixels alloted (inner image just 96). Full screen can also help with resolutions in the 800-1000 range. Or press the arrow keys, no scroll bar visible but it scrolled anyway.
  8. It's about different parts (and include extras to select), not different poses. There is no difference between assembling arm with shotgun or arm with rifle, or head with hair or head with helmet. Spec Ops boxes concept applied to other models. Or a tropper box and a box of bots. Bost and bost and bots! For painters it would sell as cute complement for anything. Like those boxes of animals.
  9. Can you imagine, extra arms and heads to give variation, instead of bot markers, and clone rocks and scrap under feet? The horror, the HORROR!
  10. Many have complained this one is a PITA to assemble. Specially taking into account it's new and not old design. For example @Maru.
  11. GoGo Marlene face with interferences. P0wn3d! Now, where to get such image...
  12. Also kudos to @frostphoenyx
  13. Bubbles can be fixed with some putty, or cut that and install a tube. Looks like plastic conduit used inside walls to lay cables, also sold precut as cable organizer. Edit: no automerge posts today?
  14. He (or Warlord Games*) went a bit overboard with randomness, yet Nature's "pranks" can be really weird: And maybe they are one piece, yet look like multiple levels: They can look highly inestable too: They are just waiting to fall... strong storms destroyed interesting formations in recent months. Or maybe aliens like to stack rocks too. *: looking at the shop, it seems WG's are the absurdly random ones (another classic "model things like toys, sell them as miniatures"), while the big block he created look a lot more natural.
  15. That is solved by declaring intention. LOS is reciprocal, so all you have to do is talk and agree what happens. Sooner or later a stubborn miniature (think about those flapping their arms everywhere) makes you select exact position (touch cover with base) or exact rotation (look over there, but arm makes impossible to touch the cover).