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  1. The HMG and ML launcher were labelled as 5 and 6 on the dossier. I'm guessing there's a first page with the first 4 weapons, one of which is the Mk12 that the model has.
  2. The HMG and ML are labelled as 5 and 6 on the dossier, so there might be a few more options too.
  3. I assume the armour probably has some kind of mimetic technology in it. Much like Tiger Soldier armour does.
  4. Well, they'll be released alongside Ramah Task Force, Kazaks, Invincible Army (presumably), Shasvastii, Vedic and the Triumvirate in the next book.
  5. Yep, I'll go with that. Hassassin starterrrrr.
  6. Yeah but they might be in Spain anyway.
  7. Mushashi is free in the bundle anyway so you aren't losing anything by getting it.
  8. They Grunt Spec Op is stunning. Oh and the Fidays torso isn't the one from the sniper shot.
  9. Speculation. The sniper shot posted last Monday was a torso that matched the Muyib dossier exactly, although it could potentially be the Fiday from the new Beyond box, we haven't got a view of him from the right angle yet.
  10. There's still 2 generic Regulars in the Acon starter.
  11. It's a starter, so repetition in the basic troop is pretty much a given.
  12. The sniper is an Intruder.
  13. They'll show the dossiers in Infinity week next week on BoW.
  14. Everything looks amazing.
  15. It could be Zero-G, but Zero-G is a Corregidor thing rather than a Nomad thing (every unit with Zero-G in Nomads, which is actually only 4, are Corregidor units). Although, does Multiterrain cover Zero-G? Because there's quite a few with Multiterrain, including some Bakunin and Spektrs.