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  1. Hi Spears, probably Cut&paste issue Activate Antenna Connect&Control Console
  2. THE GRID is the mission objective Destroy_Antenna achieved only considering thedestroyed antennas which lay completely in the enemy half of the table? There is a discrepancy between Mission Objectives and Antenna Description EDIT just saw it was asked three posts above
  3. UNDRHiver's Workshop 2017 After visiting Vigo for the Interplanetario IV, I decided to translate to English the below two short tales which I wrote a while ago. I hope you enjoy them. Routine Activities, Unexpected Result! …Unidentified Location… Day 1, H23:45:49 High Command PanOceania Force, Post-Operation Analysis Group 754-D, 89-Cristal Unit …conversation extract between two Analysis Officers… [1] Did we finish the Opportunity Analysis of the Fighting Force 12OKSNG? [2] No, we are still missing the Cloud Analysis of 8 elements… [1] What does it mean “of 8 elements”?! 12OKSNG was of 10… [2] …we have delays with the set of Decrypting Activities… data shows slight alterations which force us being cautious with the whole process.. we already have a dedicated team, but we are confused… Day 1, H09:47:03 Fighting Force 12OKSNG Channel 1 audio track extract: [1]…Positive Confirmation STP-7 Protocols completed… Day 1, H09:4826 Command PanOceania Force Communication Extract: …Confirmation… Fighting Force 12OKSNG…waiting for Deployment… Day 1, H09:50:27 Fighting Force 12OKSNG Channel 2 audio track extract: [1] Positive Field Identification of High Value Target A…12OKSNG…pending Deployment… Day 1, from H09:51:00 to H09:51:19 Fighting Force 12OKSNG Channel 1 audio track extract: [1]…Passageway 70-GH confirmed for action…Jim, Fred and Nina follow Approach 99…Square 34-XP confirmed as Rally Point Tx4-Lx2-Ix3 BEYOND…FFD-88…MAG-99…DOR-35… [2]… Approach 99… [6]…70-GH for us, in position…HVT-A in sight… [1]…VIRID-57… Day 1, H09:51:24 Fighting Force 12OKSNG Channel 2 audio track extract: [1]…Positive Confirmation 12OKSNG…Deployment completed… Day 1 , H09:51:28 Fighting Force 12OKSNG Channel 1 and 2 audio track extract: [1]…Enemy Deployment activity starts… Day 1, H09:51:35 Fighting Force 12OKSNG Channel 1 audio track extract: [2, 3, 7]…sight contact with the Enemy!... Day 1, H09:51:38 Fighting Force 12OKSNG Channel 1 audio track extract: [6, 4, 5]…here we are… sight contact with the Enemy!... [1]…All ready!... Day 1, H09:52:31 Fighting Force 12OKSNG Channel 1 and 2 audio track extract: [1]:…Enemy Deployment activity completed… --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rise and Fall …somewhere in the Nomad Nation… …after hours of silence, one by one different monitors begin to spark and several sound alarm are activated… …a voice break the silence of the Sector and bystenders focus on what they are watching on the computers… …a set of alarms is launched and supporting teams are called… [decrypted] Log: On – Counter: Active – ID Ref: On – Proxy Detection: On – ID Identifier: On – Location: available – Delay: 15aa... Safe Mode: On – Buffer: 100% - KEY: 6200 588 DOFM 4455 OCMD... Breafing ALEPH Force... 101 DATA RECOVERY... [encrypted] 9455 6688 LANC 1194 KODD – 4029 2581 DDPE 3084 SRPO – 3980 2897 EEWP 0048 QLAG 0385 9283 TDPX 1830 JSRN – 7305 8164 WKCC 4927 SSKV – 0001 5934 DPOL 2563 CONE 6790 2994 FHHW 4978 KHDD – 2222 2718 FOKA 4590 LLJO – 4781 3300 EOCJ 2551 WKXN …at unexpected speed, monitors return to be black and quiet, whatever elaboration is blocked… …the excitement of the discovery is rapidly replaced by the dread of an infection… …after the second failed attempt of restoring the systems’ priorities, the Sector is isolated and the Quarantine status is declared…
  4. You are always welcome due to -200 error ask CoveredinFish about the pic I just send him (dinner matter)
  5. Hi Guys, it was a pleasure meeting and staying with you in Vigo for the InterplanetarioIV! I had a very positive feeling spending our time together; you welcomed me, we chat about our nerdy/ geeky passions, you kindly spoke english among you if I was present (ich spreche keine deutsch), and, of course, we got great time at the restaurants too (special mention: El Capitan). Thank you for sharing the Report of those amazing days! PS: As you said, hope to see you all next year in Vigo! Regards from Italy!
  6. Uploading issue still present!
  7. @Gamma Ray @Tristan228 @Paradur Hi, finally arrived in Vigo! if feasible, please drop me a contact by PM, and I will join you if you are doing something today thank you
  8. My flight to BCN was cancelled today tomorrow I will not come to the Isles as planned hopefully, I will land in Vigo tomorrow not night
  9. Masterclasses A-Z I&Ii mainly vallejo: model color, game color, air color overthere all codes for colors too among receipts they give you tons of hints about what you are looking for, and more they are precious! Regards
  10. This time next week I'll be waiting for boarding. Regards
  11. @Paradur: thank you for the details. I just booked my ticket for the isle. see you then...
  12. @Tristan228 (as per @Gamma Ray hint) at what time did you book the ferry for the isles? I would like to book for Wednesday but I was wondering your timing. [no FB account] thanks
  13. @GammaRay: could you please tell me the time you booked the ferries for the isles? And the company, eventually? I noted there is a limit for people going on the isles each day and booking seems needed thank you use PM, eventually
  14. I will land in the evening, and then I will direct to the hotel. If it would not be too late, I will try to contact you and maybe join your bars tour. About the ferry, I did not book anything; is it needed in advance or could I take a ticket on the 26th? eventually, could you please provide me with details about ferries? have a nice day