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  1. .... by the way,this year Bostria will talk and show great stuff... before gencon!
  2. Just a promo, said Kenny Ruiz in his facebook, the real cover tells more...
  3. It depends on the year, here it is not strange to see rain even in august, but not the last years... Vigo has templated (oceanic) climate, winter temperatures are usually between 7 to 15º , in august is not strange to have rain, but temperatures from 16º to 27º are normal , and some (a few) days could go to 20 - 35 º with high humidity. Most part of tourism here comes from another parts of Spain...just to can breath and sleep at nights. The first interplanetary was in a reaaaaally hot day with almost 40º, but it is strange to have that kind of hot wheather here.And now the place is better.
  4. Actually, there is, Bostria said some things about the future of shasvastii,(thanks to our spy Ashep ): -There will be a new shasvastii basic troop - Seeds do not disappear, but become another thing. - The design of the Umbra was about to be the design of the new Shasvastii The Noctífers are maintained, but not all Shasvastii are going to be the same as them; They will have a "miscellaneous" look.
  5. In Facebook,keeny said last week that he ended the work,last details in drawing and greys.
  6. They are not mines, they were posted in the spanish forum just with a "from Facebook" reference,mmmmmm....I think they comes from mayacast facebook,theres is a gallery with similar pics.
  7. Great!, I only saw the last minute of the seminar due to car problems..thanks for the notes. Nevermind, just a few things I see in Kenny´s facebook: estimated date of the comic is begining of 2017. Kenny ended the pencil just one or two days before the Interplanetary. And for those who were not here, the manga exposition:
  8. Picture in the Internplaetary of one member of "Sin petaca 2.0" (without cube 2.0), a spanish podcast about Infinity,they posted the iceberg video in their facebook.:
  9. https://www.youtube.com/user/CorvusBelliSLL and http://tutorials.fantasticcourses.com/ And this was the begining of this day: https://www.periscope.tv/w/1mrGmWdDloDxy Pics from mayacast´s facebook:
  10. Some of the core COrvus staff does historical fencing ( try to find Fernando Liste, Alberto Abal or Carlos Torres in this pic in a galician tournament) so it´s not because they do not know about it. On topic, one of the main problems about infinity is that they do not have more Interruptor clones to speed up writing fluff and rules , in this moment design,production and other areas have more staff working to improve the company..but not in this particular point,
  11. Perhaps it is not necessary .In the last interplanetaries Bostria did the seminars in spanish and english due to the amount of not-spanish players in the tournament. Who knows the rest, by it´s very possible that they thought about it.
  12. Nothing new in the spanish forum just that the sentence in reverse sound " "In our darkest hour she will be our light, always alive" has a great spanish-Cangas-english accent,
  13. Not just european martial arts, read this article...not everything is joke, Carlos Torres practiced kung fu , karate and taichi chuan ( and this last years historical fencing). He did the first shaolin miniatures , for example ,and wanted martial arts to be more lethal in rules that they were.
  14. ,Morgana told me about this time ago....Sure,not playing, but I´ll be there visiting the whole thing as always... and as me, a lot of people. See you!