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  1. My flight to BCN was cancelled today tomorrow I will not come to the Isles as planned hopefully, I will land in Vigo tomorrow not night
  2. Masterclasses A-Z I&Ii mainly vallejo: model color, game color, air color overthere all codes for colors too among receipts they give you tons of hints about what you are looking for, and more they are precious! Regards
  3. This time next week I'll be waiting for boarding. Regards
  4. @Paradur: thank you for the details. I just booked my ticket for the isle. see you then...
  5. @Tristan228 (as per @Gamma Ray hint) at what time did you book the ferry for the isles? I would like to book for Wednesday but I was wondering your timing. [no FB account] thanks
  6. @GammaRay: could you please tell me the time you booked the ferries for the isles? And the company, eventually? I noted there is a limit for people going on the isles each day and booking seems needed thank you use PM, eventually
  7. I will land in the evening, and then I will direct to the hotel. If it would not be too late, I will try to contact you and maybe join your bars tour. About the ferry, I did not book anything; is it needed in advance or could I take a ticket on the 26th? eventually, could you please provide me with details about ferries? have a nice day
  8. Thank you! I will arrive on 25th too, altought at night It would be nice to meet you also before the formal event The isles sound inviting, are they the ones mentioned on interplanetario web site? bye
  9. Hi There, I was wondering the same! Additionally, is anybody attending the event in Vigo there since Wednesday 26th? I am trying to figure out what is going on on 26th and 27th for people arriving there before the event, and any advice is appreciated. Eventually, is there a possibility to have a tour/ excursion to CB HQs on 26th or 27th? If you are interested in, leave your .02! Many anticipated thanks.
  10. so, I will wait positively. you got my response in PM thank you
  11. SERVICE SUPPORT NEEDED ...converging buddy requests for hints... I saw on the interplanetarioIV.site information for accomodation I sent an email to the hotel indicated on the site for gathering information about accomodation do you have any suggestion on how I can further "highlight" my message at their end hoping in a positive response from them? is there any forumee/ CB staff/ Vigo folks who could knock at the hotel and say...you got an email?!? your response is vital!!! it would be really appreciated thank you in advance
  12. I think you should recheck the FtF rules FACE TO FACE ROLLS When two or more troops act at the same time to try to thwart each other’s progress, Face to Face Rolls are used to determine which side acts faster and more effectively. To do so, both players roll for their troops involved in the face-off and compare each result to the relevant Attribute, as they would in a Normal Roll. Failures are simply discarded but, unlike in a Normal Roll, each side’s successes are compared to the other sides’. its intrinsic mechanism allows you to oppose the enemy multiple attacks e.g: A move, B and C ARO bs attack, A dodge A is allowed to try to dodge all the incoming attacks with a single roll for reset it is the same In addition, it is specified that this also happens for dodge and rest against coordinated order (usually, it is allowed to ARO against a single trooper in a coordinating group)
  13. @tinfish Back to your question, i throw a smoke granade, you have MSV and you ARO with bs attack: 2 normal rolls, NO special dodge effect for smoke is granted even if I put down the smoke
  14. Original question was 2) I'm Changing Face in ARO, as reaction to an attack. Is that like a dodge then? no smoke at all
  15. You messed up things here change facing is always ph-3 template weapons do not add any additional modifier MSV do not apply as you are AROing to something out of lof probably you mixed things for smoke and MSV in last sentence PS sorry for double posting is there a way to delete a post?