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  1. Look near the stairs, on the table. Suspicious hexagons with teeth pattern.
  2. "only issue is with tight corridors and low ceilings" You all still thinking fluff matters... big matters. BIGGER! BIGGEST! Meanwhile, for some jobs, small, flexible soldiers were prefered... because reality. Edit: OMG the mold line in the left tight, can't unsee now (in the "solar panels").
  3. The saws above are not sharpened, yet work fine with their basic teeth. Modified razor blades are a bit scary.
  4. There are other brands, Airwaves, Scale Motorsport, ManWah, etc, you can find multiple reviews.
  5. Right. Some photos so you get an idea: This one above (Proedge #13) fits in the thin xacto handles (picture is zoomed in), 0.4mm thickness IIRC. Avaliable at model shops, but also crafts, DIY, electronics or hardware stores if you are lucky. This pack is thinnest I have seen, just 0.1 mm (there is another a bit thicker and one for marking panels), you have to bend them as reinforcement, then go in xacto handles too. Probably only avaliable at model shops.
  6. All xacto-like brands have tiny saws, like blades, but with teeth. Some miniature brands have tiny photo etched steel saws, really tiny and thin, Tamiya being the most known one. Duh, used that for mechanical things, but never miniature cutting. Time to try it instead of oil.
  7. Stupid dialog that keeps resetting and resetting. Try login with BloodRose + password (not the email).
  8. Nice "vampirelf". It looks fine without helmet. Time well invested. Only one photo of the complete cosplay so far? Moar!
  9. Pic fails to load, @Cratesbane Edit: OK, image fixed. Nice trick with rotating disc.
  10. 32mm is wrong, size is 30 side to side, based in picture someone posted. You can buy plastic and MDF bases, and go creative with stacking (mix circular and hexagonal, plastic with mdf, 30 with 25 or even 20, round lip with bevel, etc). Yes, there was. Oh, Battletech.
  11. Maybe you are thinking about mine template options and thus getting confused about tear and circle? Or the Katyusha (3 circles)? Or maybe the graphs about shotguns, with the circle being a model and then the tear template over it?
  12. 45W CFLs yet small?
  13. Exclusive would make the first column not make much sense. Currently if you have two different hackers in a game, you don't have to click and click and click. Just look. Maybe divs (devices) in divs (types/orders)? It would mean repeating a lot.
  14. You can get stumps from model trains ranges. And also some wargame brands make them.
  15. Nice. Some ideas: Change toggle controls from color to [+] or some other symbol (or even border-style outset vs inset for off vs on, "click me" buttons). Why? So the colors are always visible and user quickly links them to the first column squares. In case you have two or more hackers on the game, it matters, as viewing is faster than clicking. Flip the button rows (Dev-Upg-Show to Show-Upg-Dev), same reason, that links the device types to first column using less distance, moving distractions out of the way. The "Show" row seems mostly "what do I need for X?", which makes it more a planning tool than in game, and is just a jump for the eyes when going from table to devices in the heat of battle. As is, that third (or first if you flip the order) could be phrased as "Show All with Target" & "Show All with Order Type". There is no hidding, they only add. Or maybe you wanted to make that row hide programs... no idea if that can be done with CSS only. I will happily learn if you figure that. Obviously then they will have to start all on. And maybe get a control to force them all into on at the same time (at least the group of six, "Target").