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  1. Hey bud !!!!!

    Man sorry i just got your message now from along time ago.i had moved to Scranton PA around that time.

    Have yoy found people?

    I am moving back by summer so let me know ur still playing

    Thanks bud 

    1. ElfSpeaker


      No worries. I found a couple of people around here. Maybe we can meet up for a game when you're back.

  2. Hey guys had fun here,was hoping to get a group list going to get more events going.
  3. We have a handfull of guys ar Battlegrounds in Abington as well.they should have a list going at tourney on sat with peoples names and forum names so we can all have a way to hook up and play,and organize events.
  4. Pics please for those of us who couldnt make it thanks a bunch Pics please for those of us who couldnt make it thanks a bunch
  5. Nice job man!!!!! What blues did you use?
  6. Make me offers. take paypal thanks johnny
  7. Great job man thanks for sharing really like these thanks again
  8. not sure about size,the ones i aready printed seem great.what icons are you doing? can you do military orders german words and the templar crosses for loin clothes. and crosses for shoulder pads.this would be great.i wish i knew how to do this i could help you.thanks again and i really appreciate your work.these make a figure and vehicle look so great. thanks again man
  9. Thanks so much man.these really make a model look awesome
  10. really cool definetly would like a speed paint tutorial.thanks john
  11. yeah man talk about how you did those please. are they decals?
  12. where are the bases from they go well man.thanks for sharing
  13. Guys thanks a bunch this is great! i was struggling with this.i really appreciate your help and taking time to do this.this game has some great people attached to it.thanks again john
  14. Hey guys been playing a while,and just got a bunch of knights so i have most of all the knight figs. i am looking for good all around 200 point list.any help would be much appreciated.thanks john