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  1. Yeah, I'm really hoping that we can. Lately "life" has been getting in the way and it doesn't look like that is going to change anytime soon(it just might affect a different one of us more than the others in the near future). We are doing what we can, when we can and we'll see what we can do moving forward. Vague I know, but right now it's the best I have unfortunately.
  2. Just posted Episode 14, also known as: "I WENT TO GENCON"
  3. Episode 13 is up! We talk about Red Veil and the other GenCon releases, about the upcoming Dire Foes, our local summer Escalation League, and finally get to some listener feedback.
  4. We did sort of a mixed-bag topic discussion in this one. I'm a little behind schedule with publishing it because well, life. Onyx Contact Force comes up A TON as we move from topic to topic, but we also talk about things like Killer Hackers, Fireteam Duo, D-Charges, Order Count, Going First in HSN3, JSA, and units that are typically seen as "problem units" for players such as Haramaki Fireteams with multiple missile launchers. Hope you all enjoy! Thanks for listening!
  5. Episode 11 will be coming very soon, but Joel and I had some time while waiting for Greg to arrive so we recorded a little After Hours(that was really "before hours"... WHOA!" discussion on the Morat Aggression Force, and their changes in HSN3. We feel like they've been much maligned since the pre-release, and now that the book is actually out in peoples hands, it feels like this particular Sectorial is receiving an unfair amount of H8. We try to talk about why we're actually excited for Morats in HSN3, and what we think is good about them(hint: it's most everything). EXPLICIT WARNING: Listening to this will increase your desire to own Morat models. Fair warning. (We kept it pretty light on the language for this After Hours).
  6. You're welcome, glad that you enjoyed it!
  7. Ain't a prob. Need to convert more for the biker gang anyhow. Just PM me when you figure what you've got in addition to what I posted! thanks for the sweet service!
  8. As a note, if you added some I'd take another hmg or two and I'd take one of the grenade launchers just to lend a hand.
  9. I'd like the following please: Orc + Multirifle x1 Grunt + r (mask) x1 Grunt + r (no mask) x1 Grunt Sniper Ghulam + missile x2 Thank you very much!
  10. Quick question, since i couldn't find any sort of help or walkthrough on using it. I've had my event entered for over a week now. When I log in and click on the event in OTM, it still isn't showing me what I would consider a "tournament mode", where players are listed in random matches for the first round. Does this not happen until the day that the tournament is scheduled for? With the annoucement that events must be listed in the system for one week prior to the event date, I assumed that it would change somehow after those 7 days had passed and it still hasn't. So can I show up to the event i'm throwing tomorrow knowing that when I log in, it'll have generated pairings and I'll be able to enter info?
  11. Also curious. We've been growing up to around 30-40 people here in Minneapolis, MN. I've already scheduled a few ITS tournaments(smaller 10-12 player deal next week, and a larger 36 player event in April) as well as some local Boot Camps and game days. We're on the last round of our five month 32 player Escalation league. Would love to put some of the non-ITS events into the system if accepted. That said, thank you for the hard work on this. I'm sure it's occupied an immense amount of your time.
  12. Hey all, Sean here from the Remote Presence podcast. I have decided to start what I'm hoping will be something of a tradition here in the Twin Cities(Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN) for Infinity in the Midwest: Twinfinity! Twinfinity will be between 2-4 events per year, each with a different theme. The "flagship" event, if you want to call it that, will be the Twinfinity Open: a large ITS tournament held at the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center in Roseville, MN. We are kind of spoiled by this place: it's a huge open gaming store with a built in cafe and bar that serves good food, beer, and wine. Additionally they have a very large tournament space in the back where they hold events such as their "Worlds" tournament for X-Wing, Netrunner, etc. This year the Twinfinity Open will be held on Saturday, April 23rd. Because the local community is still newer to the game, and because we want to start reasonably and grow from there we will be having the following events: Twinfinity Open ITS | Special Operations 10:00am-6:00pm | April 23rd 36 Players (24 have already been sold) $25 per player 300 Points with 12 XP Spec Ops 3 Rounds at 2 hours each Missions: Highly Classified, Supplies, Comms Center Prizes include: 2016 ITS Prize Pack Custom modded/painted Infinity Themed Nerf blasters for Best Painted, Favorite Opponent/Sportsmanship, and Player Choice Best Army Very large prize pool including items from Custommeeple, Micro Art Studio, Bandua,, and Black Sheep Games Twinfinity TAG Deathmatch Arena | 8:00pm-Midnight | April 23rd Run by some of our local guys using a slightly modified version of the TAG Deathmatch Arena rules out there on the internet. We will have 3-4 tables set up for this. It's a great way to blow off some steam and enjoy rolling some dice with a beer after a tournament. We played this at WaaaghPaca 2016 on some great tables painted up by locals Dale and Rick and it was 800% amazing. Super Effective, A++ would buy again. We may do a $10 buy in per player with prizes. Currently undecided. The Remote Presence BBQgression Force | 9:00am-whenever people leave | April 24th We have a number of people driving in from out of state, and as such I am going to host a small BBQ Lunch at my home in Minneapolis. We will have a number of Infinity tables set up, and I'll be making a Sous Vide smoked beef brisket that is(not to toot my own horn) absolutely worth dying over(TOOT TOOT!!!). Swing by, maybe play a quick game or just shoot the crap with us, and enjoy a good lunch before you drive back to whatever midwestern pit you crawled out of. This is weather permitting. It's April and it's Minnesota, so if it ends up being crazy rainy we will relocate elsewhere. Possibly down to Tower Games, which is in the neighborhood(depending on their availability). So, if you're in the midwest and interested in driving up(or anywhere in the country and want to come up) please do! We're a crazy fast growing community of both old and new wargamers alike, and we're all incredibly invested in this game. Tickets have been available for one week, more or less, and we've already sold through 2/3's of them. I expect it to sell out by the time we get into April and there is a small chance that we'll expand out to 40 or so people if need be. If you'd like more information, feel free to PM me here on the forums, or to email me directly and I'll do my best to answer your questions. Here are some helpful links: Our Infinity the Game Events entry Our work in progress event website, where you can register Twin Cities Infinity Facebook Group Twinfinity Open 2016 Event on Facebook Remote Presence: An Infinity Podcast
  13. Tower Games - 3920 Nicollet Ave S, #150 Minneapolis, MN 55419 We are going to throw a small 300 Point Special Operations ITS event at Tower Games in Minneapolis, MN. $10 Admission at the door 2016 ITS Tournament Pack is available 12XP Spec Ops 3x 90 min rounds MIssions: Highly Classified, Supplies, Comms Center Right now I'm limiting it to 10-12 people by design. We have more tables available but I want to keep this one a little smaller as I'm using it as an excuse to learn the OTM before our much larger event in April. If you you'd like to show up, go ahead and register on the events link above and shoot me a PM and I'll see what we can do.
  14. Ok ok ok, here it is. Also up on iTunes as of now. It's ok, I actually spent the time removing the particularly nasty parts of this one. I'm still bitter @ Joel and Jon about that.