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  1. Well the starter atm has Thorakitai with Combi Rifle, chain rifle and LRL, so might just swap the Combi for the Marksman rifle?
  2. @Mask I’ve just thought, did you manage to get a photo as good as those 2 for the Thorakitai?
  3. Yeah, they leave bits off the renders sometimes. The Overdron was shown with one Plasma Sniper, for example.
  4. Yeah, There’ll probably be a redone starter with new Dakinis. Can’t wait to see their Garuda style redesign.
  5. I really like the Garuda, I’m glad I just bought a load of Aleph, between that and the Thorakite box. The Charontid I think will look better and more menacing when it’s painted in the CA colours and not neon orange. Did they mention when the Thorakites and Garuda are coming?
  6. I usually just try it a few times and it works. Otherwise upload them to imgur or somewhere, and paste the link in the ‘insert other media’ bit.
  7. Yeah the new Garuda design is excellent. I can’t wait for the Dakini to follow suit.
  8. It’s only the second sculpt (both the first resculpt, and the second of the resculpted version).