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  1. Back on topic, price is like some Dire Foes, right? 29.95 EUR And contents: - 1 Taskmaster with - 2 right arms - 2 koalas - 1 "onionhead" Correct? For reference, the HMG is 19.95 EUR, single arm, no markers.
  2. Both are placing mines, but there are ways and ways. Naga has a great pose, stable footing, low profile and aiming "just in case". Spektr seems to be auditioning for a circus.
  3. Now we get silly "place the mine in silence... but you must put the foot on top of the cans that are in the middle of nowhere".
  4. Probably because they seem to reuse lots of parts of the same 3D model. Minimal repose, at best. Taskmasters' legs are just mirrored.
  5. I digged a bit and found one probable reason people are seeing different things. Web tech sucks, big time, and it gets worse every year. If you ever wonder where you battery or transfer quota disappears quickly... modern tech did it. So yeah, you are not alone, there are at least 2 versions being shown.
  6. Maybe? 2000 pixels wide.
  7. Yes, yes, but at least they could remember to put drivers in the locomotives, and not make them look like an after tought. "Why are all your trains driven by showroom dummies from a work clothes shop?"
  8. The details are soft in the miniatures, rarelly any shading or weathering... really, the care about humans is way lower than the machines, or even the trees. Thousands would be too much to put too, same reasoning, they are not the trains. Even dipping or drybrushing would be an improvement. Also, prepaints are common, but they are (were?) low detail and crude paint jobs. The focus is in getting right the number spokes in the brake wheel.
  9. Some poeople just wanted the metals alone (proxies, painting...), no game at all. But CB went with game or game+metals. <insert ebay, shae-konnit, find-others-and-split disclaimers> <insert wallet-vote-says-pass>
  10. As for speed, cue the burguer style (waiting for first app to support voice commands): "Alguacile with HMG, two Alguacile combi, extra ketchup" So no rule books? Wow, back to exams (and not all of them). Infinity, las Oposiciones (it works better in Spanish).
  11. "No permission" boxes tend to appear when linked to restricted parts of this forum, like Warcors' subforum. Not to external places.
  12. UPS, FedEx and the others I mentioned are private couriers. They all try to milk you if they can, and by that I mean prices so stupid people just use the (privatized or whatever) postal service for one offs. USPS international gouging is to compensate some of the stupid things they do (that allow free shipping the other way... but that one is not just USPS) or are forced to do (special pension handling, by congresscritters, eg). Biggest, widest... what about fuctional? Yuge disfuction is not very useful.
  13. I see two issues. One is deadlines. The other poor supply. Not getting things on time can get a pass if you know there will be enough, just later. When supply is random and low... Well, three. It seems containers suffer more criticals than miniatures. Old models are stuck as they are... but new models seem to go with way better assembly (it took years for CB to get there, even with steps back). And not talking about square pegs, but splits that make things easy. Antennas that include the back of the head, for example, way easier to assembly than separate sticks that go in tiny holes. Or the opposite, some of the first miniatures required no assembly at all, which I heard is back in some of the Outrage models. Let's hope the lessons stick.
  14. There is no monopoly (I think I said it before a couple of times). CB uses MRW in Spain, instead of Correos. And they could use UPS or DHL or SEUR or FedEx or something else as they see fit. For international they selected Correos instead and give themselves 150-200 grams of slack from what I see. Worse, I just noticed, they must be using past year tariffs or eating 1-2 euros. The only "special deal" (the poor kind, which other companies avoid) is that Correos accepted to serve everywhere with fixed prices, as universal non discriminatory carrier, instead of doing the dick tricks private agencies do, like "ooh, sorry, your town is not in our routes... pay us X more or no delivery".
  15. No, it is not, when everything is a damn JS blob. Go figure what "logic" uses to decide what to paint on the window. Maybe it's even playing the stupid A/B trick so en vogue latelly. Maybe the caches are stuck. I noticed content changed in other blog page. 59.99 euros. Some other page there, created 31st is time stamp in index is to be trusted. last line there (for me, at least).