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  1. Shotgun Foxtrot is so cutely realistic. There is a video somewhere about that. And in generic... mini skirts are all the rage.
  2. You can do both, sprays give you the main illumination, wash gives you all the black lining the light paint could have hidden. Page says this "pirate" is 3 sprays and the wash.
  3. If you prime with sprays, you can do the two can priming and get part of the help that airbrush gives. See as example. If your locally avaliable white sucks, use grey and black instead (some people use the three, or non-neutral primers... be creative).
  4. Epoxy glue too.
  5. Probably. Account's haven't been merged, things break now and then... so yeah, probably you need two accounts as always.
  6. Mantic & Privateer Press did that too, IIRC. DTP software must be de-evolving, or no one now learns to use it beyond basics.
  7. Oh? Not 50 anymore? First time I hear, and I think in the recent months it was not corrected when someone said it. So they are middle size now. If they did it in 2016, normal to not be reflected in reports yet. Curiosity, OK, maybe to strong term. But when the news "yipe!" or "run for your lives!" are PSA this, PSA that, shipyard wins or loses contract, fishing company went into bankrupcy, harbour got new cranes, etc... local news going "have you hear?! we have guys making tin soldiers!" is not a big hit.
  8. And I meant that it's hard to believe when PSA and all others related to cars or harbour/distribution or food are bigger. If they were among them even by the tail of the graph, they would hit the news now and then for that instead of as curiosity (or probably as WTF curiosity, "you won't believe this but..."). There are a lot of tinnier ones, of course, but self limiting to <50 means they are never going to be a big employer, all the medium ones are bigger (50-250). So I will agree they are among the biggest of the small.
  9. It will look very industrial if you make it neat. Two wires on each side holding the steps in the center. And some attachments to wall every few steps. Also remember the old paper staples trick, like rebar attached to wall. MDF or cardboard will probably look thicker than both, that for me is not sleeker. Maybe thin card with some bending...
  10. Or they stole it. Don't worry, it could be Andrea or Scale75, both sell paints and are near Madrid. Citroën plant (biggest worldwide for PSA) and support companies, harbour (not just cars exports, even if big part)... unless you mean largest of the small, local owned, "area but not that area" or some other targeted definition.
  11. Wire mesh with 8 mm holes, cut a long section of squares, bend in half with 4mm offset, you get 8mm wide with 4mm steps (or 10 and 5). Or if 4-5mm holes avaliable, use directly as not very wide maintenance ladder.
  12. Use the other hand, like is she was jumping to the pole, or falling from it. Or maybe just legs grab...
  13. Natural hair doesn't like warm water. With exceptions like thermal springs, animals have to go with cold or really cold water and their hair is thus adapted to that (ours too, but we prefer comfy things). As for glue, shouldn't it also resist stronger solvents than just plain water? They seem to, otherwise they would fall apart fast. Escoda seems to use epoxy for example. Falling hairs are probably broken hairs.
  14. There is always the upside down dune, family of the upside down stair. Best example is by @Red Harvest: Lots of good tips there, check the full thread if you can, not just that single post. Wait, it was already mentioned, duh.