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  1. It does?
  2. That's a horse
  3. Outrage box seems like a rushed work, both sculpts and painting
  4. So, of it doesn't matter what the fluff did with characters to play them (as in it doesn't matter they are dead), how come I can't play my Tigress Heroine of the People before he became fake Kerrigan?
  5. Yea I know that for southeners it's kinda normal to be 35 and live from parents money... Not a racist comment at all
  6. Thanks a lot
  7. I would like too, unless we are too many already.
  8. What did you use for the skintone?
  9. And that's a shameless money grab
  10. To be honest, if you check other companies doing busts, Luxumbra's are definitely "meh". No wondet they have to resort to less than honest tacticas to get people interested on their Kickstarter.
  11. What this kind of strategies scream to me (here and with the painting books) is "I really don't think my work is good enough to sell on my own so I asked CB to cheat by giving me a LE mini to sell my crappy product" To be honest, the busts they have shown are highly mediocre (or meh, if you prefer) in comparison with the busts from established companies, so I can understand why Giraldez is resorting to this That's probably true, but then it would also be a less effective way to drive interest and sales. It's a tough balancing act. For what it's worth, I'm saying this with relatively little information or basis. The limited/public arm swap model has held for ITS prizes, but I don't think it's ever been used for a book special release. As far as I can think of, those have always been truly limited sculpts. Even the new Miranda Ashcroft is a totally redone model since her initial appearance. The reason I suspect that the O-Yoroi pilot will be more like Le Muet and less like Miranda is that they are currently in the middle of a big wave of TAG pilot releases, and it would be very weird to have her exist as an outlier that only got a limited release. Scarface
  12. I would love it if it were Dakinis, but my bet is remote drone for the Marut or Avatar or PanO