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  1. SSSsssss.....Here it is and now, I have to run before my wife see this...
  2. Hi,I think it is better to ask in the spanish forum, but yes, there are infinity players in Vigo and Pontevedra,As example: the Esbozos asotiation ( Asociación Esbozos Xuvenil e Cultural (C/ Travesía de Vigo nº 137 Local Nº8). ) are the same that organizes the Interplanetario and they organize other tournaments.
  3. More from the spanish forum, there are some demos running, so more stuff to see, next expansion:
  4. Not today, luckily it is raining and things goes better step by step ,. But yes, yesterday was a nightmare, especially around Vigo, where some staff and workers of COrvus lives (and me too...). Nobody slept tonight, I think. On the other said of the bay Koni and others said that there was just a little fire close to COrvus . The view from Cangas was scary, that is Vigo...
  5. Pics from the first official presentation of Ariesteia, by V, in Spain ( Manchacomic event) .The guy that posted them in the spanish forum said that plastic and details seem fine
  6. 1
  7. Done!, first post with my (old) banners recovered.....
  8. Hi Yasbir,

    Perhaps you have noticed but Photobucket has made it harder to post and share images now. For example, most, if not all, of the banners in the old banner thread can't be accessed anymore thanks to the majority of them being hosted on Photobucket. Is there anyway for at least the many banners you made to be transferred to another image hosting site in order to allow forum members to access them?

    The main reason I found out about this was because a forum member asked me where he/she could find banners for his/her signature. When I went to get them the link to the old banner thread I saw what Photobucket did to you and everyone else's hard work. Maybe starting a new banner thread using a new image hosting site would be a wise idea. It would be a new start for a new source of personalization for forum members to use. What do you think about that?

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    2. Golem2God


      All the banners you uploaded so far seem to be working. Thank you for taking the time to do this. When will the Imgur links be posted on the forum?

    3. Yasbir


      Hi, I´m traying to recover older banners to put it all together, but the process is slow (probably I´ll have to search in old backups)  and I´m a little bit busy to spend time in this... meanwhile, feel free to share the album if you want.

    4. Golem2God


      Thank you I shall do so post haste.

  9. In Knauf´s dossier it is descripted as a heavy pistol... Have in mind that except ariadna and haqqislam, guns use caseless ammo (actually, Knauf in the comic talks about it and it´s an important detail )
  10. Sure, this is an example of using Pistol+knife in the infinity: Outrage manga :
  11. Read this old article.. I can tell you that in Corvus they know "a few" things about Close combat, armours and fight with swords.....Alberto abal, Fernando Liste and Carlos Torres practice historical fencing ( Carlos more martial arts, in fact) . Here they are in a medieval festival with their armours. .Actually a month ago Carlos was in Rome in a competition. And Corvus sponsors the saber Infinity circuit. Probably the manga is the best way to see how they could imagin the close combat with inifnity feeling, high tech armours and just brutal force of a dogwarrior...Anyway, just imagine as cool as you can, that´s it.
  12. Bostria said in facebook :preorders begin march 13 and today we will see the Knauf miniature.
  13. Well, look at this banner, the original is in Campaing paradiso if I remember well: The anathematic is looking at our planet...
  14. Hellcats And there was an akhali landing in the first corebook. Those were for a Bureau Aegis campaing.