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  1. Just a few points to the OP: 1) According to the 2) There are many ex-Hindus, particularly from the lower castes, that turned to Christianity because they would rather be treated as (relative) equals rather then be lower then animals. A Church that can provide even better material support would attract even more converts, although many would seem content with a few bags of rice.
  2. So how are everyone's experiences with the regular bounty hunters so far? And the good Major? The IS has certainly acquired an interplanetary taste for one.
  3. Huh. Still can't quite figure out who the second guy is. Most perturbatory. Xi Zhuang is essentially a Celestial Guard character who was introduced fairly recently, though before Red Veil iirc. His stats is in the army builder.
  4. New Tigress Hacker from latest vanilla starter. Not sure, could you take from another angle? Gui Feng Xi Zhuang from latest Dire Foes pack.
  5. First off, welcome to our faction, and congratulations on getting that bundle. Now, while the bundle in question is more suitable for an IS list, you still have a decent basis for a vanilla list give or take a proxy or 2. Regardless, one of the first additional purchases that is recommended are the Kuang Shi, which gives cheap regular orders that any list needs, and allows otherwise expensive units to be afforded. One of the Celestial Guard from the bundle can be designated as their handler. Coincidentally, her smokes benefit the Hsien greatly. Another good choice mentioned above is the GuiLang, a unit that provides camo and infiltration to get to objectives quicker. Or lay mines. The original model is still good, the rifle version being the most useful. The Hac Tao is great, though expensive, and generally need to be built around. The HMG can be the potential Lt using Executive Order, while the Hacker can be brutal as well. The Dao Fei is another vanilla (for now) unit that is a signature HI for us. Infiltration and Camo is a most potent combo on a HI, but they don't come cheap, so can be put on the reserve list for now if you are using the other expensive HI. One should not forget the Tiger Soldiers. Our only drop troop and still one of the best in the game. The blister shotgun or spitfire both have merits, while the rifle/hacker is in the vanilla stater box. Lastly for now, you should get a Gui Feng SpecOps model, if not as an actual SpecOps, then as a legal proxy for most S2 units. Like the second GuiLang or as a Tiger for instance. Hope this short list helps.
  6. A Regular Bounty Hunter sniper is really quite a bargain for that modest pt bump.
  7. The Tigress Hacker, while a bit on the pricey side, does has a light flamer as standard gear, so she can use it to burn off the camo/ODD of any backline attackers she can reach, but otherwise can't effectively hack/shoot. Many backline dedicated hackers are also generally more vulnerable to fire compared to hacking after all, although one has to be careful with placements if doing that.
  8. Yù Jīng already had one of the highest number of players even before Red Veil. A fat lot of good THAT did, and CB deliberately choosing that ending said all that is to be said.
  9. FWIW, there is a MR Lt option with a tinbot as well, although that version costs 3pts more and doesn't give a SWC bonus (even if it is .5 SWC cheaper then the non-Lt version in comparison). Whether that is worthwhile is a matter of debate, although the tinbot could be quite helpful if he has a Zhàn Yīng Hacker as part of his Haris team in IS lists.
  10. While not quite as efficient as MSV2, MSV1 can still be used as an option, particularly at ranges outside the ML +3 zone. The Gŭi Láng and Lù Duān is better up front >8inches with CR/Mk12+heavy flamer respectively (although the target can easily opt to dodge instead), and the Pheasant/Sun Tze v2/Le Muet from afar with MSR. There is also Sensor+Triangulated Fire, although that is even more risky compared to MSV1, even without taking into account 'setup time'.
  11. It might not be the ultimate summary of our units in a vanilla setting, but I suppose it does give absolute new players some fair warning about what is decent and what is...mediocre. Honestly it can be hard to think up reasons why certain units (or variants) should be taken when other more suitable specimens are just there ready to go, unless one has infinite opportunity to play janky stuff all the time.
  12. Not much time or opportunity for updates regrettably, however VaulSC has made an overview video of our units which I have linked in the first post. Many thanks and great credit to him!
  13. I'll have to find some time to watch the video, but in the meantime, for posterity's sake, I've linked your video in one of the pinned threads. (I can remove it if there are any objections).
  14. The main CA forces might be next door, but some of them are already on Ariadna doing their insidious xenos things. They might have even 'acquired' Antipode 'friends' (which may or may not involve prior visits by Tohaa aligned to them) for all we know. Also, the southern half of USAriadna have a lot of supporters of their own version of seccession (from both the northern half and the FedGov), so maybe we can see a mini-campaign of their own inevitable civil war rather then a global Ariadna one instead. An Ariadna Cossack vs USAriadna 2player big box would be hilarious. In the meantime, one can only wonder what price the Nomads (and indirectly ALEPH) will demand for supporting the French/Scots...
  15. Regarding the Zú Yǒng HMG, while it is tempting to use the Lt version for the SWC discount (pretty not worthwhile otherwise), it has a high chance of telegraphing who the Lt is, so one has to balance the risks if you do want to use that variant, otherwise the 'basic' HMG option is a decent enough choice under most circumstances. Also, for our Tiger Soldiers, if you intend to just walk them in anyway, you don't really need that airdrop bonus, so don't feel that compelled to take a basic/EVO hacker, particularly if you aren't going REM heavy either. That being said, Assault/Killer hackers can still benefit from repeater coverage, so FO Gŭi Láng is a good combination alongside them due to their deployable repeaters.