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  1. I ran into a rules question the other day, and was wondering if a Staff Member could shed some light...Can a mode with TO Camo deploy as a regular Camo Marker? I've been playing the game for years and have never run into this until a few days ago.  Is this a legal use of the numbered skills? Thanks for your time.

  2. @Not Blindside Really funny. Precious memories. Thanks for the video!
  3. I love this song.
  4. Ntchs... Crap... I made a mistake. The MOV value of the Kamau is 4-4, not 4-2 as the image in the video states. Don't worry, the Army will have the correct data. Have a nice day.
  5. Ok, I'll paste this text here. Just to avoid disinformation. Regarding Phase 3 Guys, do not consider Phase 3 as a Map Reset. All the data of Phase 1 and 2 is safe. Your efforts Have been recorded. The Phase 3 missions take place in different decks of the same Orbital locations. Nobody can Steal your previous points and achievements. Now focus on Phase 3 and the New Map. Decission and strategy are crucial at this point.
  6. Congratulations to the Combined Army for their success at Sygtir 1 Once again.
  7. Greetings. The system that we are following is balancing the sheer massive numbers of player per faction with the percentual effectiveness of the faction. There are 2 basic thing s that we do not want: PanOceania (or any other faction) winning because more players are choosing that faction, therefore more reports and more points are scored. Tohaa (or any other faction) winning because 20 players played 20 battles and they won all of them, so that's 100% effectiveness, therefore they win. Anyway, BoW and CB agreed in not communicating the DNA of the system to,basically, avoid cheating. We don't want players that go only for prize support, for example. Have a nice day.
  8. Greetings. I've been collecting some information today and maybe I can bring some light with an informal update here: Right now in Wotan: Haqqislam- Ilik Alfundaq- Firefight- Haqqislam still defending their position. Even if we remove the starting points that Haqqislam had at the begining of the campaign (that will be removed for the final result) they will still be dominating that area. Ariadna Indra 3 Mobase- The Armory- Huge defensive move here from Ariadna with a huge advantage over any rival. Nomads- La Forja Control Deck- Hunting Party- Nomads are still ahead but ALEPH is pretty close. If we remove the starting points that Nomads had at the begining of the campaign (that will be removed for the final result) Nomads will be close to loose control over their position. Nomads- La Forja Military Harbor- Kill Cage- Tohaa are the true dominators of this location. Their total score is above the total score of the earned points of the Nomads during the campaign. Yu Jing- Sanquiang Light Frigate- Transmission Matrix- Yu Jing keeping the sovereign territory unmaculate. Their defensive efforts allow them to keep a fair well-earned advantage on the control of the ship. PanO- Sigtyr 1- Comms Center- Thursday morning for a brief moment the Combined Army took control of Sigtyr 1. Their total score is above the total score of PanO and even at some point was above the absolute score even with the advantage points. This is the biggest success by far in this first week of campaign. congratulations to the Evolved Intelligence. PanO- Sigtyr 2- Capture & Protect- PanO has control over this location and no enemy seems to be a real menace for them here yet. I guess that PanO has played in a lot fo the scenarios but they seem discoordinated or that what they want to suggest. So... Factions that didn't have a Location to defend have the advantage that they can focus their efforts in attacking. Combined Army, Tohaa and ALEPH are making huge progress. We are just in the first week of Phase One and some factions are performing impressively. I know that some players want to take a competitive approach on the campaign. To them I must communicate that this campaign is not designed to be totally competitive. Take a look at some of the missions: Kill Cage, The Armory... those are not competititve missions, they are not Tournament missions, they have random elements that make the fun and create some kind of storytelling event. This is a Narrative Event, designed with the fluff in mind and, overall, a community experience. There is a fluff logic applied to all the missions, spaceships and structure. We consider this as a collective effort from the creators and players to enjoy and contribute to a great portrait of what makes INFINITY a great game. I allow myself to invite you to have a healthy approach to this free event and behave politely in the forums. Good luck.
  9. @Rzuff Regarding your question about playing the Mission that your rival wants and NOT reporting your result. Well, it's a very specific behaviour. Since you are not reporting your battle, the report of your rival wont score as many points as he would like to, because those reports wont be "Linked". Apart from that, there will be NO ALLIANCES in this campaign. So the mutual non aggression pact could work as a forum agreement but not as a "Code" rule. Regarding the custom missions. That's something we allow for newcomers and they still count as valid battles, but they do not score as many points as the PDF Wotan battles. Have a nice day.
  10. Yes, but the Nexus, unlike the rest of the dossiers previewed at Rumble/Adepticon, is scheduled for the last months of 2017.
  11. And on Monday the whole thing will begin. The Wotan Warconsole site will be open and the PDF will be available for download. Maybe this video has some extra information: