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  1. My argument is and have always been the game is overpriced, dunno how that is hard to follow. I was not talking about the collectors edition, but if you want to talk about CE and collective savings how about you take into account you are getting the same miniatures twice, so the value of the rubber ones goes even lower? Also, if you wanna discuss the price tag on CE, it's the same than Silver Tower, a product from a company demonized for its product pricing that gives you 51 (FIFTY ONE) miniatures on great plastic with more detail that the rubber aristos will ever have. So there is that.
  2. Mmm... I see 40 euro for 6 METAL miniatures vs 60 euro for 8 RUBBER miniatures; I'm failing to see where the collective discount is. Now if they were metal maybe (MAYBE) it would be on the price range of a starter, but alas, they are crappy rubber. Comparison example, Guild Ball 2 player starter is also 60 euro but you get 12 miniatures (50% more)
  3. How exactly?
  4. Dragonstriker, you asked me why I think you should get banned: this is you insulting people even if you try to deny it now. English is not my mother language so maybe I'm not good enough for your standards, but I would say calling someone stupid qualifies as insulting.
  5. Yes, now i remember too
  6. Dragonstriker you should be banned
  7. Ok, lets talk successful boardgames and compare value... let's say, Zombicide?
  8. Also, Blood Bowl, a spawn of the evil and expensive GW who is up to snatch your soul and your descendents', the madness waiting at your threshold, that one company CB is NOTHING AT ALL ALIKE to, gives you 24 miniatures (that I would bet my firstborn on are better quality that the oned Aristeia will get) for 85 euro. Aristeia's value is kinda awful.
  9. I don't think thar mercs will be on the sectorial list, they are just using the Soldiers of Fortune rule in season 9
  10. That's a horse
  11. Outrage box seems like a rushed work, both sculpts and painting
  12. So, of it doesn't matter what the fluff did with characters to play them (as in it doesn't matter they are dead), how come I can't play my Tigress Heroine of the People before he became fake Kerrigan?