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  1. Wait for jherazob to drop by. But cross fingers. Or maybe we can find someone from Sabot Channel ( @Moonova maybe knows?) or Youtube or some other places that mentioned or have shown they built the models, maybe they still have the files around. In the mean while, have you checked the old cubes? Not as direct as print and cut, but it's just about cutting rectangles of the provided sizes. Also, have you checked @Captain Spud templates? Another option is print the templates with textures, and use pins to transfer to foam board, so you reuse the prints many times.
  2. So we are talking about ComboSmite which seems to have 5, two not working: Not working, and Google cache copy is useless: Maybe @jherazob has copy somewhere? Read somewhere in the site that they are running out of space and deleting things... so better copy the 3 working.
  3. For very long things, maybe (haven't seen any such machine). For not very deep holes, the action of the two main blocks is enough and common machine is enough. Some cases use extra side powered actuators as part of the tool, but the machine is still a plain press. Animation above has a full hole created by top actuator. Bottle caps can be done with two big parts and a lot of smaller moving parts in them.
  4. Different machine? In what sense? There are molds that work like plain two side ones, the slide cores are just Rube Goldberg machine wannabees. More complex things may need more complex presses, but if the thing can be made with normal one... This animation shows two extra blocks to create undercuts, one (orange, center) just works with the same mechanism than ejection pins, the other not (black, top). But yeah, price goes up, all the extra parts don't come for free, and they must close as tight as the main ones.
  5. Not too big?
  6. Modern plastic injection can do undercuts... more or less. The mold has moving parts that move in and out of position when the big parts meet. Of course, it means more money.
  7. Some brands know how to select resin formulas. Check the sprue torture after 1:30. Some common plastics used for miniatures would have snapped.
  8. Dust is toxic. Metal, resin... wet sand (bonus: tools work better) or wear a mask. As for brittle... many formulas out there. Some brands just go with the weak ones.
  9. Old miniatures also have tiny details. Classic Interventor Hacker with five separate fingers in one hand and the other hand with 4 groups. Hair. Triple Zero with tail, hand and foot. Kitsune sword and scabbard. Or the damn ankle.
  10. CB labels warn about 5% lead (Pb) content. Plastic is possible if you can put thousands into milling a mold. If the model flops, you have a nice block of steel or aluminium that is useless and only gets you some money as scrap. See how GW is launching games that reuse sprues. Going to China is becoming less and less viable. If you want quality, they want money, and warranties are what you would expect when playing abroad (sue them if something goes wrong? we are talking of a place that disallows foreign companies going beyond 49% and that plays the international postal agreements in their favour... ). As for chunkier... have you measured some knifes or katanas latelly? Or the damn antennas? Or the fingers of some models? Look for hackers and flipping the bird ones. Now, if what you mean is you want those parts to last after bouncing around in foam every week, that is a different thing. Unlimited Miranda, rifle end, katana and heels are tiny. Plastic would be nice (joints as strong as the rest if you use the right "glue", no pinning), if not for some of the limitations it comes with.
  11. They must a twig inside that HI armour.
  12. Previous concepts had neck (mostly?) covered: Male order vs specialist difference seems to be the shoulder pad, backpack and "cape", so I would extrapolate the other way for female. Belt not tight enough? Too low to start with? Anywhow, armies are not doing huge webbing for fun. The idea is to transfer the load to the right places (belt would be pelvis, it's not a fashion complement to wear low). You may prefer such solutions, so it becomes belt and suspenders, or pistol in chest directly.
  13. I guess the strap she cut was the trick, connecting the holster to the belt to avoid it slipping down.
  14. Mad Puppet? Or Puppetswar? And whichever they are, how do they fit with normal bodies sizewise?
  15. The real issue with LEDs is amps. The source voltage comes into play when a resistor is put in series as current control (what the diode doesn't drop must be drop by the resistor, and V = I * R). Thus zeners to limit total voltage, or limited current sources or other solutions come into play. (A bit rusty, it was time ago) But if he is buying a premade kit, all should be taken into account.