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  1. What do you use to cut a miniature that much? I found some fender washers that are the same size as a 25mm base, I glue the plastic base to that and provides enough weight to keep most models from tipping over. Even with that the Samaritan had to be at the back of the base.
  2. With mine the sheet had a QR code that linked to instructions. Went together nicely, painting has been extremely slow for me. Actually, scratch that I think I confused another company. I did get instructions, maybe off of their website.
  3. Thanks. Anyone have a link to a picture? I will search on Google.
  4. I can't tell from pictures on the box, where do the small "fins" go on the Cutter? Thanks in advance.
  5. I received mine the other day. I always have this question, do I pull the white backing off of the acrylic? If I do it seems like the art won't show up well without a light. Did you intend for the backing to be removed?
  6. I would also add to not dismiss religious type forces out of hand. Infinity does not have a Protectorate of Menoth type army. As discussed, Haqqislam is not overtly outwardly religious. Also, the Nomads/ Bakunin religious troops are not overtly religious. I used to really enjoy my "Nuns & Freaks" Bakunin list. Which consisted of Reverend Moira fire team, Reverend Custodier, Morlocks, Chimera and Pupnicks, etc. Not what I would call a typical religious force.
  7. I'm in the same boat as chromedog, not much playing time for N3, but my approach to Impetuous depended on the unit and what they were supposed to accomplish. I primarily play Combined, so Witch Soldiers advanced and threw smoke to cover other unit's advance, then tried to Chain Rifle something. Gakis/Pretas were cruise missiles or tried to advance and hide somewhere hard for my opponent to reach. With Nomdads, I treated Morlocks like Witch Soldiers. Yu Jing monks were the same. Aragotos always rushed too far ahead and died. I also used the small combat group of Impetuous models to not hurt my main combat group.
  8. I thought Toni and the Tikbalangs were manned, am I wrong? Combined only has one manned tag the Raicho, Haqqislam only has one tag period, so it would be limiting. But from a fluff perspective, unique Remote Presence tags seems odd and opens up other issues such as remotes. I can see both sides and not sold on either one.
  9. I would guess a generic pilot and one or two named pilots with different skill sets. I would also guess, no Mercs. Joe is already a unique character. For sectorials, it would have to be like other units certain ones can work for sectorials. It would get a little complicated, pilots would probably be restricted to one, maybe two tags at most. I would tend to agree that the Avatar and Marut probably wouldn't have named pilots, but what about the Sphinx? I would probably prefer that it only apply to manned tags.
  10. I like the idea and it is similar to other game systems. In MechWarrior and all of the related games, you chose a pilot for the Mech which influenced the cost. Also in Anima Tactics, the Gears could have different pilots which impacted the cost. It could work well in Infinity, whether it only would apply to manned tags is a question. I could see it applying to Remote Presence tags as well, but I like the idea of having a usable unit after the tag is nonfunctional. Would it apply to other remote presence units such as remotes? Does Infinity remote presence mean an off site driver is required like a Predator drone or is it self sufficient with minimal human control like a Global Hawk?
  11. As a former WarmaHordes player and a primarily CA player, I will add a few thoughts. I quit WMH just prior to Mark II and started Infinity right after 2nd edition. There are differences in the game. Nothing (or very little) is truly OP or "cheesy" in this game. Newbies will be surprised or caught off guard by some interactions, but with experience they can be countered. Unlike WMH where certain combos were devastating and even very experienced players struggled with some match-ups. Some units are clearly better than others, but the game is remarkably well balanced. When I introduced WMH players ( or tried to) I often got complaints of loose, vague rules. Infinity was not designed originally as a tournament game and the rules weren't as tight as WMH. Frankly that was a selling point to me as I had grown tired of the extreme emphasis on tourneys in WMH. Third edition has largely addressed many of the rules issues and the tournament system has improved if that is what you are looking for. The point about terrain is important; you will need more and different terrain than what you are accustomed to. On things to like in an army, two items were left out or not discussed at length. First, Impersonation, only Haqqislam and Combined have real impersonators. These models can start anywhere on the table, even the opponent's deployment zone (with a successful roll). Haqqislam impersonators cannot impersonate aliens, so it doesn't work as well against Combined or Tohaa. Combined can impersonate anyone. Certain hacking programs now allow more limited impersonation. If you like dirty tricks, that is a big one. Second, for movement Super Jump allows a model to jump its entire movement either straight up or at an angle and take no damage when falling that distance. This opens up a wide variety of movement options and attack vectors, for example a Rodok can sit behind a building jump straight up in the air, shoot at a target and land without damage. Of course it could get shot in ARO, but that is still a great deal of flexibility. Combined is an elite force with some different tech, so it generally will have fewer models. It shares that trait to an extent with PanO and ALEPH. Most factions can now run a swarm army, but CA has a hard time doing it and Ariadna is still the best at it. I have all the factions but have played CA, Nomads and Yu Jing the most. The Onyx Army pack would be a good start. Morats are called space monkeys a lot on here, but they are really an attempt at an Oni race. The Avatar is cool, it was one of the things that sold me on CA. The Charontids and Anathematics were also attractive units to me. Now the Umbra are cool new units. CA also have unique weapons with Plasma and the Sepsitor. The Sepsitor is in essence a projected computer virus that takes over opponent's cubes. This allows you to take control of your opponent's models for the game.
  12. For non-real life background, I thought Haqqislam was heavily patterned on Buddislam from the Dune books. Certainly the terraforming and desert dweller aspects.
  13. Not to derail this further, but wasn't there also a transgender/hermaphrodite character in GW/40K? I never played but remember someone mentioning that.
  14. caledonia

    "But another possible inspiration here is the Clan Gray, originated from a XIIIth century French noble family from the city of the same name." Not to derail the thread, but my surname is Gray. The earliest ancestors I have located were in the US pre/Revolutionary War. So I am very interested in additional information on this clan.
  15. Thanks ver helpful. The fact that the u shaped pieces went to specific backpacks made the difference. They should have bagged them together if they weren't identical.