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  1. Yet that doesn't fix the constrast of some areas. #d0d086 (or #a8d7c7) on white, 1.6. Probably a paper mask. But what about requiring a full hour to open the doors after lunch on Friday? Slow keys. And what happened to the 1500 band on Saturday?
  2. Vallejo PU primer is meh. More like a second coat on top of proper, any color, primer. I would use a nylon or natural bristle brush, something strong, or even one of those silicone scultping tools. Or if you can use postit, masking tape, etc use that instead and only fluid as last resort. It seems to "clean" away with alcohol (denat. ethanol here), or more exactly it stops being so sticky and you can pull it.
  3. More like
  4. Oh, I had forgotten about this one. I would glue the model (probably also rotated like [X] instead of [+]) to a small wood or plastic flat block instead of directly to the bottom card, so the top of the mould has small wall all around once you remove all the card. And cast a small block of silicone that covers the model (fast two part mold, no perfect fit to the walls). Fill the main mold with resin, force bubbles out and before it gels at the top, place the cover. Flat base with just a small flash "sheet", no more sanding.
  5. I would still give here one more spike, so instead of current flat hair line she gets a V shaped one. And her right side of face is more covered. I think both are part of the mysterious spy look.
  6. You mean they went back to the roots, remember all those LI that were single part, with weapons and everything. Now, the trick of "back with both arms" is interesting change for CB. Maybe they modeled as "normal size" (feet inside base), then inflated / scaled up (feet overflow)... so details are "low" now. Compare to past dogwarrior (feet inside base). They could had gone with other... but the "latex" one is in the comic. But please, fix the hair and face with putty or paint. In comic she is doll-like.
  7. Rethorical question?
  8. Because the legs and arms are a mirrored copy with minimal changes (the missing blue slots in feet for example). The "roller coaster safety" and upper arm & leg protections are the biggest differences. But rifle in the other hand, circular light in one arm and knuckles in the other hand, etc match perfectly.
  9. Baggage. Maybe Double Baggage. Check Chaskas.
  10. The forehead & brows paint job. Also a bit of Woll Smoth/tiny face, or huge forehead (Queen Elizabeth I). You can see the angry face in manga... but it doesn't translate well to 3D. So paint it smoother and add some hair (one or two extra "horns") as suggested by Killionaire and she should look more like the impression one gets from the full book.
  11. Nah, impossible. Or maybe that comes in salesman manual, volume 2.
  12. Check a salesman manual. Someone that wants the extra and one matching faction pays for the two boxes (and keeps or has to handle how to get rid of one extra and three factions). Check the manual again about impulse, now vs maybe never/future release. Paraphrasing, don't explain with nonsense what can be explained with profit.
  13. Gymnast Flavia Saraiva and Nene, basketball pivot, the shortest and the tallest athlete of Brazilian delegation in Rio 2016. 1.33 and 2.11m, but... check that arm. Who said 12 years old boy? They have been doing it for too long to be non intentional.
  14. He was asked to do a weather report of the battlefield and... surprise! On serious note, he looks a bit robotic.
  15. Maximus Cebollón. If he has the feet placed like others... then he has them tiny or chopped (Yu Jing? but but but...). Other models at least seem to have "double boots" to show where the internal feet go. This one doesn't. So LHost or poor scaling (CB better never work for ESA, NASA, etc, enough with that Mars mission).