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  1. Use different DNS servers, like ISP provided ones, or some other public servers, instead of letting one of the gorillas mess with your net. EG If you want speed, then you want a local DNS server that contacts the public, or even the root, ones as needed (and caches the results for next time). Or call Google Support Line, 1-800-UNKNOWN.
  2. Any of you tried kicking the OS in the DNS resolvers? The entry on the hosts file is just a band aid. If you look in the other thread, it seems sometimes the problem is not with the propagation from the servers, but the clients (your computers or the ones in your ISP) keeping the old values for too long. In that case, new owner can't do much.
  3. Smells of DNS issues. It seems it changed hands (so moved hosting and new IP?). Always try one of those "is site down?" to check if only you, or more spread. Scroll down, first posts were just about SQL error.
  4. New forum has a expand/collapse system for big signatures, by default. This one can be tweaked to use scroll above a given size, with a trick. And IIRC both can be set to hide signatures, at least this one does.
  5. Two things. First, when having issues with a server, search for one of those sites that check if a server is down for you or everyone. Also try ping cmd, as "ping" for DS, in a command prompt to verify the machine responds to something... and from which IP it does that ( for me, with alias name, seconds ago). Second, search for ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED, you should get pages like In that one I see commands that flush DNS caches or use different DNS servers, which is what I guess is happening, your computer keeps the old IP (or the old data about where to get the IP) for Data Sphere... and fails to contact the new server at the updated IP. Imagine an outdated or misplaced phonebook. Make that three things, other pages returned by the search suggest it could be malware which has hijacked the code in charge of DNS resolution for your computer. But as the DNS info changed the 14th, I hope this is not at all, and just what I said in second.
  6. That one works. ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED seems to be a local issue. If you try and it gives the same, it's not the forums alone, suggesting all the server is down... or your computer (or something in between) is the problem. After more inspection, it seems DS was transfered (based in tomasz being the contact now), which probaly means the server changed too, and your computer still thinks it's in the old place. So do a search for the ERR text and follow the instructions to convice your computer to look for new IPs.
  7. Twitter is for puppets and bot(h)s, isn't it?
  8. Your logic is flawed. Shop 1 to N-1 order what adds up to X in day 1, manufacturer has exactly X and packs them all and ships without delay. Shop N orders any number in day 2, manufacturer has to make them now, missing the scheduled shipping while other products that are avaliable ship (that or delay everything, which is worse). That is completly possible. Maybe not what happened, but possible, thus you can't affirm it didn't happen and the issue must lie with the shop and not with the source. The issue is... somewhere. You, both (K & PS), are very boring, TBH. Otherwise could run a comedy sketch that never ends.
  9. Aren't magnets plated? Alcohol eats plating?
  11. Maybe they minimized the codes? Maybe this is the emote equivalent of befunge coding language?
  12. Yep. Things are appearing... speaking of... where is the "report post" thing?
  13. Change? No! Dance! Try the preference pages (Infinity Style there is as going blind, grey on grey)... so you will dance from one theme to another depending which page you are reading. Time to start CSS tweaks like for this forum. First some fonts and getting rid of the stupid blink blink circle for status. BTW "Your email cannot be changed while your account does not have a password." It has a password. What the forum lacked is testers (people with account there since April is a different thing ) as it seems the bugs and silly things are poping out now.
  14. Hahahahahaha. You join everything, including the shop... and the page to create a new account works over HTTP? It must redirect to HTTPS and do nothing other than that over HTTP. Also, it seems the email or nick already exists... how is that? People stealing accounts already? Old old old (so old I forgot I used that email) shop data migrated? Exact text is "The nick or the email already exists. Please try again." so I have to figure which one. The "I forgot my password" in does not look clickable, just other plain text to read. Consistency in UIs, FFS. And now the page says "The email or password is incorrect or your account is not validated." so how do I check if Mob of Blondes has been taken over? New request says "Attempt limit exceeded, please try after some time.". How long? BTW, you should keep the old forums read only for ever. Make a damn static copy or something like that if you want to get rid of the DB. OK, changed email and nick... waiting for verication code. I hope the mess can be cleaned later. Edit: of course, more errors. You login after typing the verification code... and then have to register for the forum again. And then it fails. But then it works. Total cluster fuck. Edit2: and it seems I can not edit the email in Edit3: and now the first data I tried works? No, of course not, it sent a verification code to the first email address but that then goes to the account created with the second. What a mess of hops, URLs, captchas, cookies... aarrgh.
  15. The trick with foamed PVC seems to be "put the parts in place, apply liquid superglue from the less visible zone possible and let it flow by capilarity to all the crack". That method is also valid for other materials and glues, but with FPVC it seems to be the best option. So if you can find FPVC at the DIY store (or PS, both normally as support for other things, or pre printed signals), it can be great for custom models, instead of having to pay high price for plastic sheets at the model shop.