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  1. As a fellow canadian, I salute you, sir. The beaver is as noble as it is dangerous.
  2. Google translate... more like screwgle translate... the Internet fails me again.
  3. I say do it. I think it'll look great!
  4. The colour scheme reminds me of my favourite toys when I was a kid - Sectaurs!! I love it dude! Keep up the awesome work! T.
  5. Thanks man. Appreciate it.
  6. Thanks guys. I'm going to do more freehand lines on the fusiliers and the TAG I think.
  7. So, i had a week off and decided to repaint my PanO. The old scheme was a white and red scheme that was great looking on the table, but a pain in the ass to paint. Having recently looked at some older schemes i had wanted to do, i decided to strip my old models and start anew - and did so using the Militia Resistance scheme from Titanfall as inspiration. So, I did these largely over three days - the scheme is relatively easy to pull off. So this is my 300 pt list. I finished and based my 300 pt force, plus a few extras. Here are the finals of those models - to paint i still have an aquila HMG, 2x ORCS (HMG and Multi-Rifle - but they will be proxied as Swiss Guards), 1x Nisses, 1x Limited Edition Jean D'Arc, and 3 bolts. Here is the Aquila Guard. Uhlan Proxy - all weathered up and based. Hexas Proxy (Actually a Crocman - i like this model more) Authorized Bounty Hunters (Boarding Shotgun [Indigo Spec Ops] and Spitfire) Deva Hacker The Fusiliers Group Shot #1 Group Shot #2 I'll keep posting as I work my way up to 400 pts and beyond. Hope you guys like it! T.
  8. Right on - thanks Warren and Guges.
  9. Sorry if this has been covered already, but I'm organizing an infinity meet up this weekend, and a bunch of our players were wondering if we can take part in Operation Flamestrike, but use YAMS instead. It gives the option for custom missions, but they do not apply to ITS (obviously), but my guess is that they still apply to the overall result of the campaign? Just thought I'd double check. Thanks!
  10. Thanks guys - yeah - it really worked out. Those MAS mats really add to it as well!
  11. So, as promised, here is the updates on the boards. First off, I showed up and the owner of the LGS had THESE to show me! He got three MAS game mats. They're pretty sweet! They look even sweeter with buildings on them. So, i hope you guys enjoyed this project. I'll be sure to post any other ones that I decide to embark on! Thanks for reading!
  12. So, i'm sure a lot of you are asking if I got the terrain done in time. The answer is... YES!!!! We had our first game night of 2016 tonight, and all of it was used! I took a few pictures, but honestly, it was so damned busy tonight that I only got a few. I'll make it a point to take some full table pictures next time - before people show up. Here are two of the happy gamers tonight! and some close up pics. Again.. sorry for not taking some full table shots... my bad. I was working on them until 3.30 pm today, and i had to have a shower and get going - as we started at 4.30 pm. Thanks for following this plog, and I'll update it in a couple of weeks with some new pictures of full tables ready to go!!
  13. Thanks man. Yeah, I was kinda at my wits end with these buildings, and was looking up tutorials when I accidently hit the Dave Graffam shortcut on my chrome browser, and got the idea. I used papercraft to do the interiors for my space ship table, so I was familiar with it - but I never thought to apply it to mdf buildings this way, but I'm pretty happy with the outcome. Edit: I should mention that the buildings themselves are great - I was at my wits end as I'm not great at freehand design or weathering. I'd love to see what some of the more talent painters out there could do with this set.
  14. Thanks dude. In reality, it seems really generous - but we have a really great community here and we mainly play at the store. I paint Impudent Mortal's models on commission, and we do an exchange for product (yes... i've painted a metric ton of models for him). I also help him with his marketing and design, so there are some perks in there for me as well. There is no point in having all of this mdf terrain sitting at home where I really don't play games, so it seemed only to make sense to donate it to the place so we can all enjoy it. I appreciate the sentiments though. So, just as an update. three sets are done, sans posters, signs, and graffiti (that'll be done on Friday night - i need to go get more colour ink for my printer). Here are the three sets, 90% finished. Residential District Slums Business District I still have to finish about 12 more buildings, but again - i need more ink for the printer, but that's the job for Friday night!