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  1. Please Register here
  2. There is no need for further escalation, thanks.
  3. You are entitled to your opinion of course, but, I believe I run the forum quite well, I even managed to retain you as an active, unbanned member. I said it to you before, banning is not a solution, or if it is a solution its the final solution, I do not need to call someone publicly, naming and shaming is not a philosophy I subscribe, PMs are for this reason and many have received one, there is no need to go for a public disciplinary display. Further more, I do understand your like for disciplined threads especially the news and rumours, but going off topic is how it was always been the forum culture here from the start, I have received no substantial feedback against it, most people seem to enjoy it. I will look more into it on the new forum.
  4. The moderation here is not ban happy, if you mean that, then yes, it is not. It is not my fault if you cannot see past escalation as the only method to disagree in a conversation.
  5. We can have the exact same conversation without escalating the hostility.
  6. Please keep the conversation civil.
  7. Oh it will affect the line, we are on pure dream mode here.
  8. A 15mm scale game would be lovely as described on last years Bostrias ideas post it notes.
  9. No you won't and this is how PM's work here, it has been cleared the last time it happened and I am expecting everybody to conform on that. And please, "name and shame" as if you are the innocent judge. Enough, PMs are PMs and their function is for confidential messaging, don't break this and if there is the problem in the PMs the moderation team is here for this.
  10. Please keep it civil. Also contents of PMs are private and under no circumstances are they allowed to be made public, if you want a moderator to intervene you can add them to the conversation or report the PM. Thanks. Since last I am out of words....
  11. Drive you away? on Dakka were you announced you will not transition on the new forum I said everybody is welcome. That includes you. I am sorry, you may not realise that, but I have fought for your (and a few others) right to express yourself, because freedom of speech is a principle I stand dearly by and its a human right by my standards, that does not mean I will not point out inconsistencies, flaws and biases in your logic, but I will not censor you or anybody else.
  12. Directly from CB means a trade agreement with CB, why on earth would a store order from the webstore, that makes no sense whatsoever. The problem with your evidence and why they are usually shot down is that they are not evidence, they are assumptions, "December month releases arrived so October releases must be out of stock 2 months now" that is an assumption not evidence and since other stores receive their blackjacks (at least one directly form CB) it is not a solid assumption.
  13. I hope you understand the irony of your words, because it describes your behaviour. Lets go to rationalisation of events shall we, we have two stories here, of two different stores in different countries that order directly from CB, one orders a few blackjacks and gets them the other does not, the source did provide blackjacks so it cannot be a problem with the source because if it were then both stores should not get any blackjacks. So there is no problem with the source. From there on there is a plethora of issues that may happen for the store to not have blackjacks from as simple as choosing the cheapest and slowest shipping method making them arrive late to as odd as forgetting to order them, we know nothing about that so I cannot comment on that. My comment, on pure rationalisation, is accusing CB of not manufacturing enouph products when the evidence is they do not have shortage of said product is false. Something like that was heard over the internet and on this forum, for limited edition products a few times if memory serves me well.
  14. My local shop buys directly from CB so CB's stock of blackjacks is probably fine. I would like to see the evidence of your claims for once, because what you propose this time and all other times is anecdotal evidence and speculation about what might be happening behind the scenes.
  15. To put it plainly its what IJW said, it is complicated, how often they stock? when did they order? did they forget to order? what shipping option they choose? all the above are outside of CBs hands, my point was that blackjacks are available so its not a manufacturing issue that would be under CB. You simply choose to put the blame on CB as always to be entirely fair. I simply chose to say I do not have any data on what they did hence I am not going to speculate, but have data on the availability of Blackjacks and they are available.