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  1. Go ahead. You can find alternative uniforms in some of the books if you want more proof. Some people like the official colors, others the alternatives and some go with whatever they can imagine.
  2. Spitfire (voted) or HRL. Anything to avoid the silly banana. Silliness quota filled with the coconuts.
  3. He has to change the links in the page to and Somehow "free-papercard-craft-containers" got between "blog" and "wp-content".
  4. Yep, 10 containers are in the repeated link but the other 2 that are in
  5. Acherontia? Mobile with Aerocam, Flash Pulse & Stun Pistol.
  6. Copilot: "Five dollars she doesn't make it to the portapotty." Pilot: "I don't care as long as the ship interior is not affected. And next time we get one of this passangers from that SeeBee business, instead of flying faster, I just hit 'launch cargo' button." Copilot: "But it was so funny 'Pilot, pee pee, pilot! Pee pee pee pee, pilot!'" Pilot: "I can eject you too, remember."
  7. Hm, so they (he?) are (is) the culprint of @Maru's last mental struggles. Poor is still recovering from Grunt asses and Haqq sniper assembly. Oh, and "don't know to hold a sword" Bandit.
  8. The light positioning is not limited to photo booths. Neither is light intensity (what most people think is a bright room is pretty dark, the brain and eyes cheat).
  9. Earth to Moon light is ~1.3, giving ~2.6 seconds delay for full trip, slow but still valid for talking. 30 seconds would had mean talking with Apollo took 60 seconds (plus whatever needed to think the reply), and thus pretty much impossible to do real time. ESA reports Earth to Mars 4-24 minutes for radio, depending on positions, when talking about Curiosity (13 min 48 sec at entry, descent & landing).
  10. More light, and placed so camera and light(s) are pretty much in the same side. Most people think some home lamps are strong... they would be if, after some time in the room and not looking at them but at other things, you need sunglasses. Studio lamps are really powerful and flash lights too (they concentrate a lot in a short time). With a lot of light the camera can capture the picture faster so less blur (and if it has diaphragm, it can give you a bigger depth in which things are in focus). This is a boring setup yet fine as a start, it puts most of the light in the front of the model.
  11. This... is... Infinity. If you want proper pilots, yeah, bad luck.
  12. Roomy cockpit even when shortened, yep. Found this: Which could go the the other way, merge the cockpits into one (crude 1:100 to 1:50 conversion).
  13. What is the base for this? It looks like a panel, if you mean the things below the two blue-white lines, at least in this view. Maybe use a border line (grey or color, check civilian airlines) or the decals to mark it (explosive bolt, rescue, etc)? (Canada has been invaded by aliens )
  14. Oh, yes, I forgot about those "click clack" holsters, no strap at all.
  15. Glue a tiny paper strip. Apply extra superglue to make it strong.