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  1. Both in the box would explain the higher price, but then they have the same bodies and there's not enough crazy koalas for both.
  2. What about the SuJian? It's a robotic animal and a transformer.
  3. The Fraacta has sort of reverse symbiont armour - it takes a wound and changes to a better profile, where as symbiont start with the better profile. If we see more Sygmaa I think that'll be their thing instead of Symbiont armour.
  4. Cube Jaeger profile (Nicked the pic off Facebook)
  5. Nicked the pic off Facebook:
  6. I think there's some art prints in the bonus one too.
  7. Added myself to the document.
  8. Mine too! I really like the nods to real history and mythologies in the names and backgrounds of the different units.
  9. I have found that trying to upload a picture a few times eventually works. Bit annoying but generally it's quicker than uploading the pic elsewhere and then bringing it over.
  10. Because the Zuyong and the Invincible Army was created by Yu Jing to move away from the Banner forces and the Zhanshi.
  11. Zhanshi wont be the line troop in another starter now they're in the vanilla one.
  12. We saw them on Angel Giraldez's painting table I think, with the new Taskmaster. They were a way away, but looked like the same old ones. Found it
  13. To be honest, i think her being one of the worst profiles they've made shows how generally pretty well balanced the game is. She looks perfectly playable, just not the best choice for any situation really and a bit expensive. Cheers guys. I really like the model so I'll probably get her on that basis and try her out, but I take your points about there being better choices for all her jobs.